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  1. I assume that the last 2 months of freebies resulted in much more spending on store items than they otherwise make from selling zones etc. Hence this proposal today on Facebook: "We have announced free questing coupons and VIP updates for both The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online! Thanks, MassivelyOP, for covering the announcement here": https://massivelyop.com/2020/05/28/lotro-and-ddo-lets-you-fully-unlock-all-of-the-content-to-date-forever/?fbclid=IwAR0XYGZjVMBQhU-pyRIsyr1yWHjNVw6lpMivQGgkd_n7RbX8vsCrREYpKSU OK, everybody who has had a beef with how expensive the cumulative content is for Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online is — now you can’t complain about the cost any more. That’s because Standing Stone Games just announced that it’s going to be making a huge chunk of the content to date free for everyone who is currently playing. The studio experienced a huge shot of success with its spring promotion that unlocked all of the expansion and quest content in both DDO and LOTRO, extending it twice (with its current end date set at August 31st). Apparently this promo has proven to be so successful in drawing and retaining players that SSG is prepared to give all players a “coupon code” at the end of summer that will unlock all non-expansion zone quests forever. “To clarify, the coupon code includes the quests that are not considered part of an expansion pack quest content,” SSG said on LOTRO’s forums. “That’s why there is a difference there. So the coupon code will grant you quest zones like Evendim, Eriador, the Gondor regions, but not for example Isengard, Moria, Rohan, etc. Hope that helps.” Happily, the studio also said that it’ll make many of the non-recent expansions and instance clusters for these games available in the store in the future for a buck each (or via earnable in-game currency, which means you can easily earn those for free). Additionally, both games are upgrading their subscription plans with more benefits. DDO is adding a scaling XP boost, while LOTRO is granting a vendor that’ll give characters access to town services and two useful buffs.
  2. Do you have a price in mind or do you want to auction it off?
  3. Dutch government is going for this strategy. All my family is there. I am not pleased (actually, I am f*cking angry). It's an odd idea to get herd immunity from a virus. Usually herd immunity has to do with immunizations. Shocking that many, many Dutch citizens bought into what the Dutch PM said last night. He, of course, didn't mention what the death rate can be, he only mentioned '60% is what we need, and then the vulnerable will be protected'. If people already become immune after having been ill, it is not known for how long they possibly can be immune. There are also data from China that show that people recovered, then tested positive again, but without the symptoms.
  4. As the title indicates, both a video and written highlights: http://www.mmo-central.com/2020/02/29/pax-east-2020-big-news-at-the-standing-stone-pax-east-meetup/ Here’s the highlights of the announcements: Recap of DDO Producer’s Letter (New Feywild expansion, new Shifter race) Summer in LotRO will focus on the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen New theme of orcs vs dwarves: The Legacy of Durin and the Trial of the Dwarves Two big updates in 2020 in this story Leads into a Gundabad-themed expansion in spring 2021 New content coming later this year: (1 endgame, the other scaling content called Missions so capped and lower-level characters can play together) Rohan housing will include stables so you can show off your favorite mounts Rohan housing due when Helm’s Deep is released on Legendary Servers Then there was an open Q&A involving both games, so here’s a summary of those questions. In DDO, they have plans to get to level 40 over the course of years. In LotRO, there will be more landscape updates, one upcoming tentatively called Mists of the Wilderlands that will include the Floodfells and points north. Ciccolini hinted at something called The War of Three Peaks that will have some new landscape created for it as well. He declined to answer what would happen with Minas Tirith in time for the wedding, that we would have to wait and see what they have planned. A player asked about what the DDO Feywild experience would look like, and they showed a piece of concept art with a twilit castle, but it would be all new geography. Then Jerry ‘Cordovan’ Snook pointed to one of their other projected images and revealed that there would be unicorns in that update. Yes, you read that right. DDO is getting unicorns before the end of the year. Ciccolini answered another question about whether he’d want to include psionics in the game, with the answer being yes, but he added that whether they would actually do that, the magic 8-ball answer to it would be ‘maybe’. A LotRO player wanted to know whether they would be going off the current map, perhaps to the East, and Ciccolini replied that the story people would love to visit Umbar or Rhûn first and that their longer-term plans may bring us into places like that – note the lack of a definitive yes or no or which specific areas. Then to a wonderful cosplayer’s question about whether the Shire would get Scoured, Ciccolini teased the crowd by saying that it may happen in a way we don’t expect. Next up was an intriguing question about megaservers from a DDO player, who wanted to know if that would be a possibility. Ciccolini said they were investigating the options, but if they would move forward, their plan would involve completely-new megaservers that everyone would need to transfer to for free. The benefit would be to clean up over a decade’s worth of idle names that players have not been able to use anywhere except on the Hardcore League server of late. The current stumbling block, he said, was ensuring that guilds could finally be able to transfer server to server. It must be stressed that this is not a definitive in-progress plan, but a long-term goal. It would be similar to LotRO’s server consolidation in 2015, except every active player would have to transfer to a new home. Someone else asked about whether LotRO would be going through a similar megaserver process, and Ciccolini gave a surprising answer. He said they