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  1. Someone has to pay for their true love DDO, and that someone is Lotro players.
  2. It was total shit and done so poorly so they could rush out the "Black Book of Bore more." "Now that that fucking ring is destroyed we can make our own epic quest line and charge money for it!" Of course you wouldn't know it's shit due to the consortium of Cordovan fellators. News flash people, he's not a rock god, he's a snarky middle aged douche with a pony tail. Anyway, rant over, sorry forum dwellers.
  3. It's all about maximizing revenue with the least amount of work. They are probably subsidized by whales that spend 5 grand or more year on garbage.
  4. Amenhir

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    What does warframe have to do with lotro. Warframe is a shooter with a ton of action. Lotro is a tab targetting snoozefest in comparison. There isn't much of learning curve in Warframe. I managed to pick that up rather quickly. Then I stopped playing after about six months because grinding more components to make weapons and frames got really boring. Farming Akkad though sure is a ton of excitement. /s
  5. Amenhir

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    The game is too old and the attention span of the average player is too little. New players who might be attracted to the game due to the IP are not really interested in steep learning curves or bumps in difficulty. Consider that a lot of games that are being played are these mobile games that most people go through like toilet paper during a shit storm. They should have left well enough alone.
  6. Amenhir

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    Regardless of what anyone likes to claim, people love being OP. A lot of players switched to blue line and basically abandoned red or they decided to create a hunter because of all the hype about how stupidly broken the class became. Hours upon hours of creating the perfect LIs and then having to do it all over again because they destroyed their red ones or never made them in the first place is going to piss people off. As an employee of a company it's never a good idea to even slightly appear to be a dickbag to the players. Now, I loathe the new crop of hunters and I equally loathe the players that claim the game is too easy(duh)and that they want every class nerfed, all the while posting endless dick measuring screenshots and dps numbers. They're full of shit. They wanted it to go back to a time when they were the king shits. Frankly, this game is a pile of shit and should be destroyed. At this point anyone who spends any money or hours upon hours playing the game should have their head examined.
  7. Amenhir

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    Nah, not really. They can be blamed for a lot of stuff but people destroying their LIs because they don't feel it's needed isn't one of them. I hardly used red line or blue line on my champ, but I still had LIs, just in case.
  8. Amenhir

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    People are pissy because they abandoned their red LIs or got rid of them all together in favor of blue line. There are also the people that picked up hunter when they found out it was the fotm and now they're pissed they have to even bother with new LIs. That's not SSGs fault. I gave up on the game but out of morbid curiosity I keep relatively up to date on changes, or when they finally turn off the servers.
  9. Game studios are just like web developers. Take any website you frequent and pay attention to how many times they totally change the interface. Buttons aren't where they were, options are hidden under a sea of links and tabs. It's not because the changes were necessary, it's because it justifies their job. I don't know if the old trait system was sustainable but I do know that simply having to "add points" made it incredibly easy for them. I think that was the main motivation behind the change, because it certainly wasn't based on player feedback.
  10. I think they continue to make adjustments with the old trait system in mind. i hear the argument that RKs shouldn't be top tier dps because they can heal in red line. Sure I can spam prelude for those 100 morale a tick heals, if I'm running away. They removed the ability for classes to be flexible by limiting the potency or outright removing certain skills when you choose a particular trait line. I realize that hunters are pretty much dps only but that doesn't mean other classes shouldn't have viable dps when they have to give up all that utility to do so. Hunters and wardens are by far the most obnoxious players in the game. It's always "Buff me at the expense of others."
  11. They don't know what the fuck they're doing. I'm not even sure they ever did. The game is way too old to be trying to reinvent things. They should have pushed out content, made performance fixes, and allowed classes to continue on the same trajectory. People enjoy getting the most out of their toons. People love killing mobs with one shot. People that say otherwise are either lying to themselves or they're butt hurt that common plebs could put up good dps numbers.
  12. According to some on the forums red guard is out dpsing rks.
  13. I wonder if it's possible for a digital product to go fuck itself. Fuck Turbine/SSG for essentially creating class warfare and fuck hunters.
  14. Well of course he has a boss at Daybreak. You think WB simply handed over the mmo rights to SSG for free. Someone had to pony up the cash, however much that might have been. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Daybreak doesn't partially own SSG. The lack of transparency over how that deal went down is troubling. Why keep it a huge secret. The deal is done, what NDA or other legal reasons do they have to keep it a secret?