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  1. FundinStrongarm

    Neverwinter Online Trouncing Dungeons & Dragons Online via Steam

    Close. There was Basic D&D then Advanced D&D (and even stuff before Basic). THEN came 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, etc. D&D 5.0 ends up being about the 8th iteration of the ruleset, depending on how you count.
  2. FundinStrongarm

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Seems like a rough go if first offense. But if typical of posts, then reasonable.
  3. FundinStrongarm

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I have found this forum bullies people that aren't with the program far more than the official forums. YMMV
  4. [Lots of things that are proof they aren't in maintenance mode]..... See, proof of maintenance mode!
  5. Has there been any indication any of this has affected any games at all? It's been 9 months now.
  6. FundinStrongarm

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    IMO, there will NEVER be a x64 client. Ever. What, over the past 5-6 years, would give you ANY idea that anyone is working on it? I find you pining for it kinda sad really. Please just give up hoping for it or thinking it may happen. You'll be much be off once you realize this, imo.
  7. FundinStrongarm

    Legendary™ Servers

    Last time I levelled from 1 was back after Helm's Deep and before Minas Tirith (4 years ago or so). As touched on, usually you decided beforehand which areas you were going to level up in, knowing you'll be skipping other entire areas to do so. That kind of quick levelling had been going on for a year or two prior to then. At least doing all the areas like you seem to be doing doesn't over level you like it would on the regular servers.
  8. FundinStrongarm

    Legendary™ Servers

    Didn't someone auto-attack-only with a Champion with no deaths into the mid-40s?
  9. FundinStrongarm

    Barrow-downs death magic?

    Oh, sorry. It's been a while. You are probably right.
  10. FundinStrongarm

    Barrow-downs death magic?

    There is an area (in the water?) near the Old Willow or thereabouts where you need to swim out to retrieve items for a quest. Best if you go back and forth (forward and backward) instead of trying to collect all the items at once. You lose morale quickly in certain parts of the water. Might be that way on the backside too. Might be that area? (At least, I remember something like that from 6+ years ago... Not sure if it still exists.)
  11. FundinStrongarm

    Has anyone ever beaten the quest "Fishy. Very Fishy."?

  12. You could be right. Let's see what kind of game comes out before we get ahead of ourselves though. nosam9 was an old poster who regularly predicted the closing of LotRO about 6-9 months in the future, at least as long as 4 years ago. He used to crop up fairly often to pronounce his doom. Similar to the claims that some legal entanglement will shutter the game but way more regularly.
  13. I'm sure it will come sometime. Maybe after the Sea of Rhun update, or Far Harad - the Later Years update or maybe The 4th Age: Eldarion's Passing update. Who knows? People reading the tea leaves and predicting the end sometime soon never seem to reassess the situation when they're wrong, I've noticed.
  14. FundinStrongarm

    Severlin: End Game Loot, Lootboxes, Update 23, and Beyond

    The overall gearing system seems decent to me. Just ignore lootboxes if you find one and it's all good. If someone wants to take their chances on gearing up through lootboxes a couple weeks after instances drop, who cares?