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  1. I don't think it was WB but i think it was a management decision to launch it to get some better numbers to report for October with respect to login numbers and TP spent. I cannot imagine any of the dev team being happy about this from the EP down to QA. Someone somewhere mentioned that in last weeks twitch stream it was still mentioned as "being a while until release" or similar? I didnt see the stream and I cannot remember where I read that, does anyone know?
  2. Well if on release day right below the release noted you state in the known issues that it will crash in a certain area with certain settings then that just screams as being not ready for release. They know it crashes they know how to reproduce it they pretty sure know what causes it (using too much memory for a 32 bit process) but they still release it. I understand that fixing that might be tricky but still pushing it out must have been a pretty quick decision as such a bug (I guess it is not even a bug just how their engine works) should be a release blocker. If they dont know what it is and how to reproduce it and it is rather random I could see it as a non blocker. Well at least they were honest and put it right away into the known issues. Doing so is actually impressive.
  3. After the restart fest it was actually not bad except my hd performance trying to load all the different textures from people's outfits. I am not worried yet as clearly it improved a lot after the restarts so they do have an idea what buttons to push. I guess they didn't allocate a lot of resources for the server at first to properly get data where the breaking point is and to be able to extrapolate this and upscale it when necessary. The question is more how much they can upscale it. The balrogs were fun but I focused on the endless stairs which weren't endless. It was already night when I got to the top so I waited there with a couple others for screenshots at dawn. The top was somewhere above the northern barrow downs so you actually could just see fog. Moving a bit down you could then see the ground but it was too high to see all buildings of Bree with all graphic settings to max. The funny part is that I forgot to log off and was still logged in this morning so and was still on top of the stairs. Tried to go down but when the area changed the rest of the stairs had despawned and only my area was left with stairs. So I had to jump and made a couple screenies on the way down. Overall I hope that the test was a success for them and they have learned how to fine tune the new hardware. Castorix posted that about 7500 people logged in to bullroarer that day. Since the chat channels were off I wonder how much more lag that would have produced. Before the class first restart session there was a lot of spamming going on. How much that contributed to the lag I don't know but they shut them down after the restarts. People on the OF complaining about the giveaways and crying because of 100tp is a bit sad. Turbine should have clarified whether account or char login was the cutoff for entering the contest. But people.complaining about downloading the BR client to late or not being able to patch in time are pretty much themselves to blame. Logging in to BR was tough and took a few tries. But for 100TP I wouldn't make such an outcry as if they would be entitled to compensation. But I guess without the prizes they wouldn't have gotten 7500 logins.
  4. Well transfers off of snowbourne won't happen till the new servers are in place anyway, right? So unless having too many people makes the client lag - which I surely won't rule out - it does not matter right now whether snowbourne stays open or not for now. Generally I would think that 2 non rp English eu servers would be better. Grouping and pvmp is really not much fun right now with the skill lag if I can take brandy as a measure.
  5. Right now this is a problem. If the future servers hold what they (Turbine) promised at least performance wise it should not be a problem in the future. If the future hardware holds true then will it still be a problem? I mean besides the big difference in population on the EU servers. Of course there will be more naming clashes (although it would be funny to see xxXDeathLordXxx-1) and - maybe - housing problems although the latter I thought would be manageable with more neighborhoods on the better hardware. I guess client side it might be a performance problem no matter what the servers can actually handle.
  6. I think everyone agrees that the is not about names like xxdeathlordxx or ipwnu. But according to turbine there should not a Jack Johnny or Jim as you could easily add Daniels, Walker or Beam as surname. I think the trademark rule only applies so that they can be safe of legal repercussions or some large scale ad campaigns done with player names. If GMs apply the rules that strict then you could find a problem with pretty much every name. And I don't even want to go there what I think about people who think that Ardbeg is worthy of reporting because it disrupts their immersion or whatever else they pretend to have as a reason.
