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  1. I grabbed it while it was on serious discount and am planning to play it sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.
  2. Whitelisted, although I've not been visiting nearly as often as I used to.
  3. Rebinging TNG myself. A couple years ago I did the whole thing (ToS, Animated, films, TNG, films, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise) spread through several months. I thought I would never get the chance again, though I occasionally put on the odd favourite episode or two. Now in this bleakest of all times it provides me with the necessary escape (together with my ongoing translation of Lucian's True Tales).
  4. Heard about the free thing. Not playing it. It's over for me.
  5. Wouldn't that be a blessing for gaming in general now... I have serious doubts (though no proof whatsoever) about SSG as an independent entity beyond a DBG front with some kind of WB involvement. I suspect that, should DBG go down, SSG would practically cease to exist.
  6. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677131-Nominate-this-game-for-the-Steam-“Labour-of-Love”-award Shills are gonna shill and whales are gonna whale ??‍♂️ Indeed, I did follow the link and nominated Mount&Blade: Warband. At least something decent from my country (alongside women's volleyball ❤️).
  7. I know you read this forum Ballie, come over and join the throng already ? I honestly feel for some of those who remain, clinging to self validation, unable or unwilling to face and defeat custom and obsession; not least because I see my not too distant past self in them. It works in a curiously similar manner to addiction apparently: I brought in a close RL friend a couple years ago. Naturally he joined my kin and I helped him -briefly- with the ropes. Before long we were having fun together in the older areas and it took him not too many months to hit Central Gondor clearing every single quest, deed etc. in every region he passed. Then they fucked with the main stat contributions. His toon was a Cappy without an imbued shit, which, with already miserable base DPS, was rendered tedious down to the level of 18.2 Guard or maybe worse. Despite being enamored in the first day with the world building and quite a bit of the story (he never got to the fanboy level, being a writer himself and ever retaining a critical view) he unsubbed and uninstalled never to go back again. It took me nearly a year to follow suit after 7 years of custom and obsession. I still get a flinch to go back "just as a non-sub, to play only the earlier areas, promise my preciouss" but no sir! I have more of Master Gamgee in me that that ADDED: Noticed I forgot to make the point and got lost in the story which was meant to be an example for the point... My friend played only about a year, maybe a little more. When he saw he, as a customer, was being fucked with, he could immediately bite the bullet and call it quits. The more time we spent the deeper the addiction so it took me months to finally give up and many have yet to manage it. Hence the similarity to addiction.
  8. Ballie is on steroids :) https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676872-New-Lotro-Interview-articles-19-11-20&p=7974654#post7974654 https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676872-New-Lotro-Interview-articles-19-11-20&p=7974674#post7974674
  9. Among the semi-public faces I can count three: 1) Chris Pearson. World builder (and translator since Berephon was fired). Does his thing (building the world) and apparently doesn't give a shit about anything beyond. The last piece of LOTRO world I have (and will ever have) seen is the Grey Mountains region. Apart from his obsession with huge scale (professed in several streams/talks he appeared in) I believe he was doing a good job. (Have no idea about the most recent additions.) As for translations (invention of Neo-Sindarin, Neo-Khuzdul etc. names), if you have the eyes and ears of a philologist with some linguistic affinity (like yours truly), you can notice an overall drop in quality and artistry after Berephon's tenure but not too much a dramatical shift. So it can be said that he was doing all right on that regard as well. 2) MoL. Writer. I had always appreciated his work as a story creator, simultaneously maintaining that he was an awful quest designer. Again up to the point I played LOTRO I believe to be correct on my both assessments. As a lead content developer, who is likely supposed to audit and where necessary direct the work of his subordinates though, he dramatically failed the past few years (Re: Forlong and the kids chains in MT, the Radagst giving Beornings shape-shifting ability bullshit etc; none made by MoL himself -per his statements on the OF- but all happened during his watch). 3) Vastin. Systems. The state of the stat redesigns, class revamps and itemization speaks for itself. I remember the late Aylwen marking him out as one of the mediocre developers on the original team. Apparently that wasn't too unfair an evaluation.
  10. I loved my shields too. Different ones on the two Kibis on Landy and Crick :) And yes, getting over the clipping with either the cloak or gloves was troublesome. (Changed the gauntlets on Crick to fit the Orthanc shield.)
  11. As afterwards became the norm, it was nowhere to be found in any official documentation. Somebody noticed it, posted about it, the EP confirmed it. So many true QoL stuff as you mention have been missing. They added mass relic combination shortly before I left, for instance. I used quite a bit of my VIP TP on Wardrobe through the years. Always favoured nice quest/landscape drops from the older and better areas over the -mostly- crap they released exclusively as cosmetic. Your last sentence couldn't be truer. Cosmetic weapons anyone? They claimed for years that it was technically impossible. In Turbine/DB talk that means we can't be arsed enough to work it out. Though lately, from what I deduce from lurking on the OF, I suspect there's nobody left on board who is technically savy enough. Re: Floaty names bug and their claim of not being able to reproduce it.
  12. During the server merger when the new transfer mechanism was introduced Wardrobe was copied as opposed to moved. Unless they changed it afterwards, a common storage transfer won't empty the wardrobe on the source server, you'd need to do it manually. That tidbit aside, it's obvious the likes of the prime subject of this thread used the overflow as an exploit. They should have limited the free account storage transfer to being from closed servers only. Not that I care. The harder the gambling racketeers are exploited and robbed off potential revenue the more they deserve it.
  13. So it seems. Everyone who would give a shit has already left and the few that remain are, well, few.
  14. I'll try to keep in mind not to buy any Rockstar stuff.
  15. Partly a new region, yes, but mostly just reskinned/retouched Mordor. That alone negates its merit to be sold at premium price. Yet people have been preordering...
  16. I used to regret not being aware of the game when lifer deals were out and not grabbing one (supposing I'd have allowance at the time); now I'm thankful I'm not one because I'm sure as hell I couldn't quit this pile of casino shit and even grab the crappy expansions with piled up points for sake of completeness :p
  17. They're banking on gamblers and big time whales, subbers and small time micro-buyers are irrelevant.
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