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  1. Doro, you wanted to see something that bites SSG in the arse? Look at this gem, now on BR: It will require 1 MC to remove 1 essence from a piece of armour https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669480-Seals-no-longer-drop-and-P2W-Essence-Removal-System&p=7896187#post7896187 Seals no longer drop on BR, so it will be impossible to trade at skirmish camps for essence removal scrolls when this goes live. Wonder how people like this are going to respond to the above MC change... Can't say 'but they need to stay in business' anymore. You can add them to your item ignore list
  2. Making the cosmetics not sharable means that people have to 'play the game' = possible customers in the store. Same with last year's mount not being half price = you have to play more to get more points = more quest resets with MC? Not sharable cosmetics also meant fewer offers in the AH and less gold changing hands (cosmetics were easy to come by for goldsellers). That is all led to less fun and people playing the game 'their way' is of no concern to SSG. All petty indeed. The apologists go pretty far. Just before the weekend a poster had bought $200 worth of LP but had not received the points. He had tried to have a GM look at it, then filed several bug reports, pm'ed the CM, posted on the forums.... no one helped him solve the issue. Finally yesterday a blue name responded. I hope it got resolved. Today, one of SSG's biggest apologists posted this: And any system anywhere in this world is perfect? I pay Amazon for 2-day Prime shipping but I don't throw a instant gratification tantrum when it's a day later, especially when there has been bad weather and holidays. People just need to grow up. How on earth does someone think that that's an appropriate response or that SSG doesn't have to provide customer service? People just need to grow up. The 'pet collection panel' comes to mind, while old festival horses go for 70MC in the store. When black keys were removed from the landscape, players were left with 'slivers' of black keys that could no longer be converted into black keys. The new housing area where rent is paid in MC but free for VIPs. It's also possible to pay rent with gold but the amount is out of proportion with rent in other areas. The LS where people have to be VIP + a store with special offers that include housing writs = people continuing to VIP otherwise they lose their house. The conversion rate '$ into LP into MC'. Unlocking travel routes and traveling to quest giver in new areas is 5MC. It looks insignificant but adds up quickly.
  3. Not only is less content developed but already long before the lootboxes appeared, changes were made to specific parts of the game in preparation for their arrival. Nothing was accidental. For example, crafting levels were no longer added, including guild levels which could produce very nice armour and jewelry pieces. This prevented players from falling back on crafted armor without essences (which was esentially too good at level and could last many levels beyond that) that was pretty close to a new level cap when essence armor was introduced and a store bought solvent was necessary to create a superior essence. Another is the belated max level limit placed on older armor sets which gave good set bonuses. Yet another one is the phasing out of landscape drops. No more surprising armour drops after a good kill, no more crafting recipes, no more good quest rewards, whether it is jewelry or armour. Barter currencies that no longer simply lead to good armour sets but that add a huge grind to endgame, to even be able to get a chance at BIS. Armour/Jewelry crafting necessities dropping so rarely (from nodes) that gearing with crafted gear only is almost impossible. Then there is the phasing out of regular 'lootboxes' with sturdy keys, and the removal of the black steel keys. Lootboxes are disgusting, but so is everything that led up to it. If we put it all together, they've been planning where the game is at now for years. Which they admitted, many years later, was a big mistake.
  4. What if that new game has everything whales and fanbois love and therefore isn't fun, but still polished and supported? I can't imagine a company not building features like lootboxes, extreme grind, no landscape drops into a game from the get go nowadays.
  5. Yup, and what you wrote earlier ('loss of 100 pages in 5 days') (since release of LS) is not accurate.
  6. This is not true. This week the number of Landroval AH pages has been slightly under 200. That's a bit lower than it was, but not a lot. If what you say is true, the AH would have been around 300 pages just before LS started. I've not seen 300 pages in a long time there. Lately, pre-LS, the Landroval AH did around 225 pages on weekends. Tonight it's 192. We'll see what this weekend brings.
  7. LS quests only reward 40% in xp as of today? Link please.
  8. How long ago was it that you leveled a character from 1 to 42? People on the regular forums have been complaining about the ease of leveling/having to skip content because it is outleveled for a long time now. The LS have a 60% xp reward per quest when compared with the regular servers. And still it's too fast eh!
  9. Started playing end 2010. Main, just 120 today: 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days 2nd main 115: 1 month, 1 week, 1 day (literally half of the first) a level 61: 1 week, 6 days, 21 hours a level 39: 1 week, 17 hours level 15: 6 hours, 5 minutes lowest alt, level 7: 1 hour, 35 minutes
  10. Yes. At 119 they hit over 8k every 2 seconds. But, one gets used to it, even though wound potions won't remove the effect. It's quite a verbal war zone over there.
  11. As predicted. I am sitting here laughing nonetheless. Btw, any experience with those DoT's mentioned on the forums?
  12. People getting pretty mad, queu is up to 4k now... 1200 on LS.... Cordovan's response: The response has been huge, which has necessitated some queuing. People in a queue will be let in without having to log out then back in repeatedly. We are also working with our operations team to make sure as many people as possible can both be in the log-in queue and in-game. People more mad: 'their' names are gone One comment to angry players: 'you've paid, what do you expect'?
