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  1. Players are now confused because they don't read carefully. They expect crafting carry-alls when they buy points during this sale. After buying MM, one player expected one crafting carry-all on each server she plays on. Others expect that every character on one server gets a task item carry-all after they make a points purchase. I think they don't understand that they will be able to buy more carry-alls, of either kind, in the store soon. But what I find most peculiar: why does no one mention that it's free to make an f2p account and use those characters as mules?
  2. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677037-The-Curator-has-returned-from-Vacation "This Dummy?-- WAY useful!!! Sending a fortune in puppy-huggles to whoever thought it up!" Disturbing that players respond like this. I know, it has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Just struck me. Just as it strikes me that players continue to expand on their excuses to give SSG money despite being disappointed. I saw one person write 'as long as we can continue to play'. Paiz was right.
  3. Good thinking, nice article http://lotroplayers.com/2019/11/24/mordor-besieged-comparison/ "Besides all the fancy kings, elfs and estranged cavedwellers and hibernators there are more things to find in both Dor Amarths. Then again 3000 years and an exploding volcano manages to do some work on your real estate. After a little thought experiment lets take a quick look at what happened to it all"
  4. That above post is from here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672055-Why-is-there-still-no-improvement-about-the-scrolls-issue-grind-SSG/page22 He Valared (what a word) a stoutaxe dwarf, still has his other character.
  5. (snip) Cordovan modelled the desired behaviour: valar and skip Skip the time, skip the grind, skip the game He did it without even pulling his wallet, which tells the audience: yes, it's that easy Those who followed suit are now willing to buy lootboxes as well WAI
  6. https://massivelyop.com/2019/10/31/lotros-minas-morgul-lockboxes-are-raising-community-concerns/ By Justin Olivetti - October 31, 2019 11:30 AM Ever since SSG increased its use and contents with the Mordor expansion, LOTRO’s lockboxes have been a sore point among players who have heavily criticized the feature. This situation might be getting uglier with next week’s Minas Morgul release, as the latest lockbox offerings look to be leaning more on the pay-to-win-by-chance side of things. Of particular concern among Minas Morgul beta testers is the presence lockbox gear that allegedly has better stats then the first two tiers of the new instance boss drops, as well as choose-your-own essences that are more convenient than the landscape RNG variety. In short, these lockboxes can help some players pay to shortcut endgame progression and gearing. Various potions that are included have raised red flags, although SSG did say that it would look into the values of these. Some players are asking for a further delay of the expansion to allow for more testing and balance refinement for lockboxes, classes, and content. It should be noted that the new zones and stories are getting some praise here, as well as an overhaul to the daily “Hobbit presents” panel, which now looks spiffier and hands out virtue XP. === With comments: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676323-New-article-about-Minas-Morgul-from-massivelyop-com
  7. That brings this to mind: http://entertainment.time.com/2012/09/17/gross-point-blank-10-most-disgusting-eating-scenes-from-movies/slide/hannibal/
  8. Server maintenance extended with 3 hours. Too much tape letting go at once.
  9. My biggest gripes with Turbine/SSG are: - what they have done to the game - the cognitive dissonance players are wrestling with - that SSG uses that cognitive dissonance to divide the player base, while they continue with their destruction (and yes, I know, the player base keeps playing... and paying, just as Paiz said) I feel no self loathing when I spend no money on the game, while still running around in lower level areas - ha!
  10. Conclusion: sales must be lagging bad
  11. Interesting is that a conservative guy was not allowed to run in the 2018 provincial elections for the same offence. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9606315-trudeau-s-blackface-backlash-brings-back-memories-for-strange/
  12. http://lotro.com/en/minasithil/ FAQ: CAN I PURCHASE THE EXPANSION WITH LOTRO POINTS? The Minas Morgul expansion will be available for Store Points in March 2020 and will be priced as follows: Base Edition (includes the Minas Morgul Region & Instances only): 2495 Points Stout-axe Dwarf: 1000 Points HOW DO I ADD THE EXPANSION TO MY EXISTING LOTRO ACCOUNT? After purchasing the expansion, a Product Key code will be sent to the email address you provided when completing your purchase. Log into the game client and redeem your code in the LOTRO Store through the Redeem Code link. You can apply your Product Key at any time before, during, or after the launch of the Minas Morgul expansion. WHEN AND HOW DO I GET MY EXPANSION BONUS ITEMS? Starting on September 25th, 2019 if you apply a Product Key to your account in the LOTRO Store, you will get the following items upon Product Key redemption: Ultimate Fan Bundle Collector’s Edition Standard Edition Stout-axe Dwarf Race Character Slot Ultimate Expedition Supplies Great Alliance Cosmetics, Mount, and Pet Dead City Cosmetics, Mount, Pet, and Weapon Aura All Three Exclusive Titles Equippable XP Accelerator Three Relics Stout-axe Dwarf Race Character Slot Improved Expedition Supplies Great Alliance Cosmetics, Mount, and Pet Two Exclusive Titles Stout-axe Dwarf Race Character Slot Expedition Supplies All other content and items will be delivered on day of launch, October 29th, 2019. In the event of delay, you will receive the expansion content and items no later than November 31st, 2019. IF I DON’T PRE-PURCHASE THE EXPANSION, CAN I STILL BUY THE EXPANSION BONUS ITEMS AT A LATER TIME? At this time, the Standard Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Ultimate Fan Bundle will remain available after the launch of the Minas Morgul expansion. While the