  7. No-no, this is so much more complicated as the sequence is randomized compared to the static festival script. Of course this makes it impossible to not break at one point. *nods frantically*
  8. As far as I remember class changes and housing crafting was not for U17 but planned one the next months. especially the class updates were planned to be like 1-2 per year but not necessarily starting with U17. Additionally Nymph must be so happy now with being able to disable combat music. Other than that I am curious what the update of the LI system means and how much more you will get out of a fully upgraded one compared to a fully upgraded not imbuedone and the costs in marks and meds to get there. Also I am surprised that they continued with the cosmetic weapon system and loosened the requirements a bit. I thought they would just let it be as they often do with things they introduce.
  9. This makes me wonder whether the login problems that were common even before they opened the transfers yesterday were related to people doing the tests for copies to Bullroarer. ("unrelated" yeah, sure, of course)
  10. I really doubt that there will be a lot of movement on the remaining servers. And if people move it is less likely to be people that are established on the server for a long time and have the nice names they want to keep since most nice and in demand names have been taken 5+ years ago so that these people are probably more attached to the current server and are less likely to move. Of course you could try to move you nice name toon from one to the other and then back to see if you can claim that name on another one as well however you still risk that someone else does the same and moves to your original server while you transferred away. (ok you could move and immediately create a placeholder on the original server). Also this only works if you have that name already on a remaining world. And if you have it on Brandy, there is no way back for now. If you are in the EU cluster, you have at most one server that has the same language as your current one to move to. On top of that you have the risk of the transfer not working properly and effing something up. While there are probably some that will do that I really really doubt that this is a big problem. It is much more of a problem for people from larger closing worlds that will transfer last as they really have a smaller chance of keeping their names. In the end it is a test run for Turbine and we all know they need a lot of these and in the end things will still not be smooth (as the last couple days showed the login servers seem to be on their last leg). And there are people on the OF who still scream about it all being unfair and want ALL servers to close at the same time and start transfers to new servers at the same time so that everyone has to move to make it fair for everyone. That would be fun to watch to see how the transfer tool wolud be able to handle thousands of transfers at the same time and probably lose data on the way. But it would be more fair...
  11. They did not open the US side yet due to 'unforeseen problems not related to the transfers'. They plan to open them today.
  12. so that is how they are covering up the promised sale of additional character slots. The more alts you have the bigger the saving...
  13. Well to be fair no one is forced to delete characters. You can either not transfer them or if you transfer them and do not have enough slots then you have to lock some out until you can/want to purchase more slots (or have them given for free, you never know). The only way this would not work is if you currently have more characters than the number of available servers times the maximum numberr of total slots per server. I don't know if they upped the limit already but they said something like a max of 42. While it sucks for people who have a lot of toons spread over a lot of servers there is no stealing as you purchased slots per server but never anywhere a guarantee of a minimum amount of servers. I am happy about the two more slots, less for me but for my kids as they - while premium - do not have that many slots overall yet so % wise they profit much more. I would have wanted a % increase anyway, like 1 additional slot per 5 slots an account already owns, or 1 additional for 3 owned for VIPs and 1 for 5 for Premium. But that was of course much more work than a blanket two slots for all VIPs and Premiums. I have like 90 toons spread on all servers, most of them just name and VIP downgrade perk holders that exist for years and are - besides a couple of sneak peak toons in the teens to check some servers - still in the intro. But it will be fun consolidating them all and - because of them having a lot of the same names - renaming them on their destination.
  14. Well to be fair they do not have the game running on the new servers yet. Playing mainly on Brandy I do not think opening it to transfers now is a good idea. Skill execution lag is still pretty high at times even if you just solo in an area where practically no one is. They said they might open it once they are on the new hardware but is is not a given. However shutting the free transfers between remaining worlds down in October so that you have to pay later on if you want to go to Brandy if it opens just makes me shake my head. Same as with them not being able to tell whether transfers to Brandy will open at all in the forseeable future for closing servers transfers.
  15. So why did Frelorn then talk about that the hardware could handle lotro with just two servers while it actually can't because the engine is something that belongs in a museum rather than on some new shiny server hardware? If Frelorn said the truth then having 10 servers is just because of making the transition easier and not having too many people transfer. This is not only to please remaining players but also to keep possible problems during the transfer down.
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