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  1. On December 3, 2018, a forumer started to compile a list of questions and he hoped a dev would respond. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669538-Questions-for-Devs-Cordovan Today Cordovan responded. Some forumers are really mad about the answers, others white-knight them (surprise, surprise), and others say 'what did you expect'. I have italicized Cord's responses. The original poster summarized how he looked at those responses: You didn’t consult anyone else before even attempting to ‘answer’ what was laid out before you. You remain totally ignorant and oblivious to player feedback on the favoured/unfavoured system. You are content on pushing the p2w agenda of lootboxes. Cord later came back and wrote that he had indeed talked about the questions quite a bit in the office. That leaves us with points 2 and 3 of above list. I think it's safe to say that between point 2 and points 3 we can insert the word 'because'. It's slowly starting to dawn on more posters that point 3 is the reality and that all of the game is being changed towards microtransactions. What I find very peculiar is that a lot of forumers seem to think that the direction of the game is upto the devs. I don't think it is. I think that the dev's follow directions from marketing.
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    Burgs are not happy with lies and ignorance

    Of course, look at the legendary servers. Funny thing: store is out of commission at the moment too! Nice, TDS!
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    To the few idiots still running LotRO on XP

    But but but.... we gain XP in game, no?
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    Burgs are not happy with lies and ignorance

    Now that woulnd't be a bad thing. It's my understanding that a rework of the burglar was on BR, and received comments, and then in the actual update of the game, those changes did not materialize? Or only piecemeal? In other "news": the newly released raid has been closed because of a bug.... And a newly added postman delivery quest was closed as well
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    Burgs are not happy with lies and ignorance

    It's good the players speak up. It's not really going to lead anywhere, though.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from one in game world to the other
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    Recent downtime

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    Merry Christmas

    Rejoice! Today we are the furthest away from Christmas 2019
  9. Yeah, for lore and all that..... We have arrived: all changes are $ driven. I can see it happen that something in the Beorning Lands can only be done in bear form. I am done. This 'put your armour piece in this slot when you want to change an essence and pay us with MC for the privilege' is (finally) a bridge too far for me. Everything in this monetization scheme has been planned out for years, behind the scenes. Nothing was accidental.
  10. The rework makes more sense in light of this leak: players were able to enter a new, unreleased, area through a crack in a wall. It seems to be the Beorning Lands.
  11. Here are some relevant (and some fun) tweets, with the dates - read from bottom up. Red Dead Redemption was released October 26, U23 October 9. @DrOctothorpe 55m55 minutes ago A warm thanks to all the LOTRO players who stopped by to wish me well. If you followed me, I'm afraid I'm just about to STOP talking about LOTRO & Tolkien quite so much! Although if you like any other games or any literature, we just might still have some common interests. 🙂 Dec 12 Nearing the end of re-reading LOTR (last one for a little while, I think), and just passed Pelennor and Éowyn's shining moment. Realizing that forever after, I'll have the work I did with my team on these passages overlaid on the experience. Feels both proud and bittersweet. Dec 10 And now, for me -- on to new adventures! Dec 10 This past Friday was my last day at Standing Stone Games. Over the course six (six!) good years at Turbine/SSG I incremented several core attributes and racked up scores of skill points. I wish the DDO & LOTRO teams smooth roads ahead & success both short-term and long. Nov 12 Dreamed last night that I was playing an old-school Black Isle game set with a sort of Footloose/Twin Peaks/Beetlejuice setting. In the dream, it was a resumed save from years ago when it was first released. Kinda wish that game were real! Oct 17 Game development is a messy art, and schedules will never be perfect. Small amounts of personally driven overtime are probably inescapable. But team-wide, top-down forced crunch marches are what I always thought they were: failings of management paid for by the dev team. Oct 17 You can absolutely make a games, even a great game, working too many hours a week. But you can't sustain a team doing that, and burnout/dropout is just one of the many bad results I've seen from crunch periods over the years. Oct 17 I still remember how, in my first job in the games industry, when they told us we were off schedule and had to work overtime, my first thought was "we are paying for management's faillings." Years later, now a manager, I pretty much still agree with neophyte-me. Oct 15 The thing I always wonder is: How many projects have been tougher to finish, how many bugs left unfixed, how many games made worse because a studio couldn't find enough veteran developers, because so many of them had burned out and left the industry because of crunch? Oct 12 Wait wait I've been thinking some more. At launch investment rate isn't 95%, it's something like 5%. Then that number goes up based on individual player level and total game income, thus creating incentives for both engagement and recruitment. Oct 11 New game idea: a heavily monetized gacha game that deposits 95% of your spend in a retirement account for you. #savethewhales Oct 9 Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell - Full Trailer - Lord of the Rings
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    Questions asked and answered

