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  1. Been trying to patch the update since 5.30 this evening and 6 hours later still not getting past connect.
  2. Extraordinary is the only word I could think of to surmise the last 9 pages I have read. Firstly like to offer my apologies to CM I was quite vocal regarding that entire F2P communication lockdown. Well well, I could suggest a number of ways to make this public, buying a single share in WB and waiting for the AGM would be one way. Although probably be laughed out of the meeting to be honest if broached publicly but it would offer inside information on Turbine, Directors, Executives and of course Executives of WB would be interested to hear such complaints. A mass petition to the Che
  3. Blister with a post count of 2 all in this thread causing some distribution, bewildered Lotro fan or Turbine fan/employee? Well done Halije I've said for years that Turbine and CM to the same extent were operating illegally only to be shouted down in old threads on CM. Send your letters, its not your fault that Turbine have been operating illegally, your just highlighting the facts. Nobody else can force them to break or follow the law so if anything comes about from this Turbine and player base have nobody else to blame other than Turbine themselves. This isnt their first mmo and they sh
  4. ^^ Hey all and Gz on your birthday Hiawatta
  5. Really hope its not a security breach as I am a PSN customer as well and have just changed all my passwords and cancelled CC's etc.
  6. Its quite clear Sapience doesnt play the game then ^^. Thanks for the great info
  7. Yep sure did know that Turbine created all the updates, hence why I believe I said CM were slow at releasing some updates because all they had to do was publish them.
  8. Discworld is a great idea
  9. Unfortunately no such thing as fair play in business, its cut throat and survival of the fittest. As we have seen from many a years of dealing with Turbine its a very unfair organisation, heck its why we are on this forum in the first place. On CM's behave I think you should be angry because they had a very close partnership with Turbine in dealing with Lotro and DDO, CM is a one of the largest publishers in the second biggest market in the world and is also owned by a publisher in India with access to the biggest market in the world. It makes utterly no sense other than greed. But really
  10. Favourite creatures hmmm. That actually is a hard question, I dont think I have a favourite creature but would probably be wights/gaunts as well especially around the Barrow-downs when you first played through it with the thick fog and low draw distance was very atmospheric and spooky.
  11. If we are using the same rules as CM shouldnt we copy and paste those in so everyone, understands that this is still a moderatored forum.
  12. ^^ No worries, you've just castrated a lot of peoples epeen's.
  13. No Turbine have the rights to Lotr and the appendix's til 2017, after that the game may cease to exist or be renamed as they no longer have the right to use the name. But considering the shrinking player base on Evernight, Lotro wont last till 2017 imo.
  14. That could well be the case PJ but it would have been easy to estimate the total number of potential customers from Lotr book sales over the last decade and the number of people who people who watched the films in the cinema/ DVD sales to gauge the market. But the game wouldnt have gotten off the ground if it hadnt passed the feasibilty test. I'd still wager on the side of limited cash to go all out and host it themselves.
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