expansions will still be available in the LOTRO Market, please note that you will be unable to purchase the additional exclusive items through the LOTRO Store for points. HOW MANY CHARACTER LEVEL BOOSTS WILL I GET WITH MY EXPANSION PURCHASE? On Minas Morgul launch day, you will receive one Character Level Boost to 120 for your account on the first character that you log into. The Character Level Boost is bound to account. Once opened, it binds to character. I PRE-PURCHASED THE EXPANSION BUT I DIDN’T GET A PRODUCT KEY, WHERE IS IT? Your Product Key will be sent to the email address you used when completing your purchase. Remember to check your Spam / Junk mail folders. WHAT ARE THE “EXPEDITION SUPPLIES” LISTED IN EACH BUNDLE? These Expedition Supplies include useful items to help your character through the expansion content. Your Expedition supplies are delivered as an inventory item one time on your account, to the character and server where you redeemed your Minas Morgul Product Key in the LOTRO Store. Opening the item will bestow your supplies to that character. All of your Expedition Supplies are bound to account. Ultimate Expedition Supplies Improved Expedition Supplies Expedition Supplies 5000 Virtue XP 100% XP Boost Scrolls (1 hr) x5 20 Scrolls of Empowerment Reputation Supply Boost x5 100% XP Boost Scrolls (1 hr) x5 10 Scrolls of Empowerment Reputation Supply Boost x5 100% XP Boost Scrolls (1 hr) x5 Reputation Supply Boost x5 Ultimate Expedition Supplies are available with purchase of the Ultimate Fan Bundle Improved Expedition Supplies are available with purchase of the Collector’s Edition Expedition Supplies are available with purchase of the Standard Edition IS THERE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHARACTER LEVEL BOOST? This item boosts a character to level 120. The item is delivered as a one-time package that is Bound to Account and is only tradable to your own characters through your Shared Storage. Once opened, the individual components of the Character Level Boost are Bound to Character. IS THE CHARACTER LEVEL BOOST GOING TO BE IN THE LOTRO STORE? Yes. The Character Level 120 Boost will be available in the LOTRO Store after the Minas Morgul expansion launches. The cost for the Boost will be 6695 LOTRO Points. WHAT DO THE PETS IN THE EXPANSION BUNDLES LOOK LIKE? The Shepherd Dog Pet is in both the Collector’s and Ultimate-Fan Bundles. The Harnessed Shepherd Dog Pet is available in the Ultimate-Fan Bundle. WHAT DO THE STEEDS IN THE EXPANSION BUNDLES LOOK LIKE? The Exclusive Alliance Mount is in both the Collector’s Edition and Ultimate-Fan Bundles. The Exclusive Minas Morgul Mount is available in the Ultimate-Fan Bundle. These are both account-wide steed bundles that give you the travel mount and the war-steed cosmetics for each look. Exclusive Alliance Mount: " Mount of the Great Alliance" Exclusive Minas Morgul Mount: " Mount of the Dead City" WHAT DO THE EXCLUSIVE ARMOUR AND CLOAK SETS IN THE EXPANSION BUNDLES LOOK LIKE? The Exclusive Alliance Themed Armour and Cloak set are in the Collector’s and Ultimate Fan Bundle. Exclusive Minas Morgul Themed Armour and Cloak set are in the Ultimate Fan Bundle.
  13. Going to watch the Canadian shit show federal elections on the 21st of next month first.
  14. That started in Mordor and with the Black Book? For me it has made the stories as 'useless' as stories in other online games. The beauty of Lotro before Mordor was that the game was embedded in the books. That's gone now.
  15. https://massivelyop.com/2019/07/10/that-new-lord-of-the-rings-game-is-still-happening-now-with-amazons-new-world-team-on-board-for-pc-and-console-dev/ By Bree Royce - July 10, 2019 9:20 AM Hey remember last September when Athlon Games – owned by Leyou Technologies, which also owns Warframe studio Digital Extremes – announced that it was working on a new “free-to-play massively multiplayer online video game” set in the Lord of the Rings universe? It kinda set the MMO world on fire for a few weeks there, given that we have a Lord of the Rings Online MMO already. But at the time, Standing Stone said the new game wouldn’t interfere with LOTRO as it’d be set in prequel times. Of course, we’ve heard that before. As of today, things just got a lot more interesting, as Amazon Game Studios popped out a press release saying it is now involved in a “special collaboration” with Leyou on a ” PC and console game based on the beloved The Lord of the Rings literary universe,” which is the same game, only now confirmed for multiple platforms, though it doesn’t sound as if it’s tying in directly with Amazon’s upcoming TV show, the cross-promotion certainly isn’t going to hurt. It gets better – or worse, depending on your view of Amazon’s other MMORPG, New World, which perturbed players by closing down its previously always-on alpha earlier this summer. “Development is being led by the same Amazon Game Studios team behind New World, and a new team being assembled for this project will utilize resources from across AGS locations in Seattle, Irvine and San Diego. Amazon Game Studios recently wrapped a successful alpha test of New World, and looks forward to sharing updates on that game in the future. The Amazon Game Studios team working on the game includes veteran developers who have worked on Everquest, Destiny, Planetside, World of Warcraft, Defiance, Rift, and other popular MMOs.” Huh. There’s no release date just yet.
  16. Rohan housing to be released when Rohan hits the LS... which is at least 16 months away.....
  17. I didn't get the impression that it was polished upon release. Was it?
  18. I expect that many people on the LS already own Moria. To play devil's advocate: for those who don't, it's a 'new expansion'. Those were never free for VIP, iirc. I wonder how many people who already have 'regular' Moria buy this version for the goodies ('and to support the game' ).
  19. Dwarf-candle consumables..... for 'where the sun don't shine'... WTH.... Cashgrab, that's all this is
  20. twitter is ... awful.... people with only caps, telling others they should be 'grateful'..... fuck that shit
  21. Pffff that's the last thing, on this beautiful sunny mid day!
  22. downtime now at least till 6pm est.
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