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  1. Urwendil

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Not only is that a shameless insult to the source material, it's an almost transparent rip-off from them SoM/SoW thingies (as far as I can remember their story from a fanboy's chat last year, which I couldn't mute :p ).
  2. Urwendil

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    Couldn't have said better myself.
  3. Urwendil

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    You're right. Amazon's is the first successful deal with the Estate. Other, not fruitful attempts were made before though, AFAIK.
  4. Urwendil

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    The first few posts of cheering and jeering for the beardless dwarf bullshit on the OF turned my stomach and I closed the tab right away. Once again I'm really happy to have finally walked away for good.
  5. Urwendil

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Selling gamble-to-win to spoiled pubers and kites to the pie crowd 🙄
  6. Urwendil

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    The only reason I've been keeping logging on every couple months since I quit. As for the 64 bit client I've noticed virtually no performance increase whatsoever. I paid maintenance on Landy (gonna do on Crick but need to ask fr some gold from kinnies apparently), rode to Ost Guruth for old times' sake, parked back and quit (with the usual memory leak, force shutting down the new client process as I ever did the old one). Been playing AC Unity (had been free for a week after the Notre Dame fire) and Witcher (too late!) when I get a chance. Made me realize how much I missed SP gaming since LOTRO gradually grew to be by sole game (with fleeting exceptions of M&B WB and EB2 for M2TW) through the years. I semi-accidentally joined a 4-man run in AC and it felt like the stale Sammy spam-runs a few years ago. Not again. The latest added region is the first one I've not been to in the entire world of LOTRO. Next ones -if any- will pile up unvisited too. Took a peek at the OF and saw that they've begun to bullshit in earnest story-wise fucking up the lore beyond repair on their way as well (Radagast being responsible for Beornings and other shapeshifters, who had never been shapeshfters to begin with...) Hopeless attempt at catering to X-Men fans maybe? Shame on me for being a MoL fanboi for so many years.
  7. Urwendil

    Wow Sapience did a real job on me

    Were he an Old English king, we could name him Frelorn the Indifferent.
  8. Urwendil

    Wow Sapience did a real job on me

  9. Urwendil

    Spotted a bargain - post here

    Thanks 👍🏽
  10. Urwendil

    Spotted a bargain - post here

    Obduction free at GOG for some 40 hours: https://www.gog.com/#giveaway I can swear there was a thread about such deals somewhere hereabouts...
  11. Urwendil

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    Yet no level of garbagery could prepare us for the level of utter incompetence and flippancy demonstrated in the final one. In a world where competence and work ethics mattered a bit, those two would be blacklisted for life, while in ours they already landed their next biggie...
  12. Urwendil

    Be Virtuous!

    Blessed was the day I walked out of this wreck.
  13. Urwendil

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    My own sentiment well summarized.
  14. Urwendil

    Assassins Creed Unity for Free