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    US Elections 2020

    Going to watch the Canadian shit show federal elections on the 21st of next month first.
  2. https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/3/16605272/lord-of-the-rings-jrr-tolkien-game-of-thrones-amazon-studios Amazon Studios has been looking for a way to duplicate HBO’s success with Game of Thrones, and the company may have found a solution: adapting J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings into a TV series. Variety reports that the company is currently in talks with Warner Bros. Television and the late author’s estate, and while discussions are said to be in “very early stages,” it is clearly a high priority, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself involved in the negotiations. Amazon Studios has unexpectedly found itself in the midst of a transition. Earlier this year, Bezos reportedly got involved with the creative direction of the studio, tasking the group with finding high-profile dramas like the hit HBO series that could have a broad, global appeal. Then last month, Amazon Studios executive Roy Price resigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, a move that led to additional resignations and a reshuffling of the studio’s executive ranks. The kind of big-name adaptation Amazon has been looking for If finding the next Game of Thrones is the goal, it’s hard to imagine a property more suited to the task then Tolkien’s series. The Lord of the Rings tells the story of Frodo Baggins, a young Hobbit who is tasked with destroying an artifact called the One Ring in the hopes of saving the world of Middle-earth. The books have been adapted multiple times over the years, with the most commercially — and critically — successful adaptation coming in the form of Peter Jackson’s film trilogy. (Jackson’s films adapting The Hobbit were markedly less successful.) While the adaptation is far from certain — the deal hasn’t even been closed yet — this is the kind of project that could bring Amazon Studios a significant amount of attention, and draw in viewers across the world. While Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have all made huge strides as original content creators, Amazon has yet to score with a far-reaching, cultural conversation piece the way that Netflix has with something like Stranger Things. While The Lord of the Rings would certainly check all the Game of Thrones boxes when it comes to fantasy and adventure, it is also worth noting that the books aren’t really known for being filled with the kind of sex-and-violence antics that HBO’s show has become synonymous with. On the other hand, Rings has one huge advantage: the books are actually finished.
  3. Tarantula

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    That started in Mordor and with the Black Book? For me it has made the stories as 'useless' as stories in other online games. The beauty of Lotro before Mordor was that the game was embedded in the books. That's gone now.
  4. https://massivelyop.com/2019/07/10/that-new-lord-of-the-rings-game-is-still-happening-now-with-amazons-new-world-team-on-board-for-pc-and-console-dev/ By Bree Royce - July 10, 2019 9:20 AM Hey remember last September when Athlon Games – owned by Leyou Technologies, which also owns Warframe studio Digital Extremes – announced that it was working on a new “free-to-play massively multiplayer online video game” set in the Lord of the Rings universe? It kinda set the MMO world on fire for a few weeks there, given that we have a Lord of the Rings Online MMO already. But at the time, Standing Stone said the new game wouldn’t interfere with LOTRO as it’d be set in prequel times. Of course, we’ve heard that before. As of today, things just got a lot more interesting, as Amazon Game Studios popped out a press release saying it is now involved in a “special collaboration” with Leyou on a ” PC and console game based on the beloved The Lord of the Rings literary universe,” which is the same game, only now confirmed for multiple platforms, though it doesn’t sound as if it’s tying in directly with Amazon’s upcoming TV show, the cross-promotion certainly isn’t going to hurt. It gets better – or worse, depending on your view of Amazon’s other MMORPG, New World, which perturbed players by closing down its previously always-on alpha earlier this summer. “Development is being led by the same Amazon Game Studios team behind New World, and a new team being assembled for this project will utilize resources from across AGS locations in Seattle, Irvine and San Diego. Amazon Game Studios recently wrapped a successful alpha test of New World, and looks forward to sharing updates on that game in the future. The Amazon Game Studios team working on the game includes veteran developers who have worked on Everquest, Destiny, Planetside, World of Warcraft, Defiance, Rift, and other popular MMOs.” Huh. There’s no release date just yet.
  5. Tarantula

    64-bit gossip

    Rohan housing to be released when Rohan hits the LS... which is at least 16 months away.....
  6. Tarantula

    Has anybody seen this?

