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  1. Ah, that would explain the dragon pinata I came across whilst questing in the droughtlands. Tough little bugger but I got it open in the end. Now to see what to do with the glass beads
  2. Haha, someone else who remembers the Wi flag ... anyway, thread hijack over. back to the regular programming
  3. I remember Turbine struggling with landscape lag due to high numbers of players in one location back in the early days of Asheron's Call. There was a town called Rithwick which became a popular player trading location due to its location at the hub of several portals. Rather than fix the underlying problem Turbine destroyed the town during one of their monthly event updates. Players logging in at that location found themselves plummeting into a large crater. You'd think they would have learned their lesson after that, but nope, it appears they have retained the underlying engine and are still using it in LOTRO
  4. Well I've just finished my first session in Rift and got to level 8 with a DPS Rogue. At first I was distinctly unimpressed with the starter area although I was surprised to see so many players starting with me. Things picked up once I had completed the starter area and began the game proper. I finished up joining in a rift raid against level 15 mobs and only died twice The lore has been bettered by just about every RPG I've played but I will forgive it if the game holds up in other areas. At least the game is free and I'll not lose anything by giving it a go for a couple of weeks.
  5. Just got as far as the Rift patcher and I am already smiling. They have European servers which are updated on Thursdays at 2 a.m. GMT. None of this East Coast American nonsense causing patches during bank holiday Mondays.
  6. Wow, I post a quick message during my lunch break and come back to a LOT of great responses in the evening. Thank you all for your suggestions. Firstly a bit more about myself and what I am looking for. I am what you consider to be a mature player and one of the big attractions of LOTRO was the atypical MMO player it attracted, and the great in-game community that resulted. However, Turbine's squandering and mishandling of this treasure, as evidenced by TSK's post earlier this week, has taken the shine off the game to the extent that I rarely log on any more. Add to that the increasing grind, the dumbing down of the game mechanics and the lack of program stability, and I struggle to find any reason to continue. It just isn't fun any more and I am really disappointed that a game with such great potential has come to this. It's probably why I am here on this forum along with you all and not on some other generic MMO forum. I would love a LOTRO done properly but as that will not happen I am looking for a game with a reasonably mature community, or at least a decent guild within the game, and engaging game mechanics. I enjoy single player RPGs and picked up Skyrim a little while ago to put some fun back in my gaming, but being a hero all by myself wasn't the same as being in a persistent world with other players. I was thinking along the lines of LeafBlade's suggestion of sampling the F2P MMOs and I will install and try out Rift first Thanks again for your help. I'll be sticking around. The Sapience vs Community saga is too compelling to leave
  7. Hi folks, yet another disenchanted LOTRO refugee here considering a life beyond LOTRO. I've got a lvl 86 Hunter kicking his heels in Forlaw wondering what to do next because I just can't bring myself to buy HD. I've also got a lvl 65 Warden sitting around waiting for Turbine to stop messing about so that I can be bothered re-learning the class. I've stuck around so long because I've loved the IP. I'd sworn off MMOs because I had become too engrossed with playing Asheron's Call (from back when Turbine really was powered by its fans) but was tempted back because of the LOTR world and my previous experience of Turbine (oh how the mighty have fallen *sigh*). However, even for me the game has now become too unstable, laggy, grindy and, frankly, boring. I'm now looking for another MMO to invest some time in and I invite your suggestions. It needs to be casual player friendly because I do not have the luxury of spending every night playing. I am happy subbing if the game is worthy of the fee. I am also not too bothered if the game doesn't have cutting edge graphics. I prefer a game that rewards a bit of thought rather than just button mashing and has some semblance of background lore. Basically I just want to know what it is about the MMO you suggest that you like
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