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  1. I only came to this site to see if there was any update on the licensing - i had a vague memory of it expiring in 2017... I am holding on to hope that Turbine releases the rights, and another company can have a go.
  2. I quit the game about 3 seconds after learning that they would not be making any new end game content, or any real investment into this once awesome game. That was about 1 year ago now. To my surprise, the game still exists. The server I was on was already a ghost town when I left, so I can only imagine what it is like now. How is it possible that this shell of a game is still running? Did sacking that douche Sap and the Piaz (?) disasters right the ship, or just delay the inevitable? Anyways, kudos to Turdbine - would have bet my house that LOTRO would have been dead by now.
  3. The support USED to good. I remember having a problem, and spending 30 min + with a support guy trying to figure out an issue I had. That was 2010. Earlier this year when I was VIP I tried... Nothing.
  4. Deep brah. But, I concede, at the end of the day, he has to put a roof over his head and feed his family etc. He done what needed to be done, appeasing the faceless men behind the curtain pulling the strings. The guy is still a wanker of the highest degree... considering the obvious lack of talent, complete lack of skill and intelligence, and his deep love for all things "himself", even I will give him credit for doing as well as he has been able to achieve. Wankers of this calibre would normally get no more than a job flipping burgers, but some how this douche managed to suck his way to being a CM of one of the most adored IP's in on the planet. Even if he may have been shown the door, he has done better than the actual talented programmers that realised LOTR back in February, who were only let go due to the deplorable decisions made by the suits. Anyways, so long Suckience, you douche.
  5. Good news I guess. Maybe a year or three too late though. LOTRO is dead, partly thanks to Sapience, and I can't see the game coming back. Sapience was either pushed, or is simply fleeing a ship that he has helped sink. It's concerning that the tool is joining a charity - in some ways it would be best if he stayed where he was - you can't kill something twice after all. Destroying a game is one thing, but destroying a charity is something else entirely. I really hope he turns himself around for their sake.
  6. Well, maybe this means they will listen to the players and in 5 years time create a new raid?
  7. As far as shit that Sapience says, we have two gems in the one thread! Surely, he is just trolling right? There is nothing in that thread that is the truth. They fucked up with the direction of the game. Simple. They rolled the die, and lost. If they just admitted it, they would gain so much more respect. Any other gems that I may have missed?
  8. Can someone explain to me what this "shield dwarf thread fiasco" was about. Seems I missed it.
  9. I'm just wondering - do many actually care about LOTRO anymore? I beleive a lot of people were like myself in piling on critisism due to the poor direction that the game was heading - this was because we loved the game, and wanted to see the ship righted. Now - I have no hope that the game will improve, and its clear to me that its only a matter of time before the plug is pulled. The only interest I have in the game now is watching it sink. While that is slightly ammusing in an "I-told-you-so" kind of way, I otherwise have no feelings towards the game. I can't even get excited about seeing the new area's - the areas that I once couldn't wait to get to. Gondor, Mordor... and beyond. I just know that the quality of the content will feel lacking and shallow. The LOTRO (of a few years ago) is still my benchmark for other MMO's, and sadly I don't believe any are as good as LOTRO was at one stage. But for me, it is totally over.
  10. And done. Strangely, I'm not even sure why I was banned. I can't remember making any offensive comment or troll.
  11. Before I even open the launcher, I want to know if they have even fixed the Westemnet crafting icons.
  12. I have installed steam with lotro on my two PC's now. I only really log in though to see how many are in glff. The decline of the game is more interesting than the game itself at the moment.
  13. Do you actually have to play LOTRO to be on the player council? My main is sitting on the top of some ruins near Alburg. The only challenging end game I found was getting her up there. I have no desire to move her.
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