    Ok then, lol, I've broken the quote. Of course he is full of it. He is in marketing... What I found repulsive is how he pulls that emotional string 'we were fearing for our incomes and our families'. As if that is enough ethics to do what he is doing... At the same time, what he shows fits what we see SSG do to LotrO to a T. I am sure SSG got their math straight or they wouldn't keep LotrO and DDO open. I also think that Tefler goes much further than Cousins did. In my opinion, producing fun, exciting updates are what keep players happy in the long run. Both sides of the transaction are happy: players keep paying and the company continues to make profit. SSG does it differently: players have to pay more and more (I call it punishment but those who pay will not, as they keep paying) and the company increases its revenue. To me, the first transaction will have more longevity than the second. But apparently there is a huge market for the second, punishing, way. Like Paiz said, it doesn't matter what you present to the playerbase, they will eat it. What I found most telling from the Paiz video that I linked: VIP + MTX = the winning combo: VIP players playing much longer and spending much more. Also: the initial Founder's price was what they hoped to make off every player, which was $200. With other words: Lifers shouldn't feel they have taken advantage. That last point brings me to my last musing this morning. A gaming company feels no attachment to its players. It doesn't care whether long term players leave over monetization, because they most likely have spent more than what the company wants to earn per player. With other words: you have served your purpose. For you at least 1 other, who accepts the monetization. At least, for now. I expect that, at some point, monetization is pushed so far that many players say 'forget it'.
  13. I got the impression from multiple tweets that it was a very longstanding problem that had become 'normal' and expected, and that he had grown very tired of (if not burnt out).
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    Questions asked and answered

    Neither video is what I was referring to (see below). The first one I have seen many times, first on 'a Casual Stroll to Mordor'. The second one I hadn't - thank you for sharing - all of the videos/slides together give a good idea of how f2p/store/monetization progressed over time. Exactly what SSG is doing: increasing in game prices to drive players to the store AND making it undesirable to level/outfit alts AND changing your game so much that it becomes very difficult to complete components without items from the store. Finally: it's only the bottom line that matters, not forumers. This is the presentation made by Paiz about Turbine's move to f2p with DDO: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1012237/The-Future-of-MMO-Monetization This is the presentation from early 2017 about implementing monetization throughout your entire game, after you've launched it as a f2p game: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1024692/Prototyping-Your-Monetization-Evaluating-Monetization That's exactly what is happening in LotrO. Unfortunately it's only the slide show, not the video, which is still only accessible for members of the Game Developers Conference. Key is: going from monetization as the icing on the cake to working that monetization through the dough = the whole cake. Unfortunately, Battlefield Heroes closed without having been in the red. It's the projected revenue for the investors/shareholders that matters, nothing else. Same with LotrO.
  15. Wow, what a list. On BR right now: paying 10 mc per essence removal, and woodworking recipes.
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    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    The sockpuppet got banned as well, but that's a throwaway account, so doesn't care.
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    Questions asked and answered

    To me, 'focus on the store' is marketing = people that pull the strings. Not the devs. With regard to LS - there is an old video presentation of Paiz, at a game developers' conference, about what is profitable in DDO (it's from 2010). In that presentation he said that if we take VIP as baseline (without store), f2p players spend in the store about 70% of what VIP brings in, but that VIP + store/microtransactions leads to, on average, an increase of 75% over VIP only. Not only do players with VIP/store/mtx spend more, they also play more hours, during more months. That was way back when. THAT is what LS do. Combine that with a house paid with writs and... bingo. Then there is a presentation (early 2017) from a game developer, at the same conference, who shows how to 'go back' and include mtx throughout a whole game after that game has been running for a while. This is much more profitable than having mtx as icing on the cake. That's what we see in LotrO. Punishing is right... all fun en enjoyment are gone. The only thing that matters = success = sales. Nothing else. I am sure they can come up with something that is worse for LIs than what they are now. The irony is: I want to spend money on my gaming. I am going to do that on another game.
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    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Today is as good as ever.
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    Questions asked and answered

