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  1. This was posted here, I found it very funny, even given the post re-release date of Wednesday. Sorry if repost. Just before the links SSG had my interest for a short time when they took over, I thought maybe things would be different. Now they have been in charge a while, I can see things are basically same shit different name. It's sad, as this was a chance to wipe the slate clean. I suspect the next year may be Interesting Times for SSG. And if the post above about an Ashes vendor dupe is true, well, no words. Source: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?656473-Mordor-delayed&p=7753790#post7753790 Video:
  2. The whole 10 year thing smacks of MoL. This is entirely my OWN opinion and experience of him, given some MANY years in alpha testing... many major updates get put up for testing or festivals, and I will quickly say "but, this just doesn't work, because XYZ" as an alpha tester I'll be told direct from MoL "We can't please everyone all the time..." A hippy kinda answer anyway. Even if I was constructive, and he will say that all the time. A polite way to say "this is what you're getting" And he ALWAYS replied on story driven elements, narratives, or episodic content. IE I asked him when he was online about stats and the essence system, he passed me on to another dev, basically he had no idea and couldn't care much less. That would be my guess to why a story driven part of the game is so fractured from what you need to experience it - MoL JUST does story. He's great at epics but ask him to build a toon to do the 10th anni, yeah good luck!
  3. Yeah as a couple replied I'm not here moaning because my PC cant run the game and I think LOTRO is at fault for MY performance issues..... I have a very very capable machine, CPU, memory, GPU, SSD, It is not my fault I log in and because of where I am in game, I CTD. Performance of the game is crap and it IS on LOTROs side - end of arguement. But moving on, I don't know if maybe I'm just older and don't want to go on massive gaming benders, or is it that LOTRO has moved to a game design that is just boring? Maybe a bit of both. I had an INCREDIBLY tight kin, we were a small family of about 20 players that REALLY knew each other, and even so one by one we walked away. I have test access so will see what Mordor looks like but if it's a shit mess like The Wastes with day 1 exploits and so on I wouldn't bet on SSG's new publisher just pulling it soon. It's embarrising, As for why we keep moaning about a game we don't play - for me I just find it hard to look at something that COULD have been awesome, and the mess ups are pretty shocking. I'd love for things to be better but both perfomance, and game design are getting worse. Grind and Lag Online should be the new name
  4. Interesting replies, it all sums up my own feelings and thoughts on the game. It's just sad to see things get so bad that even here we aren't motivated all that much to discuss a new update, it's kinda just "meh" at this point. I've been using these forums on and off since I guess Stangard / Rohan ish? Normally always an update would have some commentary, this was just noted for me at least as one of the first where no one had said much at all almost like it wasn't happening. Hope everyone is happy in other games or real world endeavours! lol Don't think I can look away totally from LOTRO, I must have a twisted mind, I wait for something new to hit BR have a look, shake my head, then wait for the live rage on the forums - it never fails. Maybe need to find myself some help I'll be found on street corners waiting for car crashes next.
  5. See all those caps in the title? This is serious right lol Let me explain. U20 just hit live, on these forums, as far as I am aware, no one has discussed it at all during beta. In fact this forum seems SUPER quiet like no one really gives a fig about LOTRO. No one commenting on release notes, performance, nothing. Have we all just moved on? I'm just keeping a toe dipped in for shits and giggles, I have the test client installed on my PC but nothing else, no intention of playing live. This forum just seems a bit like TOO QUIET.
  6. I feel I shouldn't have spat my dummy, but sometimes things I see REALLY get me going. This is not only clearly a focus on money making, but it's directed in the wrong way, IE most money, least effort. Is it easier to make another compelling instance cluster, or just rape people for housing.... which I will tell you is based on ISLANDS, so you will likely not get people seeing the house you've paid REAL money for. If this was in game gold, no worries, grind if you want, but people will be buying AND renting for real money. It's not right, honestly it isnt. I've 'hinted' at things on here before, but this is too far. I'm amazed I'm not banned the new EP clearly isn't checking this forum much or my IP blockers have confused the hell out of them Trust me this IS coming.