  13. The sudden appearance of the LS server is intriguing to me - not the LS itself, but what it represents: the end of endgame. SSG is not responding to any posts about the endgame grind and lack of drops in the instances. In my opinion LS is the next phase in the monetization scheme. I wanted to see whether there's anything in old presentations that gives away what we are seeing happening in LotrO right at this moment. I did a bit of digging and found this presentation about DDO by Fernando Paiz. https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1012520/The-Future-of-MMO-Monetization Very telling, but most interesting are the slides from 34 on, especially slide 37. So now there is a server with dedicated VIP payers AND a store. I am sure we will see low level content being tweaked more and more, and lootboxes being pushed at every 10 level interval. Progression is slowed down considerably = retention. Add the store = ultimate revenue. Raise the level cap slowly: new players willing to buy the expansions, willing to 'support the game'. Justly so, many players say 'no thank you'. They have paid for the content already. But what will stop SSG from reverting to subscription only, except now with the store included? The single LS may be the guinea pig for that model. The nostalgic enthusiasm and fervor of new and returning players being milked twice. After everything I've seen Turbine/SSG pull, it won't surprise me anymore.
  14. Yes. Maybe that is similar to what Fernando Paiz said in a monetization video: you can throw anything at the players. Do you think that the whales and the apologists are the same players? Doesn't the whale get it exactly the way he wants it and therefore doesn't have to complain or find excuses?
  15. Exactly. Plus: 'they've never been good at this, so let's give them the benefit of the doubt once again'.
  16. True. That and what people spend in the store.
  17. From new patchnotes: Virtues will now cap based on your character level, while maintaining the current cap of 20. Through level 10, Virtues cap at a rank of 2. The cap increases by one rank every five character levels, reaching a maximum of 20 ranks at level 96. Virtues earned above your current max rank will apply once you reach an appropriate level (up to the absolute cap of 20). Players are really mad about this because they have paid money for their virtues, either through tomes or Valar, or because they have invested a lot of time in raising virtues, sometimes even above level 20. People are also upset because they see how the LS is already now affecting regular servers. SSG doesn't seem to care one bit.
  18. Opening date: November 8 at noon. They are not ready for this. Server name: Anor - this places the VIP server of course first in the server selection screen. Vastin's forum account is from January 2017.
  19. This is hilarious: Post: Well, ....., we wont see you on the new server. Hope you enjoy what you're doing.. Now, us on the other hand, will be playing there. New community. New economy. Fresh start. No inflation. Buddies drinking cocktails while killing spiders and bears for a few days. To everyone else.. /cheers. See you there! Response: All of the above you mentioned you can just do on current live servers without paying. My post clearly is about showing that in it's current state, this 'Legendary Server' has nothing new to offer. I mean, look at the points you are giving for playing there... - New community.. no.. same community, less people because servers will be split even more. People playing on live will likely see a further decrease in activity and quit. - New economy.. no inflation...maybe for a few weeks.. where is the thought beyond 'ohmygoshnewserversoexcitingfr eshstart'? When people hit level cap in a week you will see. - Killing bears and spiders with buddies.. something you really cant do on live... Really you are proving my point and the view of many that wish to see a vanilla server worth playing and paying for. Name something with actual substance that this Legendary server will offer that live wont (and dont say SOA grouping fun because everyone knows that with the current builds and trait trees that Rift and many other raids can be done on level with a couple of people). Also there are kins that cap at level 50 and 65, why would you want to break up the community on live servers for this? Here is a current full list of benefits for playing on the legendary server, please add to it if I am missing anything: 1 Dont have to use stone of the tortoise so get to equip something else in pocket slot. 2 Pending Also, where does this stop? Do they really think people want to relive Rohan again, and the endless flower picking and the great lag of Minas Tirith? If you were a new player would you opt to pay to join a legendary server or just play on live for free? I know there are several die hard SSG fans with rose tinted glasses that will enjoy this server for a few months, but I do think from reading the forums and youtube comments etc on what the majority of the community is saying, it is pretty clear that this is not what we wanted. =================== What I am expecting: Massive competition to collect resources Massive grouping to do those first quests in the starter areas and beyond - because who wants to stand in line to kill Pampraush? Who wants to wait in line anywhere at all? And if there is reduced xp, then everyone will have to complete every quest in every area. So.... much.... fun.... not! Someone made the remark that the old way skills were done is still in game, and refered to Creepside. Is that so?
  20. They forget that they can repeat that 'journey', for free, on the regular servers every day of every week, with or without excellerator. Even people who want horses to be restricted till level 35 get the response 'go do that on a regular server, don't make me do that when I don't want to'. Vastin is revamping the Beorning. One poster is estimating that will take around 110,000 embers for one character to be outfitted, essences included. This would come down to lootboxes at a value of around $373/toon/upgrade.
  21. They are already coming to the conclusion that a right out copy of regular servers is not going to cut it. Post from Cordovan, yesterday:
  22. $15/month and all the expansions on top of that? There's quite a few lifers/VIPs who are happy to leave the f2p/premium players behind.
  23. You don't have to wait. There are too many people saying that already on the forums.
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