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  1. The first episode already online: http://www.tvstreaming.cc/watch.php?v=IOAMGpRilnI It's like 1.5 season cropped in the first episode O_0 Cheap dialogue, "plottwists", Evil familymember, not coöperating government, giant spaceprison. All the ingredients for a bad movie Also: I hope the music will be better too. Esecially near the end I can't help but feel it's a little generic.. With all that said: I'll probably try to follow it, because I can.
  2. Ha, the first few minutes indeed look like your typical romcom. Curious as to how it will turn out though. I mostly enjoy all these "superhero" / "antihero" shows. Following Flash, Arrow, DareDevil, Constantine among a few others at the moment. For the people who haven't seen the Flash yet but seen a bit of Arrow: I find the Flash coming into it's own a bit faster which I like. A rather slow start but the show unfolds way faster and I think more interesting than Arrow at the moment. (Ow timetravel is always good to make something seem complex/interesting not?) Now Daredevil, that show I really like. It just starts, BAM* you're in it. And thankfully it makes me almost forget the movie. Almost, Gasp* I am sure a few here if not, nearly all of you, have seen the movie Constantine. (I am not familiair with the comics sadly). There is a show about it too. I quite fancy that one. Check it out, The full 1st season is online. Any idea when the pilot for Supergirl will air?
  3. As a late response to the title: I don't like it! The best pvp-ers I have ever met played on Creepside. (not kidding, we/they play decent pvp games too still.) There wasn't ever much to work with. But they/we sure as hell were creative, being the underdogs And nice to read some insights from you Aylwen. Oh man, I have so much to say about pvmp, and the lack of dev-attention. But that ship has sailed, for many a year now, Into the West.. Those were great times, ah reminisce. Most of the times pvmping felt like this though: Safe travels all, Lalala*
  4. Agreed, it died for me many years ago even.. I might check out lego lotr some time, but no intention to play anything else related to it, and especially that Assasin's Creed Lotro rip-off! (I don't like Assasin's Creed at all actually..) I am still hoping some day in the future there will be a Lotro 2.0 brought by a different company than Turbine. (I guess my hope's of WB having anything to do with it aren't realistic..) Ah well, it's summer, vacation, in between moving to my own place finally (!) I am rereading The Lord Of The Rings
  5. Nerfy


    Pfff, hot yeah, it's about 33 Celsius last few days, at least! this morning it's alright for now.. I am a snowperson, I looove snow, and cold, don't mind the heat but still... Anyone wanna trade places? Or actually, let me know if some day, sometime, anybody wants to have a holiday in The Netherlands Then we can possibly stay in eachother's house ^^ Or just visit! I live in Eindhoven, the south, we even have an airfield ow yeah Lalala*
  6. I don't play anymore (maybe somewhere this vacation say hi to my fellow creeps) but when they "revamped" the Ettenmoors we laughed our asses off because they slapped a bridge on top of another bridge, just like that. That intern must feel so proud. I bet he put it on his resume Talking about reusing assets I am sure I have a screenshot somewhere but feel welcome to post one while I will dig.bows* Those pictures, great to see what they do with the game
  7. Hello Silirien, (and the rest) I am not sure if I have done that path but like others, would be willing to tag along. Bit rusty, haven't played in many months, but fun shall be had if you "need" me (And a lot of lalala's) Safe travels ps: I guess the best option to contact would be to reply here, or a message to me on this site, (add me on GW2: Nerfy.5934 I do not play though ) ha sounds like playdough pfff
  8. Wow, I expected to see information regarding the bid and the publishing and who would react, if there are any pressreleases from Wb/Turbine, how it will go with the books, some numbers. Anything. ha not all this ^. Anyway, Op keep us updated if you want, interesting to see what will happen. With "Howling Mad" Murdoch (A-team ftw!) Lalala*
  9. Hello Dakilven, A very eloquent post I do agree though, (the defiler was the best; they never made anything better, I may be biased) Lalala* safe travels, Nerfy
  10. Hello everybody, A new topic for all to plug guilds or whatever they are called I will be in Karn-Aanug -Black Speech for Red Dawn- (karn-aanug.com) A dead Creep tribe in Lotro, where I never was in but always with ^^ and a wvwvw-guild in Guildwars2. We also occasionally play other games like Planetside2, DayZ, Guns of Icarus to name a few. We'll be focusing on grouping/raiding in pve for dungeons and the rest, but mostly: AvA PVP: Coördinating, on voice, fighting others, taking keeps and things to help our side in AvA win the war. i.e. having fun, nomming, running away whilst screaming: WES ALL GONNA DIE! Daggerfall Covenant will be our faction. Feel free to check the site or ask me any questions. (The site and gaming community is being restructured at the moment.) Safe travels all, Lalala* Nerfy
  11. I am sure It has been said before but: let them fix all the current classes and everything else. Let them introduce a new creepclass first. Let them diaf. hehe harsh I know. On a serious note: I suspect it will be a captain-esque class for elves, hobbit, and possibly dwarves. With a lot of debuffs, moderate range, off heals. Not sure about what armour it would have, probably heavy, since rk/warden were light/medium. (Or indeed more zapzap, with uberdps, uberheals, ubereverything and over the top animations and flashy stuff to grab some more cash from the hundreds of thousands of new customers) Anyway, I cba arsed playing it, buying it, looking at it, as it will probably one or two-shot me anyway If I play at all
  12. Oooh, the amount of times I said the infamous "weapons that grow with you"- sentence and chuckled And still do from time to time ^^ Lalala*
  13. My r11 defiler gets blownup faster than you can say pewpew
  14. Also will try ESO at least for the 1st month, If I like it probably stay a bit. Mostly because of guildstuff to nom people in AVA. (karn-aanug.com) And: Lotro= free, gw2= free, planetside2= free, wot= free etc. np to sub for a bit, paid way too much over the years before p2w-lotro anyway so subbing for an even moderate game is no issue for me. Got an extra beta key I think If anybody needs one. Decided I won't be playing Beta after all but you can, points* Don't want to spoil stuff for myself ^^ Lalala*
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