  7. If Turbine spent considerable dev time making new housing zones, with everything the housing update from a while ago was meant to have, but then asked you to pay a 'large' amount in Mithril to purchase and upkeep the property, what would be your initial reaction? I mean in the region of you could buy a AAA steam title for the purchase price of the house alone
  8. Hi! Yes, a lot of people posting here are mis-judged if they post on OF, in that they do love and want the game to be great, but they are so annoyed at bad decisions and lack of decent honest timely communication that they feel they can only vent honestly here, and not be flammed or banned. Some may even not play anymore, or very little, but they still have interest enough to want to know what is happening to the game for the sake of friends that still do play, even though it may not be right for them any longer. Wishlist: 1 - Regular open forum comms. Keep the players in the loop, EVEN if the news may not be great. I'd MUCH prefer a "hey, that idea we had, it isn't going so great..." rather than nothing, even after lots of people are asking for info. IE Server merger EU stuff, I personally asked over and over Vyv's INTENTION, not if it WOULD happen, INTENTION, to move to EU... no response. The lack of transparency when Vyv moved on to Batman, The license issue, though TBF I understand that legally that can't be discussed, but even so, you could as a company say you WANT to have the game running in 5 years etc. 2 - Equality on OF - sometimes it seems like popular "positive" pro LOTRO posters can get away with being mean towards "critical" LOTRO posters, who in the past could be banned just for being critical or negative, even without being rude! Please be forward and don't favour "positive" yet rude posters. 3 - Encourage Dev and EP involvement - as hard as it may be, try and get employees to post more frequently in forums. An example from the past, I can't recall what class it was, but that dev hardly ever came on the forums to answer queries. Lighten the load on yourself, and get everyone to chip in a little to let us know what they are up to, if they need suggestions, and so on, or even just to chat. 4 - Regular weekly / bi-weekly video blogs - Either like Frelorn's Thursday Fun, or Sapience' blog style. Just... not like either! lol These done well would not only inform the current player base, but would act as fantastic FREE advertising. Show off new systems, give away codes, do MORE Twitter contests where a lore question is asked and the first five to reply correctly get a neat code. Let's Plays by Devs MUST be done with HEART, we can't have someone sign on and instanly sigh, hunch back in the chair, and auto attack and wonder aimlessly..... it is depressing. TLDR; POSITIVE news, get people excited; if you can't do that weekly, you SHOULD be able to; ask why you CANT otherwise. 5 - Reliance on player streamers - I understand this works GREAT for you, free, no hassle, advertising! Please, do NOT rely on this too much. Players and the hardcore NEED Dev and Turbine leadership input directly to feel connected and FULLY involved, to rebuild TRUST. (see point 4) Those would be my top 5 without thinking too much, PURELY for the forums and community, not game dev/mechanics, just like you asked I'd like to say thanks for coming here too and saying Hi, that's a great step, shows you understand this forum has some voices to listen to which may have otherwise previously been ignored. All the best! Long term player, Beta, and maybe even other *cough* tester (edit - I went mad for it and came up with some more stuff, I hope it helps)
  9. Just in case anyone is interested, or cares, I did some digging of obvious names on LinkedIn, Twitter etc, such as Ryan Penk (Pinion), and Jeff Libby (Madeof Lions). Couldn't find any evidence that either had been canned. I started to click around the 'People also viewed' links to the right on LinkedIn, and came across Todd DeMelle, apparently the Art Director at Lotro. Anyway, what I find very interesting is that on his LinkedIn page he lists what we could assume to be the main team that worked on The Battle of Pellenor Fields: Lord of the Rings Online: The Battle of Pelennor Fields Starting April 2016 Team members: Todd DeMelle, Mark Lizotte, Evan Slaughter, Alexander Travis, Athena Peters, Ben Schneider, Chris Pierson, Leo Zelevinsky, Bill Champagne, Barbara Thompson, Andy Cataldo, Rebecca Burday, Ryan Penk, Tim Dwyer, Jeff Libby, Heather Cousineau, Darel Chastain, Kevin Nolan, Adam Zemany, Brian Ferullo, Keo Heng, Michael Taylor, Matthew Harw, Robert Bee, Matthew Kauffman, Ethan Akey, Julien Godard, Katharina Tebbe, Johnny Wood, Erika Ng, Sean Pelkey, Tim Gallus, Edwin Pun, Natasha Swift, Adele Fontana, Ssang Ho Hong, Dave Stoker, Tom DeFelice Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-demelle-4583371 From his LinkedIn page some of those names act as links to their pages. Otherwise you have a veritable feast of names to Google to see if they've been shit-canned. As stated, depends if anyone really cares! I just found the list of names interesting
  10. go to myaccount.turbine.com log in with your details as per logging into game, you should see a black box showing all you've unlocked content wise, mines something like this: _NAME_ VIP [Edit Nickname] PREMIUM Signup Date 11/21/2010 Game Version History Riders of Rohan™ Extra Character Slot Shadows of Angmar™ Trial Mines of Moria™ Standard Shared Storage Extra Character Slot Shadows of Angmar™ Guest Rise of Isengard™ Helm's Deep™ From that you should get every Expack you own listed. Then as above use store to see which quest packs are still being shown to buy. May be useless info but might help.
