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  1. Urwendil

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    Partly a new region, yes, but mostly just reskinned/retouched Mordor. That alone negates its merit to be sold at premium price. Yet people have been preordering...
  2. Urwendil

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    I used to regret not being aware of the game when lifer deals were out and not grabbing one (supposing I'd have allowance at the time); now I'm thankful I'm not one because I'm sure as hell I couldn't quit this pile of casino shit and even grab the crappy expansions with piled up points for sake of completeness :p
  3. Urwendil

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    They're banking on gamblers and big time whales, subbers and small time micro-buyers are irrelevant.
  4. Urwendil

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    From that thread: Or implies that people that buy it are beta testers. (Cakellene) * Nah, that was LOTRO up to and including Mordor; for this one the unfortunate lot who bought will be the alpha testers.
  5. Urwendil

    The way is shut

    LOL, well done! Missed that one 😹
  6. Urwendil

    The way is shut

    He's one disgusting little cockroach. Like one of them cockroach mother bosses in Moria. Ugly and slimy.
  7. Urwendil

    The way is shut

    With 4 knights (that I cared to count) in their defence, SSG have nothing to fear. My favourite so far is the one threatening the aggrieved customer with an account ban should they imply legal action.
  8. Urwendil

    Q&A (9/27/2019)

    Have they left after Ragadast creating Beornings alongside Gauredain insanity? Or the beardless dwarfs (purposefully not Dwarves) just released? Or the announced SoM/W ripoff Isildur's shade trope? No. Because to the majority of them Tolkienphilia amounts to crying "Pie!" and playing Metallica covers on a 3rd rate MIDI softsynth.
  9. Urwendil

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    Started playing in late 2011 and subbed within the week (RoI), bought all expansions available at that time (MoM, SoM, RoI) and afterwards (Rohan, HD, Mordor), kept sub till completing all landscape through Grey Mountains and ran many dailies/T1s. Then it snapped. I don't remember the exact moment. I unsubbed, parked Kibi at the Shire crafting hall and left. Never seen the region(s?) added thereafter. Never will see this one and I'm not going to buy it either with cash or TP. As long as gambling/pay-to-win and grind designed to facilitate it stays (that is, at least as long as this remains a Daybreak game) I will never return. So will I. A visit every 3 months or so suffices for me.
  10. Urwendil

    Are we being hit 600+ online

    Maybe a random averted DDOS attack?
  11. Urwendil

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Done 😸 https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675243-Dear-Devs-Suggestions
  12. Urwendil

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Bogus username tied to a throwaway email + VPN 😉
  13. Urwendil

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Should that happen, I once again bet my hypothetical gamble-to-win keys that he would farm this forum and permaban every active poster. (All of us that hasn't yet got the axe that is...)
  14. Urwendil

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Haha, I suspected it might be someone around here :D I can't keep names well (except Splay = sapienze), not even in real life :p Very happy to help. Parting ways with old Kibi has been the hardest bit before finally calling it off honestly. I've loved the Guardian and still do, even during the 18.2 blunder, and when I log in every few months to pay rent it's always with Kibi. I was really tempted to jump in for a second but decided to laugh my ass instead :D