    I didn't get the impression that it was polished upon release. Was it?
  7. Tarantula

    Reclaim Moria Bundle

    I expect that many people on the LS already own Moria. To play devil's advocate: for those who don't, it's a 'new expansion'. Those were never free for VIP, iirc. I wonder how many people who already have 'regular' Moria buy this version for the goodies ('and to support the game' ).
  8. Tarantula

    gaming laptops and noise

    I am in the process of selecting a new laptop and keep finding comments about noisy fans. Fans running while gaming is normal. Fans being loud without much going on, not so much. Are all ASUS gaming laptops loud? What about coil whine? I am looking at: https://www.staples.ca/en/MSI-Apache-GE62-7RD-471CA-15-6-Gaming-Laptop-2-8-GHz-Core-i7-7700HQ-1-TB-HDD-256-GB-SSD-16-GB-RAM-GeForce-GTX-1050-Win10/product_2681663_1-CA_1_20001 because of the i7-7700HQ other options: https://www.staples.ca/en/msi-leopard-gp73-8rd-040ca-17-3-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-8750h-1tb-hdd-256-gb-ssd-16-gb-ddr-iv-nvidia-geforce-gtx1050ti/product_2868627_1-CA_1_20001#/writeReviewButton https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=710_577_1198&item_id=131250 https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/asus-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-8750h-1tb-hdd-256gb-ssd-16gb-ram-nvidia-gtx1060-windows-10/12853494.aspx? Any feedback or recommendations?
  9. Tarantula

    Moria soon on LS?

    Dwarf-candle consumables..... for 'where the sun don't shine'... WTH.... Cashgrab, that's all this is
  10. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    Will this work?
  11. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    twitter is ... awful.... people with only caps, telling others they should be 'grateful'..... fuck that shit
  12. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    Pffff that's the last thing, on this beautiful sunny mid day!
  13. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    downtime now at least till 6pm est.
  14. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    Thanks. Weird.
  15. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    So poetic! The way I see it: until this massive 'maintenance' or whatever it is, they sucked $ for 100% and that was guaranteed. I don't think they give a sh*t about their reputation at this point. They threw that out of the window many years ago. It's their lies and corporate speak that kept them afloat ever since. Restricted how? Link? What post did they edit? See, can't trust the ********
  16. Tarantula

    22 Hours

    It did cross my mind that this could be the orchestrated end: now we can blame the hardware instead of announcing that the game will close.
  17. Tarantula

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    The irony. Welcome here!
  18. Tarantula

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I like that: I am protecting bullshit
  19. Tarantula

    Be Virtuous!

    Stop the mind reading Added: Who would have ever thought they would charge for the removal of essences? Or charge 50MC for a starter horse? Players should expect anything and everything being changed for the worst possible scenario... all for the almighty $.
  20. Tarantula

    Be Virtuous!

    Based on past experience with their crap I trust that they will be very capable of making the new virtues in the store very very different from what we see now As they design the game accordingly, the quantity of virtues may become both bottomless and an absolute necessity.
  21. Tarantula

    Be Virtuous!

    As has been said as long ago as the introduction of the store, from now on the game will be designed around the store... except back then no one knew what would be eventually in it. From a monetization presentation I learned that the goal is for it to not be the icing on the cake but to be mixed in with the entire dough. I think we can see that well, at the moment.
  22. Tarantula

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    You wouldn't enjoy posting here if it were not for using the same name as on the OF. Your intent is to aggravate, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You don't even like us. I am sitting here laughing at your post with all those quotes. I don't want to use my OF forum name here, because I don't want run the chance of losing my accounts, because of what I say here. You don't have to fear being kicked out there because you sucking up so much, while here you don't have to fear a thing. That is the difference. I don't call what I do hiding. I call it sad necessity. To take the idea of strong snow a bit further, this is what happened in Fort Erie on Sunday, when individual ice molecules clumped together: You be warned.
  23. Tarantula

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671460-SSG-stop-the-Tier-scaling-pls/page2 This is a wonderfully worded post, see bolded sentence.
  24. Tarantula

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I think it's a lovely day here, thank you all. First I get to LMAO, then I get to like a post, then someone who apparently dislikes us all tells me that 'insult and personal attacks' say more about me than about the person I respond to. Oh well. I can write a book about why that can be debated. Then there is another beautiful rebuttal, followed by a Gestapo uniform, followed by a beautiful slip of the tongue: Minus Morgul. Then I stumbled on this gem on the OF : in this thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671463-Tinkering-With-Trait-Deeds-Removing-A-Way-To-Earn-LoTRO-Points&p=7918249#post7918249
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    Thank you!