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  1. FundinStrongarm

    Who owns Lord of the Rings Online?

    So, nothing much different than the previous couple years before SSG came along...
  2. FundinStrongarm

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

  3. Any updates? Is my prediction holding true? Did something actually happen or was a mountain made out of a hill of beans?
  4. Prediction: None of this will effect LotRO or any other game as far as being able to continue playing goes. (There might be some minor changes in ownership but development will be handled by the same people.)
  5. FundinStrongarm

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    When you have asinine laws on the books you have a much higher chance of omg-you're-fucked moments. Highlighting those moments shows why those laws need to be rescinded.
  6. FundinStrongarm

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    What perpetuates the sexual grooming of young women and girls in Telford or Rotherham is that people are afraid to speak up about it for fear of being labelled a racist, with jail time a possibility. Remember that the people who define hate crimes are the people in power. That can always flip and then those who want to defend minorities could be thrown in jail. Forcing people to be silent will not stop how they think. Letting it be talked about and denounced with full public debate is far better than shutting people up. I wholeheartedly disagree with your position. It will be a sad day when I cannot due to laws against freedom of speech.
  7. FundinStrongarm

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    Hate crime laws gotta go. Else it leads to crap like this. And I'm a guy who thinks anti-Jew stuff IS offensive. (It also leads to girls being groomed as sex slaves because you dare not mention it is Islamic men doing it for fear of being accused of a hate crime.)
  8. FundinStrongarm

    Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    I'm not sure about a licensing blitz since the LotR/Hobbit and the Silmarillion (and the rest of Tolkien's writings) are owned by two different entities. Unless I missed something. Really, it has already happened with regards to LotR material, considering all the games there has been over the last decade or so. I guess, in theory, it could happen with 1st Age or even 2nd Age stuff. If they ever are brought under one umbrella then all bets are off.
  9. FundinStrongarm

    LotRO Dev Halt?

    Development stop? Game shutdown date? The new producer's letter makes it sound like these predictions are way off base (as per usual).
  10. FundinStrongarm

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    Amazon announced a deal this morning. It's a go. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/live-feed/official-lord-rings-tv-series-gets-multiple-season-commitment-at-amazon-1057486 Negotiations included the estate so it's possible. The article I linked doesn't mention the Silmarillion but does mention Tolkien writings prior to the Fellowship of the Rings as being the basis for the TV show. I'm not sure what those could be that would be owned by Middle Earth Enterprises (Saul Zaentz) so I'm not sure what to expect at this point.
  11. FundinStrongarm

    LotRO Housing

    I had a kinnie that had so many alt accounts that he owned every house in a Bree neighborhood. Was kinda cool.
  12. FundinStrongarm

    FFXIV forum?

    Thanks MueR. There's a few threads in the Other MMOs forum you may want to move into the new section.
  13. FundinStrongarm

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Nope, not really wondering. Don't give a shit at all. It's a forum name like a bazillion others. Not offensive so no skin off my nose.
  14. FundinStrongarm

    FFXIV forum?

    Any chance of making a new forum for FFXIV? Maybe replace the little used GW2 forum? I know there's a few threads in the Other MMOs forum but it perhaps deserves more. It would be a more appropriate place for FFXIV discussion than some of the threads currently cluttered with it.
  15. FundinStrongarm


    Yes, that horse is pretty bad.