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  1. And not to let it go amidst the forum closure discussion, happy birthday MueR 🎈
  2. Sad news yet not too surprising indeed. Been quite a latecomer but enjoyed my time here. Thanks MueR for keeping it up for so long and all others. Kibi /swordsalute
  3. This "Page 12" of the presentation (first link in Moderate Peril's post above) has an entry: "Daybreak acquires Turbine and Standing Stone Games..." hence my remark.
  4. Many of us have suspected that SSG was a subsidiary of DBG. What's revealing is that it turns out to be a subsidiary of another DBG subsidiary 😹 Turbine, apparently, was sold by WB to DBG, which explains their office, virtual servers and retaining the IP deals. I know nothing about this EG7. Are they a gaming meta-company or another "investor?"
  5. Skimmed through these two threads: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?683113-War-of-Three-Peaks-What-is-the-point-in-being-VIP https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?683093-New-Mini-Expansion-Pack-quot-War-of-the-Three-Peaks-quot-announced-normal-collector-s-and-ultimate-edition and realized once again that I hate certain kinds of idiots even more than shills. I understand the obsession/addiction angle; been there myself for too long. But the state of the game these past two years (as far as I can glimpse without first hand experience) is beyond any kind of justification.
  6. I retain my belief for several shills being either DBG employees in disguise or literally shills, as in being compensated with in-game gambling tokens etc. As for the rest, let them keep getting shat on; they deserve what they get.
  7. If this is not a confirmation of LOTRO being owned by DBG and SSG being a non entity, I don't know what is:
  8. DBG < Colombus Nova < Renovo < Putin I think -though naturally can't prove- that SSG is merely a front and somewhere in between WB is also somehow involved.
  9. Since before I left the game I've had a hunch that they may be feeding some shills not with real money but gambling keys or other perks of the kind. Besides, some employees might be posting under multiple aliases. (Not that there aren't enough stupid addicts to shill voluntarily and pay on top of it.) Call it a conspiracy theory but this person's -sort of- whistleblowing reminded me again: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682628-Im-so-happy-servers-are-unstable-!&p=8030563#post8030563
  10. Wait a sec... Is DMH Nymphonic? :o
  11. I grabbed it while it was on serious discount and am planning to play it sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.
  12. Whitelisted, although I've not been visiting nearly as often as I used to.
  13. Rebinging TNG myself. A couple years ago I did the whole thing (ToS, Animated, films, TNG, films, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise) spread through several months. I thought I would never get the chance again, though I occasionally put on the odd favourite episode or two. Now in this bleakest of all times it provides me with the necessary escape (together with my ongoing translation of Lucian's True Tales).
  14. Wouldn't that be a blessing for gaming in general now... I have serious doubts (though no proof whatsoever) about SSG as an independent entity beyond a DBG front with some kind of WB involvement. I suspect that, should DBG go down, SSG would practically cease to exist.
  15. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677131-Nominate-this-game-for-the-Steam-β€œLabour-of-Love”-award Shills are gonna shill and whales are gonna whale ??‍♂️ Indeed, I did follow the link and nominated Mount&Blade: Warband. At least something decent from my country (alongside women's volleyball ❀️).
  16. I know you read this forum Ballie, come over and join the throng already ? I honestly feel for some of those who remain, clinging to self validation, unable or unwilling to face and defeat custom and obsession; not least because I see my not too distant past self in them. It works in a curiously similar manner to addiction apparently: I brought in a close RL friend a couple years ago. Naturally he joined my kin and I helped him -briefly- with the ropes. Before long we were having fun together in the older areas and it took him not too many months to hit Central Gondor clearing every single quest, deed etc. in every region he passed. Then they fucked with the main stat contributions. His toon was a Cappy without an imbued shit, which, with already miserable base DPS, was rendered tedious down to the level of 18.2 Guard or maybe worse. Despite being enamored in the first day with the world building and quite a bit of the story (he never got to the fanboy level, being a writer himself and ever retaining a critical view) he unsubbed and uninstalled never to go back again. It took me nearly a year to follow suit after 7 years of custom and obsession. I still get a flinch to go back "just as a non-sub, to play only the earlier areas, promise my preciouss" but no sir! I have more of Master Gamgee in me that that ADDED: Noticed I forgot to make the point and got lost in the story which was meant to be an example for the point... My friend played only about a year, maybe a little more. When he saw he, as a customer, was being fucked with, he could immediately bite the bullet and call it quits. The more time we spent the deeper the addiction so it took me months to finally give up and many have yet to manage it. Hence the similarity to addiction.
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