are considering a new kind of Legendary Server with possibly different rules but he didn’t go into details. However, he did say they had no plans to do another server consolidation there. Next there was a question about the possibility of housing in DDO, and Associate Product Manager Johnny ‘SSG_RedPanda’ Liu replied, “Maybe.” It was a running gag throughout the evening where when players asked if something was possible or in the works, his answer was always a drawn-out ‘maybe’, with Ciccolini double-checking to see if he could say something specific about certain questions. Their main concern is how to manage personal housing, since guild airships are one per guild but take up a large amount of data. Liu chimed in to note they were aware of the threads suggesting Sharn apartment housing, and that they were in discussions, but of course the answer is still ‘maybe’. Ciccolini also hinted at their desire to possibly update guilds/kins in both games, but no current details at this time, although they were far more hesitant at the notion another player brought up involving DDO guild true reincarnations. The final question of the evening has been a hot topic in the LotRO community for ages. For those languishing in the Legendary Item system, Ciccolini there’s going to be a more short-term update to assist players more easily obtain Scrolls of Empowerment at endgame. Plus, they’re looking at an all-new system that’s more essence-based, with players being able to transfer the meat and bones of their current LI into it without losing their investment. Ciccolini hesitated to speak more about it because it’s still being conceptualized, but he was hoping it might come out this year, but might take longer depending on the tech needed to make it happen. So those were the highlights of the video above. We will be sitting down with Ciccolini next week to delve further into the big announcements and other hot-topic questions, and we’ll also be bringing you a world-first exclusive interview with LotRO head of QA and composer Bill ‘Darth Celtics’ Champagne, so keep an eye out for that.
  5. True, my message seems to make no sense. However First line: 'Yeah, about that..... doesn't cost me 10k'. Usually rapists don't get paid. If someone wants to be raped.... can it be rape? But let's say it can be. Who in their right mind would seek that out? But if one wanted to, I am sure one can. And it wouldn't cost a penny. Hence the second line: 'But I don't think it's rape if you get paid'? Would it be rape if you were paid by the person raped? Can you rape someone who pays you for it? Clearer now? I know, crazy subject !
  6. Suspicion is that SSG changed the drop rate in the hobbit gifts. As I can't stand the idea of running Yule quests when the best stuff is behind the mithril slot machine I have decided to test the drop rate on free silver presents, now that we are past day 1 (when the drop rate was huge).
  7. Yeah, about that..... doesn't cost me 10k. But I don't think it's rape if you get paid? Oh, what do you say? Am I derailing the thread? Carry on then!
  8. So we go from what we wish the game to be, to what it was, and now to what it is. Very very sad. I also recall a quite recent 'redo' of armour, esp. in Angmar but also elsewhere, where the rich variety of items with individual names, and, more importantly, with different stats, were replaced by cookie cutter variants. This to push players more quickly to slotted armour and essences. So yes, the makers of this game have been on a very long monetization trajectory (which is completely intentional - there are videos about this, much more in depth. SSG wanted monetization to be much more than 'icing on the cake', they wanted it to 'be mixed through the entire dough as well'. The last kicker is at the new Yule festival. New housing items have not been added as rewards for Yule tokens but are gated behind the hobbit presents, which can, of course, be rerolled with mithril coins. Edit: the gold ones are only available for VIPs and they only have 4 rolls (included in their subscription) on these 'Christmas' presents before the festival ends. So lots of reasons for everyone who wants to goodies to spend lots of mithril coins for a CHANCE to get a special item. When the store came out and the game went f2p, one player prophetically wrote 'we will not recognize the game once they are done with it'. He was right. Slot Machine Park it is. 'If you don't have your wallet, no need to enter'.
  9. Do you see that as a positive thing? Because I don't. It's exactly the response I expect from SSG. WAI
  10. Players are now confused because they don't read carefully. They expect crafting carry-alls when they buy points during this sale. After buying MM, one player expected one crafting carry-all on each server she plays on. Others expect that every character on one server gets a task item carry-all after they make a points purchase. I think they don't understand that they will be able to buy more carry-alls, of either kind, in the store soon. But what I find most peculiar: why does no one mention that it's free to make an f2p account and use those characters as mules?
  11. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677037-The-Curator-has-returned-from-Vacation "This Dummy?-- WAY useful!!! Sending a fortune in puppy-huggles to whoever thought it up!" Disturbing that players respond like this. I know, it has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Just struck me. Just as it strikes me that players continue to expand on their excuses to give SSG money despite being disappointed. I saw one person write 'as long as we can continue to play'. Paiz was right.
  12. Good thinking, nice article http://lotroplayers.com/2019/11/24/mordor-besieged-comparison/ "Besides all the fancy kings, elfs and estranged cavedwellers and hibernators there are more things to find in both Dor Amarths. Then again 3000 years and an exploding volcano manages to do some work on your real estate. After a little thought experiment lets take a quick look at what happened to it all"
  13. That above post is from here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672055-Why-is-there-still-no-improvement-about-the-scrolls-issue-grind-SSG/page22 He Valared (what a word) a stoutaxe dwarf, still has his other character.
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