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    Merry Christmas!

    /waves from afar Best wishes to all for the coming year!
  2. Thanks everyone! I answered my messages in the order received, and all codes have been claimed and sent out. Fortunately I was able to give something to everyone who made a request. I hope everyone enjoys their goodies, and to all of you I wish exciting adventures!
  3. Some mount codes have been claimed--the remaining ones are the cremello and perlino. Pets, titles, cosmetics, and last two horses are still available.
  4. Greetings all. I returned from a month in New Zealand for my wedding and ultimate LOTR geek honeymoon to an email with a bunch of codes for LOTRO goodies as a result of the Extra Life donation drive. The odd thing is that I didn't donate this year because, Sapience. I must have been on a list from previous years. Anyway, I don't know anyone who plays LOTRO anymore, and I can't access the OF to give these away (because, Sapience), so if anyone here still plays actively and wants things like horses and titles and cosmetic pets (OF says the pets have some bug that lets them be replicated indefinitely and because they're tradeable players are making thousands of gold off them because people are stupid, but I don't know if that's really true), then send me a PM. If you want everything, say so, or if you just want something specific (code list has titles, horses, cloaks, pets), I can send you the code you're looking for. I hope everyone is well. I don't really have anything to contribute here anymore, since a couple months without games made me realize that I don't get anything out of them anymore, given the state of them these days. You can occasionally catch me in Rift trying to put myself to sleep in the evenings or passing the time between job searches, until my son graduates and I can move in with my hubby across the continent, but otherwise I'm moving on to new adventures. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves wherever you may be!
  5. Not angry at all. In fact, don't really care enough to keep posting if everything I say is going to be attacked as anti-Turbine. I got enough of that on the OF. How many people have left here today? Add one more.
  6. What exactly do you mean by 'one of the mad ones'? That's exactly the personal sniping crap that makes me less and less interested in posting here. We used to be able to express our views without personal attacks, but that seems no longer to be the case. And on a side? I'm not on any side. I don't play the game anymore, so if it someday becomes as magical and thrilling as it was when I first experienced it, then that's a wonderful thing for those who are still there. If it dies tomorrow, I'd be sad for those who are still there having fun. People have every right to enjoy what they enjoy, and I don't have negative opinions of anyone who still likes to play LOTRO (just those who refuse to accept that there are people who have concerns and suggestions for improvement). My opinion is simply that I see no point in begging to rejoin a forum for a game that I no longer play and see as coming ever closer to its shutdown. I could be wrong about that latter point, and LOTRO could continue to thrive on until long after I'm dead and buried, but it's just my personal view. Honestly, I don't see any contradiction. LOTR has a fixed end point. LOTRO is getting ever closer to it (whether that is Mordor, Scouring, etc...it's still closer to the end than the beginning), so it is coming upon its conclusion. Could the game continue to develop new content after the end of the licensed story? Possibly, but I think that the reduction in resources over time makes that possibility somewhat unlikely. The layoffs lead me to believe that it's closer to maintenance mode than ever, and the road to Mordor will be rushed. Again, that's only my opinion and others have a right to think differently (and it's pretty stupid that I feel the need to say that after every sentence--it's just like the old OF).
  7. I have no intention of trying to document that a stalker who had been bothering me for a long time went to obsessive lengths to trace my posts on the OF to my posts here to 'prove' that I was somehow doing something bad by posting here. I'm the one who was being harassed, and when Turbine took the harasser's side, I lost interest in talking to them further. And I didn't say the game was done because of the layoffs. It's done because it's done. There is a fixed story timeline that has almost come to its natural conclusion, and a license end date looming in a couple years. The layoffs only point to fewer people to make the improvements that would be necessary to draw some departed players back to the game. It's going to limp along as best it can to try to get to Mordor, and then it will be over.
  8. Oh I just use Nymphonic because he's so obvious and silly. I haven't read a thread over there since I got banned (because I also haven't played since then so it's all kind of irrelevant), with the occasional exception of a post someone links here. But I'm aware that it gets much, much worse, and I've heard it's degenerated further since the Great Purge. And on an unrelated note to nobody in particular, I've been seriously pissed by the crap I've seen in this thread today. I've been quiet here lately, mostly because too many conversations turn from intelligent dialogue where I see a variety of perspectives and learn something (or fun threads that give me a good laugh) to a bunch of bickering old ladies who jump on the tiniest perceived slight that may or may not have been intended. Whatever happened to asking a simple question to clarify before jumping all over someone? And if someone likes what they see in the latest updates, who are we who don't play anymore to tell them they're wrong for enjoying content we haven't even seen? Are we really the kind of place that turns away anyone who doesn't hold the party line? I thought we were trying to create an alternative to that. I hope we aren't turning into a mirror version of the OF, where the white noise obliterates any attempt at real communication.
  9. That assumes people are allowed to come back. Many aren't. And of course they aren't banning people anymore. If they were to ban the last few people who speak up about concerns, the only threads left would be Nymphonic's daily "I freakin love this game" posts, and then they might as well close the OF--Nymph would continue his unpaid (?) advertising on Twitter or something. The usual suspects generate enough noise to bury any legitimate concerns or good ideas. And what would be the point of returning to the forums of a game that's almost done anyway? Sure, some people are enjoying the last update and want to see Mordor if that happens, and good for them, but it's pretty obvious from the scaling back of staffing that there aren't long-term plans to significantly grow or improve the game once that endpoint has been reached.
  10. Good article--thanks for the link. I got a good laugh from reading through the comments afterwards and finding this gem: "Just like any other mmorpg LOTRO is way, and I mean WAY too violent. lotro should have been purely roleplaying, completely different from other mmorpg's. If they had managed that, they would have been #1 game by now." I haven't had a good choke-on-my-coffee laugh like that since leaving the OF.
  11. That's exactly what I was thinking. Story is very important to my enjoyment of an MMO, and it was one of the main reasons my interest in LOTRO had been dwindling for a long time before I quit playing. Wildermore almost made me quit because the entire concept was just plain stupid and not Middle-earth appropriate. RoR was boring--every town had some kind of forced drama that almost always seemed out of touch with the culture and character of Rohan, and by the end of it I was so sick of running errands for those whiny, helpless, clueless people that I no longer cared whether Saruman's army destroyed them or not. And HD only made it worse.
  12. Isn't Elendilmir the server the Heydts play on? Did you notice anyone writing their chat in the form of a haiku and using a lot of completely irrelevant references to the Middle Ages and AC2 that didn't have anything to do with the conversation?
  13. Those people refuse to see the decline in player numbers, so they still think it's fine to tell a player to go away from 'their' game--it makes them feel exclusive and special. Their inability to have a rational discussion is maddening, so I wouldn't recommend trying. It's sad that they don't realize that they themselves are the ones who eliminated any sense of real community in the game by their exclusion of anyone who didn't stick to a Sapience-approved script instead of engaging with the diverse population and accepting that people may have different views of things.
  14. "Wait...you mean in order to see Shelob's Lair I have to FIGHT something??? No fair!"
  15. In other words, we see the final battle for the future of Middle-earth in some kind of town with some kind of fights and some kind of places to look at and probably some kind of rep factions to grind for. Inspiring.
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