    Very interesting that you bring that up. Apparently the idea of VIP only servers was brought up by a forumer in the summer of 2015... I really wonder whether they've been collecting player ideas over all those years, only to bring them now, finally, but... only available with $$. It would actually be interesting to compile a list of in game features/drops/etc. that have disappeared over the years. They have just no longer bothered with upkeep of how rich it used to be. To destroy that, 'streamline' the game, who would have ever thought? I stick to my view that the game is being remade from the ground up to include monetization at every point.
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    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Welcome. Enjoy. There's quite a few threads that focus on recent developments. Feel free to give your perspective.
  21. https://www.lotro.com/en/LegacyBundle To kick off Yule this year we are offering a limited time promotion! A new bundle that gives you every quest in the game and more! This offer is only available between December 7th through the 16th 2018 One Year of VIP Access Time Get all the perks of being a VIP like 500 LOTRO points every month, mobile mailbox access, all character trait slots, and no 5g currency cap! Get Quests, Instances, Raids, Deeds, and Regions that LOTRO has released as of December 31st, 2018, even quests from Expansions! Quest Packs Include: Where Dragons Dwell Legacy of the Necromancer Battle of the Black Gate March of the King Far Anórien Old Anórien West Gondor Central Gondor East Gondor Wildermore Great River Lothlorien North Downs Trollshaws Misty Mountains Evendim Forochel Angmar Eregion Enedwaith Mines of Moria* Quest Pack Seige of Mirkwood* Quest Pack Rise of Isengaurd* Quest Pack Riders of Rohan* Quest Pack Helm's Deep* Quest Pack Mordor* Quest Pack *Excludes expansion pre-order or bonus items, includes only Quests, Instances, Raids, Deeds A Gift For All Your Characters, Forever! Get a Crystal of Remembrance for every character on your account! You'll also get a Crystal of Remembrance on every additional character you create on your account going forward. Bonus Items You'll also get one Legacy Package for the character of your choice. It includes tons of bonus items to help you through your adventures and enough housing writs to buy your own premium house with no upkeep fees! Upon redemption of your Legacy Bundle code, you will immediately receive your bonus items on the character you log in on. Your Legacy Package (one per account) Includes: Wallet 250 Mithril Coins Riding Skill 5 vitality stat tome pickers 10 skill and slayer deed boosts 10 Reputation supply A Fleet-Footed Goat A Mount Picker (Steed of the White City, Steed of the Citadel Guard, Forest Elk, Snow-Beast Steed) A Housing kit which includes: 20 Housing Writs Bird Bath Hedgehog House Premium Ingredients Crates Fish Pond ALL House Crafting Items Sleeping Cat Bevy of Swans Ice Sculpture Makeshift Mûmak Hound Property Guard Gondorian Supplier Horn The LOTRO Legacy Bundle is available in the LOTRO Market for $199 To redeem your Legacy Bundle: 1. Receive your Legacy Bundle code from the LOTRO Market 2. Open the LOTRO Store and select "Redeem Code" 3. Enter your code and select "Apply" You will immediately receive your Legacy Bundle, Legacy Package, Crystals of Remembrance, and your 12 months of VIP time. If you are an existing VIP, your 12 months of VIP time will be added to any remaining VIP time you had from your existing VIP plan, and your existing plan will not rebill until after your Legacy Bundle time runs out.
  22. Speaking of DDO, this is their deal: https://www.ddo.com/en/seasonpass
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    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    Wait, there's more: Tomorrow's patch notes: Here are the Release Notes for Update 23.1.6, released on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018. News and Notes: Items The Visiting Banker now correctly gives access to the Shared Vault and Wardrobe. Fixed a bug where picker boxes were incorrectly displaying an item level bonus for items, and then delivering with a newly-chosen, often different, item level bonus. Equipment displayed in a selection package will no longer show any form of item level bonus, however you still have a chance of receiving an item level bonus when those pieces of equipment are placed in your inventory. Fixed a bug where level 40 - 45 scaling gear was being created with no stats. Newly obtained gear in this range will now have appropriate stats. This fix will not affect items already received. The minimum level to use Traveller's Steel-Bound Lootboxes has been reduced to 20. The stat spread and item level of lootbox gear below level 50 has been improved. Quests and Adventure Areas The Bingo Boffin weekly quest now advances properly on the Legendary servers. On Anor and Ithil, the quest "Disapproving Boggs" will unlock on Wednesday 12/5/2018. Known Issues: Some scaling gear is appearing with improper Vitality in the levels 39 and 40 level break. Beornings will become a heavy armor class in a future update, but Beornings opening a Traveller's Steel-bound Lootbox may receive heavy Wayfarer or Traveller armour that they cannot currently equip. There go those wonderful, original, refreshing LS! Lootboxes start at level 20! All original and unique armour pieces have been removed, below L50. Some players are begging SSG to release imbued weapons at level 65.
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    Legendary™ Servers

    Yonder, old servers you know.... Moria is calling.... yield to it.... (Actually, it's a dwarf with a giant hammer going berserker on a water wheel but who cares?).
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    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    Hahahahhahahahahahaha So SSG goes 'will you give us money now'??????????????? I don't even know how all of that sounds. I play without sound, always have.