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  1. Rats, I could have waited 3 more months to start my 3-month subscription back up (after 5+ years of not playing) a few days ago. I missed the extension until end of August and thought it was still end of May. Will have to look into seeing what's available post-Helm's Deep to unlock. (Basically North Ithilien, Mordor, Dale-lands and beyond. Perhaps Gondor, though my toons will have long passed that by then.)
  2. Was handed over about 6 months ago, IMO. But he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper no doubt.
  3. I'd like to see a comparison between those "excess" deaths and deaths attributed to Covid-19 in each of those countries. For example, what is the "official" death count for Covid-19 in the UK? Edit: found it. Something like 38000 deaths from Covid-19 in UK. But excess deaths of 60000. This is why I'm very sceptical when someone says Covid-19 deaths are being overcounted. Sure, some of the excess deaths are due to suicide, cancer and other things caused by pandemic (over?-re-) action but not all of them.
  4. Many people want the President to act like an adult at least and not like a petty 15 year old - even if he used to be a celebrity/businessman.
  5. This is what I was wondering about as well.
  6. Not Covid-19. In the least.
  7. Interesting. A return to Republican representation since 1993 after brief Nov 2019 flip to Dems. I wouldn't read too much into this quite yet.
  8. Yeah. That's the proper takeaway. Nothing to do with Trump&Co downplaying this thing for 5 months.
  9. Trump losing older people I think, something he needs to have a remote chance.
  10. 'The Public Health Agency of Canada says COVID-19 outbreaks at long-term care homes are responsible for 82% of coronavirus-related deaths in Canada ... Those 60 years of age or older make up 36% of Canada's COVID-19 caseload, 67% of hospitalizations & 95% of deaths.'
  11. So, when you die of other things but Covid-19 speeds the process, is that not a Covid-19 death? Regardless, it (or some other force I'm open to listening to) is causing lots more death than is typical on a daily or weekly basis. Yes, not every last death is Covid-19 but there's lots more death than normal and I'm willing to go out on a limb and say much of that is because of Covid-19. YMMV. They overcount official numbers by own admission but undercount unofficial numbers because many many people aren't tested. How many have been tested? 1%? 5?
  12. The point, I think, is that they are very much likely undercounting Covid-19 deaths. They don't test the driver who gets killed in a crash so that's hardly the best example. But they don't test lots of other people who have died from other complications, especially at home, even though those complications are in all likelihood the result of Covid-19 making it that much harder to live. If you want to say Covid-19 doesn't kill anyone, that technically true. It just makes your body weaker to fight off things that do kill you, like pneumonia or heart disease or cancer or whatever. Just like the car crash doesn't kill you, it's the bleeding to death that makes your brain and heart stop functioning - or it's the rib that stabbed your heart that stopped it from working properly. While there is some likelihood that some of the extra deaths are from things only tangentially related or unrelated to Covid-19, there's no denying that there are extra deaths occurring. That's at least a step past "this is the normal flu" or "this is fake". I will give you that not every last extra death over the average is not a Covid-19 death. But when they say Covid-19 has killed 50000 people and there's 60000 more deaths than average, I'd prefer not to argue with those that say it is the normal flu or it's fake or, indeed, that they are overcounting Covid-19 deaths.
  13. Huh? If there's a 50-100% increase in deaths over a two month (or whatever) span, I'm fairly sure it can be chalked up to Covid-19. As for dying from something else, people die from their heart stopping. Covid-19 just makes your body that much weaker so other things can kill you. It's still a Covid-19 death. As for longer term, if you smooth it out over 100 years we'll all be dead. So much of the "oh, they would have died anyways" crowd, IMO. I'm open to hearing a different explanation for the increased deaths above average. They seem to coincide with Covid-19 death counts broadly.
  14. I like this kind of information. It is the best for quieting the "it's just the flu", "it's all fake" and "they are overcounting Covid-19 deaths by saying everyone is dying from it" crowds, IMO.
  15. Unlike 5 years ago, there's actual endgame raids and other instances so some people will stay. The reason my wife and I stopped playing back then was that after Helm's Deep we were left with Epic Battles...... and that's about it. Not our cup of tea. The Dol Amroth/Paths of the Dead Update was okay with a decent amount of stuff to do but Gondor Aflame added nothing so we kinda lost interest. It was too long a gap by the time Battle of the Pelenor Fields and a few instances started to get added. We were gone already.
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