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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLSi-_gmeB0 You rock
  2. free speech it's a "GAY" antiquated ideal. now send in the clowns and learn to stfu peasants. Free spech is good only when I agree with what you say. otherwise DIE.
  3. Talk about being suck in the sap..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCyhRi2Fhls
  4. could this explain some of sapiences quick ill tempered bans? Was he just a bully exercising a power trip?
  5. sounds like a communist country? Venezuela? Cuba? Detroit?
  6. make sure you tell them how much you have enjoyed working there and how your coworkers and the management are the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Ask for 20% and 1 more week of vacation a year.
  7. you are wrong on this point. The Greeks were all about perfection in all aspects of the body and mind.
  8. Classical education: Man is inherently good and possess the "divine spark" or is of the "divine image" teaches virtue and wisdom. Says the world is logical and orderly and our senses can make this order known. -end result of the system a perfected well rounded man. Modern education: Man is an animal inherently evil. Because mans nature is this way he must be broken and trained. There is no underling point to the universe it is all the result of chaos. -end result of the system a specialist compartmentalized to do a specific job to follow and not question. -pigeon holes students as jock/nerd/emo..... Could right books on this but this is about #gamergate
  9. Just another conspiracy nothing to see here sheeple go about you biz. You could say TV shows and advertisements funded by some of these great companies planted the seed of the jock and the nerd post WWII. Then through institutions like the ford foundation and Carnegie foundation they shape public policy and actually write standards. here is an example http://www.inthepublicinterest.org/node/2747 People spend a lot of money to produce the product they want. FYI a diploma holding individual is a product and a commodity.
  10. there is a reason for this. It is to give the smart kids an inferiority complex so when they go work for IBM or GOOGLE or GE they will be obedient and stay instead of setting out on their own. Welcome to corporate America. It wasn't always like this here. You get what you pay for in education and we know who wants the people with the degrees. This is post WWII america.
  11. He should not of apologized to those vile people that was his mistake. Should have been defiant and they would have backed down and crawled back to the hole they crawled out of.
  12. Just read a local story about Harvard University. Asians are suing for discrimination. Apparently there is now affirmative action for white as well as black students. Grad school here i come.... I wonder how long till we see affirmative action for males on Campus. The numbers and trends suggest it is past time.
  13. wow watching that twitch steam and him going through the old forest. WoW does the game suck now vs 7 years ago. All it is is mindless walking and no playing. so glad i got to play it in beta and even at release when it was good. he looks board out of his mind playing this crap.
  14. "Heman" game? This was int he background of the stream. He sounds like he is sick of the pm's and emails from the forum cry babies lol.
  15. lotro to many chiefs not enough Indians......
  16. First off sorry to hear this. But, If this is traumatizing to you why did you stare us in this direction? If it was subconscious I am sorry. May be best to ignore page 21 and 22 and join us back on page 23 when it flows into something else.
  17. I think we need diversity in our prison system. I am all for quotas. We need to get female population up or the male population down or a combination of both until we reach equality. It is very clear from those numbers that the whole justice system needs to be reformed. If we need more laws focused on female crime go for it.
  18. Carmen Sandiego? your avatar looks like her silver hmmmmm. then you have mother brain from metroid ummmm Harley quin battman the sofia lady from bio shock there lots of examples if you care to look. but we need a new game with a Feminist as the antagonist. Maybe gamer gate will produce one for you.
  19. in the goonies video game and the move the main bad guy was a old woman. GlaDOS in portals was a women
  20. The sad part about the skill tree was the dev's that worked on it were unknowingly digging their own graves. They had no Idea they were implementing a system that allowed turbine to up level caps years in the future without putting in a significant amount of work into classes and balance. The managers knew about the cuts in advance an the dev's worked on in the dark. So said.
  21. mega man girl is my hero even though it was staged. true feminist @ work.....
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