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  1. This was an unfortunate sequence to be sure. Patch got put in but there were significant game breaking problems with certain skills, so it was rolled back the next day, and a new fixed version applied the day after. Patch downtimes are mostly listed as 2 hour outages, but are normally back much faster than that. As many have said, it's an amazingly fun game, higher on the difficulty scale than most and it is VERY much about adapt or fail. Repeatedly.
  2. http://roleplaydomain.com/facts-language-and-the-new-normal/ The weasel words are being made clear - and broadcast more widely. Any other 'outside' coverage of the shambles we're seeing on the OF?
  3. Yeah we have quite a number of LoTRO converts to TSW from our kinship. My TSW Cabal (Army of Tw0) is actively recruiting Illuminati, but cabal choice does depend a fair bit on play-style - and timezone. I also know of a number of good Dragon and Temp cabals if you are of that persuasion, or alternative Illuminati variants. Feel free to PM me here or hit me up in game - main character name there is Elal. And yes, I love TSW. I love that I die a lot. I love that there is actual challenge (at least until you outgear everything massively, but even then mechanics can and will get you). I love that it isn't cookie-cutter or 100% linear story. I would love it even more if there were more development resources and so more content, but you always consume faster than it can be produced.
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