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  1. Congress needs to take back its authority. Way too much power has been ceded to the executive branch. And, it WAS wrong when Obama did it. Rule by decree is not good, no matter the party. One needs to win the political argument and gather the votes required to enact policy. If you can't, then tough. Senate control has nothing to do with the Electoral College (not to mention that under Obama, the House was also Republican for 6 of his 8 years). Pinning that on McConnell ain't gonna wash, sorry.
  2. Ugh. Congress has ceded so much power to the executive branch already. That's why the president can issue executive orders and change things all over the place. It wasn't right when Obama did it, nor Trump, nor Biden. Congress needs to take back its authority.
  3. No mandate for that, imo. I'm opposed to those ideas AND opposed to bailing out banks and business sector. And I think social security has been a ponzi scheme from the get go.
  4. First of all, the margin of victory in the popular vote is (so far) less than 3%. While Biden did get over 50%, which is good, it wasn't like when Obama won in 2008, which was by 7%. Also, the Senate stayed Republican and the House lost some Democrats (though they still have majority). Many leftist causes lost on the proposition ballots in States. A strong mandate would be to have flipped the Senate and gain seats in the House. Biden ran in the primaries as a moderate, beating the likes of Sanders and Warren. He doesn't have a mandate for sweeping changes, imo.
  5. The Republican Senate is the perfect smokescreen Biden can use to keep out the farther left members that some of his party will want in the Cabinet. He can point the finger at McConnell and say he won't let me appoint [far left hopeful], all the while keeping his centrist approach. And let's NOT have the asinine approach Trump had and interim appoint everyone. Trump still hasn't appointed several people at all, let alone the interim/recess people he has now. His campaign basically turned off Twitter, knowing that the cancel culture crowd is not representative of broader America. Good for
  6. It was a good and necessary system for the formation of the US and serves the country still to this day. It means having a broad appeal to wide swaths of the country if you want to win. To seriously attempt to change it would cause a rethink of belonging to the whole, imo. Indeed.
  7. I doubt that. Would be a bad thing then and a bad thing now.
  8. He won. But Senate stays Republican and Democrats lost some House seats (though they maintain a majority). Plenty voted for him but Republicans down-ticket. Not the strongest mandate. Overall good result, imo.
  9. Waaaay closer than I thought it would be. Some of the riots/court packing/intersectionality/leftist/socialist/defund police idiocy rubbed off on the Democrats, imo, causing people to stick with Trump even though he is vile. Looks like he increased minority vote share. End result, dickhead is out but no mandate for Biden. Not bad, imo.
  10. How badly is Trump going to lose? Is Texas in play? Florida?
  11. 64 bit client seems to have problems. I can only use 32 bit but my wife has no issues with 64. Strange. I hadn't heard about scaling issues. I wonder if that's for the new missions or other instances as well. New raid is fairly short. Tier 1 wasn't too hard but T2 looks to be harder to get through.
  12. Impeachment ain't gonna happen. Unlikely to even be constitutional after he's left office, or at least something that would wind it's way through the courts, dragging out the process. Why spend political capital on a has been loser. Threshold is pretty high as well to get conviction. Dems should hope he runs again, so they can beat him. Not sure who else they'd beat with Biden. Of course, Biden may not run in 4 years.
  13. When would this impeachment occur? In the 2 1/2 weeks between Congress sitting and the President stepping down? Ain't gonna happen.
  14. He can't plan more than two days ahead on anything. The past 4 years should tell you that. How many government posts STILL are unfilled at the end of his term? Secret machinations to leak Hicks info are totally beyond him. Everyone, including detractors, needs to realize he can't even play checkers let alone 3D chess. Seat of his pants every minute, every day, until the next shiny catches his attention.
  15. I love how people think he's faking it as person after person in his ever expanding inner circle report testing positive.
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