  11. Seen already myself..... didn't pose this on OF, but does it cost money to rent or whatever a phonenumber in US?? Like in UK if you want an 0800 or 0845 number AFAIK you have to pay for the service as a business, just thinking this could be the main reason they have dumped phone service? It doesn't look good, but as always they try and butter it up by improved online support - yeah, right - EG Few years back, I called them on Skype from UK, to pay for some expacks to be applied to my GFs account just AFTER her Bday, but paid in advance by myself, credit card details involved etc, can you imagine doing that in game? No, no you can't.
  12. That's my understanding of it, yes. If you set up 3 displays using just Windows display drivers, then when you make a game go full screen it most likely will display fullscreen on only the primary display, whereas Eyefinity sets up your main Windows display as one big monitor, even though physically they are 2 or three, or potentially more - I think Eyefinity can do up to 6 displays, 3x2. This made me lol! When I first got my AMD card I tested Eyefinity, just to see if I could get it up and running, with my main monitor, and an old one I had lying around. They were the same resolution (which, BTW, is essential to get it to work correctly), but the second monitor was a good few inches smaller. That added to the fact, as you say, the centre of the display was on the divide of the monitors, made for some interesting gameplay. I was very lucky afterwards I got two more 1080p 23 inch monitors from eBay to match my main, at just £40 each. Don't know why but the listings being crap, and end times meant I got two bargains, never looked back since. I highly recommend multi-monitor to anyone that plays MMOs, the extra space is to die for. Being able to play with centre screen totally free of clutter, and sidescreens for bags, quest logs, maps, more space for chat windows etc
  13. Yeah It can span multi-monitors. My rig has 3 1080p monitors, fed by an AMD card, using their Eyefinity technology... essentially it makes the main display span all monitors, instead of having an extended or duplicated display. I think Nvidia's equiv is called "Surround". Once you've got either eyefinity or surround setup, most games you run will pick up the main display res, say 5760x1080, you pick that in game from options and away you go. I'm not sure if it can be made to work from just windows display settings. Sorry I can't be more helpful!
  14. It will likely be renewed IMHO. Simply so the rights are in hand, rather than letting them go to competitors. Sadly LOTRO masses will see this as a sign of success, where in reality it is much more akin to "warehousing" web addresses back in the day. It's interesting to ponder just what JRR would make of all this. Lately with LOTRO I think he would certainly be saying, "this is taking the piss now" But hey, America, Profit, etc..... I have to mention that in the anniversay stream Vyv mentioned U18 as her fave moment - the polish of the build, watching her team come together to release a great update. Hmmmm. It was also sad to see prominent LOTRO streamers in the chat literally butt lick as things went along, assurance that these people stream from a frankly mindwashed state, everything is awesome!!! They are still repeating the same mistakes - concentrate on Epic Story, ignore loot pools or replay factor. Oh well. Edit for weird double post
  15. I suspect Turbine's team building exercises may look a bit like this:
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