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  1. A question for those who have tested the system: is there an advantage to imbuing a level 100 LI with the level 100 level cap? A question for the devs: if so, why?
  2. I know this is the PR, but it does sound pretty cool. I'm glad they are attempting to improve the loot rewards.
  3. Has a developer ever introduced a feature as a gesture of contempt toward the players? Maybe Turbine hired the guy who replaced the toolbar with the ribbon in Microsoft Office.
  4. I have commented about how baffling this is multiple times on the OF. As far as I know, there has never been a plausible explanation for why they designed the Beorning that way. For a dev team with limited resources to abandon a system designed to streamline design decisions by unifying the game's itemization system strikes me as insane. I don't get it.
  5. In the Massively OP podcast he said he got his captain to level 100. I can't seem to find the right episode where he mentioned it, so here's a good rant about the current endgame: http://massivelyop.net/2015/03/31/massively-op-podcast-episode-8/ from 2:50 to 4:50
  6. I started playing after free-to-play. The game minus the quest tracker sounds like it would be a much more engaging adventure. Can the feature be disabled? That might be pretty fun, assuming there still are quests that can be completed by following the quest text. Are there any other MMOs out right now that don't use a quest tracker?
  7. If they really wanted to change the Trollshaws and Misty Mountains while preserving the feeling of exploration and mystery, they should have revamped the quests in the zone so that there were fewer quests, but that required more thought. The simplest way to do this would be to disable the quest tracker on the map and the minimap in those zones, to make the player read the text and explore the zone to find the objective based on the quest text. Each quest could be harder but also give more experience as a reward. There are redundant zones for the Trollshaws and MM level ranges, so why not have different styles of quests in competing quest packs: Trollshaws and Misty Mountains for mystery and exploration and Evendim, Forochel, and Eregion for murderfest quick kill rampage questing?
  8. What makes you think he isn't trolling the Wildstar community already?
  9. To be fair, I think the reason they were deleting posts like mad during the holiday was because they were understaffed. It's easier to just delete anything that looks threatening rather than applying judicious moderation, which requires reading and thinking.
  10. A few years ago, in response to a question about Turbine's seemingly irrational decisions, someone theorized that WB was using LOTRO as a loss-leader to test various money-making schemes on a group of players. This theory was pooh-poohed. But I can't stop thinking about this theory when I see something like this minstrel situation. The class got a bunch of severe unannounced nerfs, and the community manager is apparently trolling the unhappy players, as though he were actively goading them into acting out. It smells like a marketing experiment, especially since only one class was apparently singled out for such treatment. Other recent decisions that fit into the loss-leader hypothesis: cosmetic pet grinds, creating new systems and abandoning subsequent development on those systems, announcing Beornings starting at level 50 and changing their minds, and catapults in PvMP.
  11. Valkrist is a good egg. She likes group content. She's just exploring the implications of Sapience's unintuitive statistics, while giving them the benefit of the doubt. I should think that anyone reading her piece would conclude that its conclusions are unreasonable, and therefore conclude that the premises are flawed. Sometimes you don't need to spell everything out. Also, this protects the author from accusations of trolling or arguing in bad faith.
  12. I don't think any developer could design compelling group content with the game's current class/skill/trait system.
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