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  1. The tone of your 'warning speech' has pretty much done that for you without his help.
  2. I think if they had to put the Mumaks in the raid where people who don't group can't get them unless they buy on the AH, it should have been the one where the baskets on them not the plain stampeders imo. I don't mind either way if fluff is in the raid but at least give people a way to barter them for a bit of grind without having to do the raid or play the AH game.. To me it wasn't clever, it was a pretty blatent money grab.
  3. I'm glad it's over to be honest. There was never a need for a PC at all.
  4. Vyvyanne Executive Producer Join Date Apr 2007 Posts 401 Thread here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?593024-Request-for-official-comment-Status-of-EU-servers&p=7515232#post7515232
  5. https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/letter-executive-producer Hello all! 2015 was a great year for LOTRO, and we hope you agree! We had many large beats to cover this year as we built out more of Gondor including the two great cities of Osgiliath and Minas Tirith. Additionally we took on major service upgrades including building a brand new store and consolidating our servers to a core ten worlds which are buzzing with activity these days. Unfortunately we also missed a beat this year with our plans to move into a brand new Datacenter. We wanted to have this new center launch by the end of this year, and while all of the hardware is up and ready to go. However, this upgrade in hardware also came with an upgrade in operating system from 32-bit to 64-bit. When we started load testing the new hardware, we learned that our chat system does not function properly on the new OS. As a result we have to architect a new solution for chat which will delay us into 2016. Updates to come as we work through the problem. Our story continues in 2016 with Riding with the Rohirrim to the Battle of Pelennor Fields and then taking the battle to the enemy as we push towards the Black Gates! It is going to be an exciting year to be sure. Major 2016 Initiatives: Level Cap increase to 105: Build on your heroism and power with 5 more levels of character advancement. Your Imbued Legendary Items will not need to be replaced, but will continue to grow and level with you. New Fellowship Challenges: The Battle of Pelennor Fields will contain a new instance cluster as well as a long awaited 12-man raid! New Collections: We will be adding UI elements to help you see and catalogue many of the items you can already find in game. Our first collection system will be around emotes. Ever wondered what emotes are available to you, what they look like or where you can get them? Now you will know! Quality of Life: Much like last year, we will continue to make quarterly patches that focus on bug fixing and general improvements to Quality of Life. Thank you for your continued commitment to this team and to our game. We look forward to seeing you in Middle-Earth as LOTRO enters its 9th year! Athena “Vvyvanne” Peters Executive Producer- Lord of the Rings Online
  6. Why not, the transfers have already renamed us several things Everswindle Snownightgileldar Withynight Eversnow EverEldar
  7. Example: Today 3 out of 4 loads I got this:
  8. Evernight is a disaster in too many aspects at the moment. Pvp is a zerg ridden, healfest slideshow where you can use a skill every 20 - 40 seconds if you survive the GV camp that long. Rip solo play. Multiple layers in so many places now that there is a 20 second lapse when you load to a new area where everyone is naked and the npcs are like union workers coming back from lunch breaks.. very slow. It's like waiting for the old dial up connections to load in a picture sometimes. Bank/Vault every third transaction is a general error or you've are going too fast, slow down, even if I only clicked one thing. World chat.. good fucking god. We need to get in the way back machine and make that go away.It's a troll fest and not even in any way, shape or form conducive for any positive aspect to the game. If I just joined this game and was assaulted from the second I logged in with that utter tripe, I'd log out and never ever come back. Not ever. Even more so if English wasn't my primary language, as most of them find themselves banished immediately from /world by the chat police in a monstrously rude manner into language specific internment camps and told to not ever come back. Freeze lag in instances and HUGE lag spikes where movement is impossible. Skill delay, slideshows.. impossible to even move for long periods of time. They turned a small, unassuming.. dead... server into this supermega, troll infested, wasteland that's now like having a vacation in hell. And the worst part is, there is no place for us to go except an RP server to escape it.
  9. Snowy isn't open for transfers at the moment so you can't leave. Which probably is just as good anyways because performance on Evernight is terrible at the moment. Forget about pv if more then 30 people are in an area. 20 second lag freezes in instances, group wide (it's not just me and my machine ty). General errors all over the places.. freeze lag in areas with more then 10 people.. reduced awareness in instances. Terrible. When you are able to transfer you will be able to do it from the client when you log in. There will be a button to transfer, then you'll make your choices based on whats there. There is a window of time where you won't be able to log in afaik, but you'll get an email saying you are good to go when it's done. IMO, you should SS everything in vaults, money, housing, wallet, gear etc just in case.
  10. The steed is nice but I believe they should have given it as the barter horse for MT and not thrown them into the festivals, Halloween one and Yule one. Not having the rep horse for barter is lame.
  11. Actually there are loads of new things on the store, a few examples... Ice sculptures and yule logs (that actually belong as yule festival rewards, imo, and not in the store) Crafting Stations for your house (495 tp each) Mobile suppliers for your house (495 tp) Skins for War Steeds Bundles for horses Stat tomes at lvl 13 and 14 (295 tp each) Ingredient Crates that let you get universal ingredient packs once a day for clicking it, (995 tp, two kinds being offered.. one for vip and one for non) a new cat pet
  12. Isn't the new server hardware the same as IC used? Or is it different? Anyone know? All I can remember is so many people complained of lag in IC and I'm wondering if these are the same servers?
  13. They already damaged performance. Lag everywhere, Ettens unplayable at certain points, Skill lag, Lag lag, Laggy vault, Laggy mail, Lag. they should have said.. we don't want to make it worse then the unplayable mess it is.
  14. The ribs and bread look great.. but I'm unsure about the green bean, carrot, olive .. thing.. that got vomited up on that other plate... Does anyone know if this bed will be a housing item? I kinda like it.
  15. Complete with the ability to buy TP with .. Subway Gift cards.. https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/new-store-coming-soon
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