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  1. Much of the above is the opposite of the truth. Patch 6.2 came out on June 23, 2015. The LATEST Legion will launch is June 21, 2016, so there is no way you can honestly get "14 months" between them. Moreover, saying it will launch "by" June 21 (i.e Spring 2016) does not mean it won't launch sooner. When pre-orders for WoD were opened up, it was announced as "Fall 2014" and "by December 21, 2014" (which mean the same thing). In fact, patch 6.0 (the systems upgrade patch) launched on October 14, and WoD itself (the content patch) launched on November 13. Blizzard, being generally compete
  2. A bit more about the artifact weapons was explained. There is one weapon/off-hand (where appropriate) pair per spec. Of course, one big difference from LotRO is that there is no RNG involved in the weapon's potential. Every Ashbringer, Doomhammer, etc, will have the same powers to unlock. There are close to two dozen different cosmetic appearances you can unlock for each artifact. Artifact Power looks a lot like item XP, although I haven't seen any equivalent of a heritage rune (which raises a good question - without them, it will be difficult to gain artifact power on a healing weapon).
  3. The only real WoW/Legion info on Day 1 was a survey of the zones, raids and dungeons of the expansion. The world art was impressive and quite beautiful (in the WoW style), as you'd expect. They are pioneering new tech that will scale open-world levelling content. Thus, rather than having a 100-102 zone, a 103-104 zone, etc, you can go to any zone at any level, and do the quests "on level" at appropriate difficulty, for level-appropriate rewards. They say this will be accomplished by scaling the enemies, rather than scaling the player. The central zone of the island, an ancient night elf c
  4. StarCraft featured pretty heavily and hyped first this year. After the 3rd installment of SC2, they announced that "mission packs" would be released periodically to continue the game development and story, and previewed a cinematic from the first which will be out in Spring 2016. They showed a trailer from the Warcraft movie, which will come out in Summer. Heroes of the Storm was next, revealed 3 new heroes: Graymane, the shape-changing werewolf guy from Gilneas, a dryad whose name I didn't recognize, and the big one, Cho'gall. Cho'gall breaks the MOBA mold, being one hero controlled by tw
  5. At some point after banning Fredelas, Sapience subsequently blamed him for proposing the increased mithril coin quest travel costs during HD beta. Which showed what a low-class scumbag Sapience is, since Fredelas wasn't even allowed to post to defend himself (because Sapience had banned him).
  6. I didn't see any information about the setting of the series. TNG, the most successful of the follow-ups to the original, was pretty much the original series "done right" - they consciously avoided similarities in the characters (Picard is nothing like Kirk, Riker is nothing like Spock, Crusher is nothing like McCoy, etc), but the premise was identical (with better writing, acting and special effects). The others (DS9, Voyager, Enterprise) were all based on a gimmick of one sort or another. It will be interesting to see whether they go the "gimmick" route again, or return to the most succes
  7. Whether language is appropriate or not depends on who is listening. If you use a vile insult with no inkling that it will be heard as such, you should be forgiven (and informed so you don't repeat the faux pas). If you use a vile insult knowing full well that others will hear it as such, and then try to argue that it "wasn't meant" that way, then you have a problem with logic. And why would someone who clearly hates both the streamer and the subject of a stream tune into it? Hmm...probably not to talk about his cigarettes...
  8. Good to see Turbine finally has their priorities straight!
  9. Well, let's do the math. From 3.0-3.3.5, there were 52 boss encounters in major raids. From 6.0-6.2.3, there have been 30 bosses in major raids. But from 3.0-3.3.5 was 20 months (November 2008 - June 2010) From 6.0-6.2.3 will be 12 months (November 2014 - November 2015). 52/20 = 2.6/month 30/12 = 2.5/month So the rate of raid content release is nearly equal, within 4%... On the other hand, in WotLK, a lot of things were different. A number of raids (e.g. Naxxramus - 15 of the 52 encounters counted above) had only normal difficulty. Naxx was a sort of "training wheels" raid that serves
  10. People who complain about lack of content in WoW are nuts. The centerpiece of the game is raiding (at all levels from casual to the most insane hardcore). It has been that way since I started playing in WotLK, and anybody who doesn't understand that is daft. Of course, like any MMO, there are other things to do like collect mounts, pets, achievements, cosmetic outfits, craft, play the AH, etc. There is also PvP, which apart from being balanced and having appropriate rewards available, does not really rely on a stream of new content being provided. Nevertheless, there has been more develop
  11. You get one Level 60 character boost for subscribing, so you can start the new story immediately, but they have also streamlined the 1-60 levelling experience enormously. http://www.swtor.com/blog/core-world-changes Basically you can level 1-60 by doing nothing but your class story and the main story arc on each planet. This eliminates the need to do any of the grindy "Kill X mobs", "Collect Y widgets", "Clean Z privies" type side-quests to fill up the XP bar (they are still available if you want to do them, but nobody in their right mind would). Of course, the story quests do sometimes
  12. I don't see any problem with using the Windows Experience Index as a benchmark, as long as you understand what it means. The feature of making the overall score the lowest of the categories is a reasonable, simple way to account for performance being bottlenecked by the least performant part of a system. There is not really any other way to do it, without narrowing the rating to a particular application or making other assumptions. Empirically, increases in the scores have a very strong correlation with increased performance, in my experience.
  13. This. My machine has nearly identical specs, 8 cpu, 16 gb, etc, right down to the SSD installation disk. It has a Windows Experience Index of 7.8. I keep drivers and other software updated religiously. Prior to U17, LotRO was crashing roughly every 4 hours of gameplay or so. In Minas Tirith, the average time between crashes is probably less than 10 minutes, no exaggeration. Mounted Combat pushed the game beyond what the servers could deal with properly. Minas Tirith now appears to have done the same for the client...
  14. Well, my reaction to KotFE is entirely different. I think it's the most interesting, creative and immersive MMO content I've ever seen. A lot of the information in the OP is wrong, I think. What makes "many" of them "useless" now, compared to before? Which "many"? Starting with a provably absurd statement is a bad sign... You do not have to repurchase anything. Except in a relative handful of cases where a particular profession lost the ability to craft a particular type of mod (example: armormech now exclusively makes the endurance-heavy armorings, and synthweaving now exclusively
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