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  1. Been trying to patch the update since 5.30 this evening and 6 hours later still not getting past connect.
  2. Extraordinary is the only word I could think of to surmise the last 9 pages I have read. Firstly like to offer my apologies to CM I was quite vocal regarding that entire F2P communication lockdown. Well well, I could suggest a number of ways to make this public, buying a single share in WB and waiting for the AGM would be one way. Although probably be laughed out of the meeting to be honest if broached publicly but it would offer inside information on Turbine, Directors, Executives and of course Executives of WB would be interested to hear such complaints. A mass petition to the Cheif Communication Officers if they have one http://www.warnerbros.com/main/help/customer_service.html. Get in contact with several high profile members of Youtube in the gaming community and ask them to highlight the topic, could also take a campaign of linking users who watch Lotro related youtube videos to this very site for the truth about Turbine. Anyone able to Blog yet on the Lotro forum? We could all simply follow the rules yet follow Montee's example of Lies of Isengard and link other users to this website? I am not technically savy but couldnt we start a freelance gamer blog type of magazine and promote it through an already established magazine for advertising rights? (not sure of the cost of capital for maintaining such a site). We as a community have a impressive history of gaming experience from Lotro being our first MMO all the way to UO players and beyond. Contact Blizzard or Codies or Bioware, who have clout in the industry and it would benefit them if such a story was to be published. I am sure Halije can come up with a way he seems to be quite a competent fellow and I'm rather glad to be a member of the EU if this is how many American companies operate in "free markets".
  3. Blister with a post count of 2 all in this thread causing some distribution, bewildered Lotro fan or Turbine fan/employee? Well done Halije I've said for years that Turbine and CM to the same extent were operating illegally only to be shouted down in old threads on CM. Send your letters, its not your fault that Turbine have been operating illegally, your just highlighting the facts. Nobody else can force them to break or follow the law so if anything comes about from this Turbine and player base have nobody else to blame other than Turbine themselves. This isnt their first mmo and they should fully well know the legal laws/system in the countries they sell in. Well done and Turbine should be held accountable for breaking the law regardless of whether we the player base would suffer because of it. Breaking the law is breaking the law at the end of the day and should be punished, you should also consider sending a letter to the comsumer ombudsman/watchdog if you have them in the UK so they can investigate and take legal action against Turbine.
  4. ^^ Hey all and Gz on your birthday Hiawatta
  5. Really hope its not a security breach as I am a PSN customer as well and have just changed all my passwords and cancelled CC's etc.
  6. Its quite clear Sapience doesnt play the game then ^^. Thanks for the great info
  7. Yep sure did know that Turbine created all the updates, hence why I believe I said CM were slow at releasing some updates because all they had to do was publish them.
  8. Discworld is a great idea
  9. Unfortunately no such thing as fair play in business, its cut throat and survival of the fittest. As we have seen from many a years of dealing with Turbine its a very unfair organisation, heck its why we are on this forum in the first place. On CM's behave I think you should be angry because they had a very close partnership with Turbine in dealing with Lotro and DDO, CM is a one of the largest publishers in the second biggest market in the world and is also owned by a publisher in India with access to the biggest market in the world. It makes utterly no sense other than greed. But really dont worry Turbine is a shockingly poor developer and the management of Lotro and the potential it has wasted would see any game without a licensed Lotro title fail. But really its not matter of when because we all know Turbine will fail, the only positive thing is that WB's wont hesitate one second before closing it down and Turbine will have its just reward for its current management style. CM nutured and created a great community and were a bit slow on updates but in hindsight it was a great service, with very friendly witty people. As people have said they did really care about the community as they offered as many services as possible to mirror Turbines, I'm sure many lesser publishers wouldnt have done so.
  10. Favourite creatures hmmm. That actually is a hard question, I dont think I have a favourite creature but would probably be wights/gaunts as well especially around the Barrow-downs when you first played through it with the thick fog and low draw distance was very atmospheric and spooky.
  11. If we are using the same rules as CM shouldnt we copy and paste those in so everyone, understands that this is still a moderatored forum.
  12. ^^ No worries, you've just castrated a lot of peoples epeen's.
  13. No Turbine have the rights to Lotr and the appendix's til 2017, after that the game may cease to exist or be renamed as they no longer have the right to use the name. But considering the shrinking player base on Evernight, Lotro wont last till 2017 imo.
  14. That could well be the case PJ but it would have been easy to estimate the total number of potential customers from Lotr book sales over the last decade and the number of people who people who watched the films in the cinema/ DVD sales to gauge the market. But the game wouldnt have gotten off the ground if it hadnt passed the feasibilty test. I'd still wager on the side of limited cash to go all out and host it themselves.
  15. Signatures are restricted to 10 lines, anyway of making that limitation any bigger?
  16. Yep very true Sil, but Turbine have gotten around the legal stuff now by hosting in the US so I'm kind of still wondering what was the problem in the first place of hosting all the servers in the US. I'm sure they could have gotten around the distribution with simply going to the large retailers and simply cutting out the middleman and saving money.
  17. Yea I'd probably agree with Rarrl on this and look at their commitment to PvP, I would suspect RP servers are on the same level of priority as PvP.
  18. I always like hearing other peoples opinions on topics, only if its nothing bad against PvP and how Lotro is really only a PvE game.
  19. Well it would appear Codies found they wont be hosting Lotro around the time of the marathon contract discussions that delayed the launch of F2P. Thus Faya was stopped in her tracks of reorganising the forums. I presume they knew the day might come but it didnt look like Turbine had the financial muscle to host its own servers before WB came along so I presume Codies believed they had the European market for themselves for the shelf life of the game. OT: Well Duke Nukem was considered vapourware and look what we got this year, its still up there for a reason is my guess. Codies, well, have a good track record for hosting Lotro and I presume they still offer server hosting for other presumably any kind of commercial companies. I'd say watch this space in regards to CM they would have been working furiously in the background to secure another MMO if its a large part of their income.Zeno like probably most of the staff will be on contracts and will be reassigned to other projects for the life of his contract and after that its up to the company and the individual, Zeno is a producer which is like a high end manager making sure everything is on time and budget so I am sure he will be assimilated into other areas of Codies with ease. N.B This is all my personal opinion, it is not fact, it is a series of assumptions and logic.
  20. Brilliant job! Very professional and slick, an absolute joy to use and to be free to post without fear of retribution from the evil empire of Turbine or Sapience
  21. As a casual PvE'r there is no way I would be able to complete the deed or acquire all the gear, I thought the removal of radiance was introduced to allow PuG's and casual raiders to acquire the gear? But clearly, this isnt the case with the enormous grind they implemented. As for Turbines work effort and performance I am pretty sure some amateur programmers could out perform them, although the world design is top notch but unfortunately thats all there is good about Turbine.
  22. I suppose nerdrage would have been an understatement to my feelings towards the announcement of the fact we are no longer getting a new PvP zone. I actually believed it but hey you know the saying about the dog who bites you twice, just glad I have lifetime account or else I truly would have left the game a long time ago. Turbine have the formula for turning lead to gold, but just cant be bothered.
  23. Rob Roy


    Couldnt sleep so I thought I'd pop over and sign up. Hey folks and thanks Muer, the forum looks awesome.
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