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  1. FundinStrongarm

    US Elections 2020

    Trump would totally Colonel Jesop during the impeachment trial in the Senate. (Reference to A Few Good Men.) The question is, is it okay to ask foreign governments to dig up dirt on your domestic political rivals? And to push them to do it by withholding Congressionally approved funds? The evidence points to the course of action by the administration being consistent with seeking dirt on Biden (it's right in the summary of the call, after all) and withholding funds. Heck, Trump even called on China to dig up dirt during the days after the whistleblower's complaint surfaced. Republican goalposts keep getting run over faster than they can move them on various spurious defenses. Sad, really, that a once good party has sold their soul for a demagogue who totally trashes what the party stood for. Trump is the ultimate RINO.
  2. FundinStrongarm

    US Elections 2020

    The other thing you have to keep in mind is that if you can't laugh off what Trump is doing most of the time (as most of his antics are quite literally Trump trolling), he's going to drive you mad because you're likely too thin skinned to laugh it off - which is why I'm not overly bothered by his Twitter account. IMO he's done good enough (overall) that I'm not going to feel bad about voting for him again. Trump causing people to lose their shit is just icing on the cake 😃 Trolling? The President being a troll is the excuse for his Twitter idiocy now? Like his fawning praise of Erdogan? Is that a troll or what he really thinks or are we supposed to laugh it off? Or, maybe each tweet is a toss up. I'd rather go with Occam's Razor and recognize he's a narcissist with very thin skin and leave it at that.
  3. FundinStrongarm

    US Elections 2020

    Huh? I'm talking about your specific reference that you like Trump because he pisses off the people you think have it coming. What's that got to do with some of your posts? I don't think Republicans are all evil. I would have been one for the last 25+ years had I lived in the US. I just think it's sad how much they have to twist themselves into knots trying to justify the 14-year-old in the oval office. It's sad how they are still fighting about the whistleblower when there's now about half-a-dozen witnesses who have corroborated the quid pro quo over Ukraine. Anyways, carry on.
  4. FundinStrongarm

    US Elections 2020

    So, not so much a refutation of what I said - just "Dems are bad too". Need a more grown-up response, imo, than my dad can beat up your dad. On the other hand, that's about Trump's level so not surprising.
  5. FundinStrongarm

    US Elections 2020

    The other thing I rather like about Trump is that he pisses off a bunch of the Democrats as they've had that coming for almost 30 years, For all too many Trump supporters it boils down to that. No principles (since Trump has none) and no vision (he has none of that either). Just "hey, his lies piss off the people I hate". It is sad.
  6. FundinStrongarm

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    I'm reasonably sure that license and content -wise, this is all under the umbrella of MEE. Tolkien Estate not really in picture, afaik. Meh - could be wrong.
  7. Yeah, pretty much.
  8. Yes. Because the toy may get swallowed.
  9. FundinStrongarm

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    What the hell is going on over there? - Concerned Canadian
  10. FundinStrongarm

    Other MMOs?

    I think there might be games in the works that would tick your boxes. But still a ways away for at least the one I'm aware of.
  11. FundinStrongarm

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    When your last 3 books are 5, 6 and 8(and counting) years apart, people are bound to decipher them. Atleast Rowling cranked out her 7 books over 10 years. If she had spent over 2 dozen years, people may have anticipated some of her twists as well. Good call on the slower, lazier writing. Dance of Dragons seems to meander quite a bit.
  12. FundinStrongarm

    World of Warcraft "Classic"

    Heh. Running off fumes for over a decade. I don't think people give 1 iota of a shit about whatever merger there was in 2008.
  13. FundinStrongarm

    Neverwinter Online Trouncing Dungeons & Dragons Online via Steam

    Close. There was Basic D&D then Advanced D&D (and even stuff before Basic). THEN came 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, etc. D&D 5.0 ends up being about the 8th iteration of the ruleset, depending on how you count.
  14. FundinStrongarm

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Seems like a rough go if first offense. But if typical of posts, then reasonable.
  15. FundinStrongarm

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I have found this forum bullies people that aren't with the program far more than the official forums. YMMV