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  1. When listening to Trump give speeches or press briefings the only thing that comes to mind is "huh?" He's incoherent.
  2. Oh that's rich, that's hilarious! Trump is complaining about malicious attacks? LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a little bitch and hypocrite, no wonder you love him so much.
  3. He hasn't done anything.
  4. Whatever, shut the fuck up. You aren't that smart.
  5. You brag too much to be telling the truth. You are the only person in this thread about the US elections, and Trump, touting your "achievements." No wonder you like him. Stop being so insecure.
  6. For whom? What is the point of a good economy if only a handful of people get to enjoy the benefits?
  7. Perhaps he picked it up in one of those Stankuary cities he was talking about. Pelosi probably ripped up the speech to make it easier for her to wipe her ass with later.
  8. All testimony would have been moot because the jury conspired with the defense.
  9. Do you know how most games have an online presence and a forum? In every one of those forums, people like to point out the forum-goers make up a small percentage of the actual player base. That makes you the vocal minorities, vocal minority. Let's take a look at this thread. There have really only been about three people here who openly support Trump. From my understanding, two of the three aren't even American. One supporter abandoned the thread by like page three. Another person seemed to change their mind. Let's extrapolate that information, kind of like how polls operate. There are more people in the world and by virtue, the US, that think Trump is a totally corrupt buffoon. Personally I don't think you actually believe the crap you're spewing. I think your end-game is to irritate the most amount of people possible. That's kind of been your MO on this and the official forum for years. In order to accept that you do believe what you're saying, I would also have to assume that you're a complete and utter moron who lacks critical thinking skills. I'm more than happy believing that. So feel free to continue being a skin tag's skin tag. There will be no gift for you or Republicans in November. There have always been a lot more people that despise Trump, now there is a lot more. All those people that wanted to hear testimony from new witnesses, will be heard in November. I liked you a lot more when you were only inserting Final Fantasy XIV into every thread made, whether relevant or not. I think you should go back to being only a mildly irritating tape-worm instead of an all-out infestation of them. Have a nice day.
  10. Unless the Democrats put forth a candidate that is literally a brick, I don't think we can get anyone dumber than Trump. What will be really important is getting McConnell out of the majority seat.
  11. As I've said before, if Trump has won by some huge margin, then I would be concerned. He didn't. He lost the popular vote by a significant amount, and he only won the whole thing by a margin of 77k votes. I'm sure that in all this time since then he's pissed off at least 77k people. He won't pull the swing states this time around. That is unless he outright steals the election. Considering how tainted he's made the whole thing, he's going to be a lame-duck on day one. If he wins everyone will assume he cheated.
  12. I'm actually more optimistic about November than I was before the "trial." Every Republican that is up for reelection this year will be facing attack ads showing their complicity. The democratic candidates will not let Americans forget for the next 9 months.
  13. I prefer my politicians to fuck me in private. What Trump and the Republicans are doing at this very moment is like if your g/f cheated on you, admitted it, brought over a highlight reel of the fucking, and then downed a cup of the guys spunk in front of you. It's sad but we expect our politicians to be shady assholes. This is why the legislative branch has a 12% approval rating or some crap. The President is supposed to the one person who you kinda, sorta, believe might be rooting for you. This whole fiasco is going to bite them square on the ass in November. People were pissed when Nixon resigned because they felt he didn't get what was coming to him. Then Ford really pissed them off by giving him a pardon. Needless to say, Ford wasn't elected for his own term. My prediction is that there will be a reckoning at the ballot box. Democrats will retain the majority in the House and gain the Senate. Trump will not be reelected and there will be some really lovely indictments waiting for him when he leaves the WH. He won't be able to escape those.
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