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  1. So poetic! The way I see it: until this massive 'maintenance' or whatever it is, they sucked $ for 100% and that was guaranteed. I don't think they give a sh*t about their reputation at this point. They threw that out of the window many years ago. It's their lies and corporate speak that kept them afloat ever since. Restricted how? Link? What post did they edit? See, can't trust the ********
  2. It did cross my mind that this could be the orchestrated end: now we can blame the hardware instead of announcing that the game will close.
  3. Stop the mind reading Added: Who would have ever thought they would charge for the removal of essences? Or charge 50MC for a starter horse? Players should expect anything and everything being changed for the worst possible scenario... all for the almighty $.
  4. Based on past experience with their crap I trust that they will be very capable of making the new virtues in the store very very different from what we see now As they design the game accordingly, the quantity of virtues may become both bottomless and an absolute necessity.
  5. As has been said as long ago as the introduction of the store, from now on the game will be designed around the store... except back then no one knew what would be eventually in it. From a monetization presentation I learned that the goal is for it to not be the icing on the cake but to be mixed in with the entire dough. I think we can see that well, at the moment.
  6. You wouldn't enjoy posting here if it were not for using the same name as on the OF. Your intent is to aggravate, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You don't even like us. I am sitting here laughing at your post with all those quotes. I don't want to use my OF forum name here, because I don't want run the chance of losing my accounts, because of what I say here. You don't have to fear being kicked out there because you sucking up so much, while here you don't have to fear a thing. That is the difference. I don't call what I do hiding. I call it sad necessity. To take the idea of strong snow a bit further, this is what happened in Fort Erie on Sunday, when individual ice molecules clumped together: You be warned.
  7. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671460-SSG-stop-the-Tier-scaling-pls/page2 This is a wonderfully worded post, see bolded sentence.
  8. I think it's a lovely day here, thank you all. First I get to LMAO, then I get to like a post, then someone who apparently dislikes us all tells me that 'insult and personal attacks' say more about me than about the person I respond to. Oh well. I can write a book about why that can be debated. Then there is another beautiful rebuttal, followed by a Gestapo uniform, followed by a beautiful slip of the tongue: Minus Morgul. Then I stumbled on this gem on the OF : in this thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671463-Tinkering-With-Trait-Deeds-Removing-A-Way-To-Earn-LoTRO-Points&p=7918249#post7918249
  9. Are there more EU logins than US logins?
  10. I want a private reprimand as well, for liking this post. Then I will feel really at home (as on the OF)
  11. More tips about what is good? My daughter is getting Prime as a student.
  12. Fuck yes. Plus the idea of having an EU wide pension fund that will absorb national pension funds, which will put those who have worked hard and contributed the most to the national funds in those countries that already contribute the most to the EU at a disadvantage. Plus the erosion of the standard of living in those countries that have to contribute the most. Plus national governments who follow the EU tune instead of listening to concerned/angry citizens.
  13. Thank you for all your feedback. My older pc still runs like a charm, but laptop gave out. Good idea to go manufacturer route. Wire cooling rack or a cooling pad. Nice to still be in pre-purchase phase
  14. I am in the process of selecting a new laptop and keep finding comments about noisy fans. Fans running while gaming is normal. Fans being loud without much going on, not so much. Are all ASUS gaming laptops loud? What about coil whine? I am looking at: https://www.staples.ca/en/MSI-Apache-GE62-7RD-471CA-15-6-Gaming-Laptop-2-8-GHz-Core-i7-7700HQ-1-TB-HDD-256-GB-SSD-16-GB-RAM-GeForce-GTX-1050-Win10/product_2681663_1-CA_1_20001 because of the i7-7700HQ other options: https://www.staples.ca/en/msi-leopard-gp73-8rd-040ca-17-3-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-8750h-1tb-hdd-256-gb-ssd-16-gb-ddr-iv-nvidia-geforce-gtx1050ti/product_2868627_1-CA_1_20001#/writeReviewButton https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=710_577_1198&item_id=131250 https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/asus-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-8750h-1tb-hdd-256gb-ssd-16gb-ram-nvidia-gtx1060-windows-10/12853494.aspx? Any feedback or recommendations?
  15. Ah, Kirsten Dunst. I never saw Interview, enjoyed the book too much, years ago, to let movie images spoil my imagination. I would not have guessed from the picture. Yes, the book is awesome! I would like go see the exhibit in NY, less than 700km from here. Maybe. I've never been to NY so to go for a Tolkien exhibit - epic and odd. When I look at how much I time I invested in that game (and in a few others)... I hear you, it hurts to play. I kept it up for a long time, but no more. And yes, lingers on in sorrow. Apt. I've never tried audio books, didn't even know this existed. Enjoy!
  16. I have that picture and nick because I am actually scared to death of spiders. Thank you for your wishes. Where does your avatar come from? Is there a link to a movie? My brother in law is a fotographer. Every year one of his kids (in order) features on the Christmas card he makes. And every year we go 'the card is here'... 'let me see'... 'he did it again'... creepy as shit. Not sure his kids will be happy with those images later. Anyway: yes, it's very very sad to see the game like this, and it was foretold it was going to end like this (when they introduced the store). What baffles me is that there are apparently enough sales to keep going in this direction. Bought a very nice book the other day: https://www.amazon.ca/Tolkien-Maker-Middle-earth-Catherine-McIlwaine/dp/1851244859/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1549547267&sr=1-1 Fortunately we can enjoy the real deal.
  17. I hope he does well, and you too. Caregiving can be a draining experience. Take good care of you! My daughter just had that done and it's not pretty. Agreed, creepy picture
  18. I am so glad I gave up on that game! My daughter is running around in the Shire with a new hobbit. That's the area she loves most. She went to Hengstacer's to get a starter horse... these cost 50MC now... so that was a no deal. Yuk!
  19. The community? Well, we got that here One of my accounts got banned by Sapience years ago and at some point in time, quite recently, it was unbanned, but without any notification.
  20. I think it's strategy.... LS - without the Moors = membership Want to play the Moors and don't care about LS? That's also a membership There will be people who don't want to pay for LS, but will pay for a change made at the Moors. Actually I want to bet there is something in store for the Moors.
  21. Of course, look at the legendary servers. Funny thing: store is out of commission at the moment too! Nice, TDS!
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