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  1. The mumak pets are different cosmetically. The one from the raid looks like the head-swiping mumaks that path all over the raid arena while the one from the store looks similar to the ones you fight.
  2. Ugh. This theme is too huge. It's almost like it's made for people with bad eyesight So much white space everywhere. Also, why is it that you get double spaces in the edited when you hit enter?
  3. They added a lot more crawlers into Trollshaws with its revamp. It's entirely possible if, and only if, you take your time doing stuff there. I just ran a hunter of mine through there and I got quite a few crawler kills. I wasn't trying to take my time though. It was all purely complete this quest, harvest lebethron, kill stuff that I see, move along. I completed all the quests except the spider/troll area because I was excited to get my LIs and do questing in Eregion at 45.
  4. It's nothing new. I discovered the uniqueness of items and how it breaks character copies even before Riders of Rohan beta. Probably around Great River time.
  5. While those events are nice, it's a complete letdown when the content becomes useless after you've run it a couple of times. (Like opening the Paths of the Dead and that other one from Book 14) Everyone was speculating there was going to be a 3 man instance that would open up with those. Such a complete letdown.
  6. Oh! I have another question Aylwen! I think I posted this during the Helm's Derp beta. They often ran contests during stress tests on Bullroarer where they say they would give out high end video cards as the grand prizes. I posted a thread on the Bullroarer forums asking if anyone had ever won one of these cards or if they had ever heard of anyone winning one. Only one person (an apologist who ran blocking for Sapience) piped up and said they won once but that person also would talk about things someone with a higher end video card wouldn't have a problem with. Do you have any idea
  7. Good memory! Update 3: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Patch_Notes_-_Update_3_Lost_Legends_of_Eriador#User_Interface
  8. Nah. 10 levels above yours and a very scrape the bottom of the barrel PUG did this one night because we were bored: Crap. Watching this video again made me all nostalgic for the RoI days. Sooo much fun raiding.
  9. Aylwen, Were you around when they removed the Fog of War from the map? What was the reasoning behind that? I absolutely LOVED the "danger" that made me feel when exploring new zones. It also tickled my exploration need. Exploration and danger are two of the things that need to be in an MMO. Also, I just want to say it's refreshing to actually see a (former) Turbine employee that actually played the game and enjoyed playing it. You have to believe in the world that you're creating and actually enjoy being there to make it something special.
  10. So just like normal LOTRO... (Mounted Combat)
  11. I know my neighborhood on Brandywine is a dead zone. I own 1 kin house and 1 deluxe house there and my friend/kinmate owns one deluxe house there. There's only like 2 other people in the neighborhood. It used to be completely packed. Sooo many people have stopped playing. So depressing.
  12. I think the exploit he was referencing was the Inspiration buff from book instances. People were figuring out ways to get it stuck on them I guess.
  13. I have two accounts. One is my main account which I used to have subbed as VIP. I cancelled VIP last year when Helm's Derp released. It's currently Premium and I have every expansion, raid, instance, skirmish, quest pack, etc.. When I looked on myaccount.turbine.com for this one yesterday, there was no address entered. The second account has always been "Free to Play" and I only subbed as VIP for one month to get the benefits for a couple of characters on it and it was during the free 2 weeks of VIP promo they ran at the end of the year last year. This account has a couple of expan
  14. They added more slots with the update. I think you can get up to 21 now.
  15. Ugh you're bringing up bad memories again. I remember a few of the names that really ran a blocking front for Turbine: bohbashum, furtim, Belnavar... there were more. And as for Crell, I think he may have some personal issues he's having to deal with. He's been off Twitter for a long time too. I think he ended up having to move and stuff but I am not certain.
  16. They're barterable with Skirmish Marks from the skirmish camp and you can get one at least as a quest reward from the Dead Marshes quest line. I have 4 characters at cap so I got 4 from that. I also have a few others from a coupon code. It would be nice if you can get them from chests too. I'm not sure if that's actually in or not.. haven't been playing as much lately due to the fact there isn't much to do right now at end game.
  17. Yup. It caused me to cancel my subscription. I still play but until they get off their asses and start fixing the damage that was done I won't give them any more money. I've even convinced someone recently to go free to play. He had never once let his subscription lapse since he started playing at the beginning of release. I take offense at those dismissing people who frequent the forums that don't ride the Turbine jockstrap as the small minority that doesn't have affect on much of anything. Perhaps those who pontificate as such should stop fucking around in so many other games and ac
  18. This is very true. The way I see it - hardcore forum users/readers would report the latest idiocy of Sapience on their kin forums. That then would be relayed to people who never read the official forums and then it would also be relayed to other people in game. Most of my Kin quit just a bit before Helm's Deep released due to people being so offended at Sapience's behavior, treatment of people who liked grouping/raiding and also the class trees. There were a few people who came back when Sapience left but still, damage has been done. I really hope Produktion Malphunction and Frelorn
  19. What Turbine should do is make T2C raids have the golden 5 slot essence armor and Supreme Essences coming from the chests. That way it makes it worthwhile to actually run T2/T2C. Maybe do something like this: Regular T2 Chest would have a good % chance for people to get either a Supreme Essence or a gold 5 slot armor piece. Challenge Chest would reward a single armor piece 100% of the time. Or maybe make it so it rewards 1 of each armor type (Light/Medium/Heavy) Maybe this would bring raiding groups back to doing things regularly. Right now everything is the wild west and peopl
  20. All in the spirit of Sapience. He'd be proud.
  21. Personally I think he's doing an OK job so far. There's hope... It would be nice if he would offer up a way to allow those who have been banned from the forums a way to communicate with him. Maybe I'll try my hand at a PM to him sometime (when I have the time) to see if he can offer a way for some appeals at heavy-handed actions that were previously taken.
  22. I'm just confused why people spend so much time complaining about such a useless little thing that's easy to work around. Spend more effort on more meaningful things. For example, this is like Turbine pulling some stupid suggestion out from the suggestions forum and focusing their attention on that. (Mannequins?)
  23. I just can't figure out why this is such a big issue for people? The devs are lazy or are busy with something else. Organize your bags/storage and be done with it. It's not like it's hard to keep track of the items. To me that is a completely trivial issue compared to crappy skill/trait trees, bad RNG/loot rewards and system, no new instances and raids, etc.
  24. Are you kidding me? That guy ruins every movie he's in. I absolutely hate his "acting". Not that this movie is supposed to be up there but who could ever think adding Billy Connolly to a movie is a good idea?
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