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    Instances? Never!

    Eh.. I read that article as well and posted a response. The bottom line is money. Turbine doesn't have the money or WB doesn't want to invest the money in developing raids or group content. Not being a game developer myself I can imagine that it takes more resources and time then they wish to invest. I think the most glaring evidence at how little they actually plan on doing is by taking a look at the last 5 or so festival steeds. How many of them have been horses in a blanket. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to spot a palette swap. This is the laziest form of creating "new" content, and can be done in microsoft paint. From what I have seen playing the game, as I am in the bottom 10% who raid, is that raiders are typically vip, and that a significant portion of people I have met who don't raid are into fluff, and they have no problem dropping 50 or more dollars a month buying said fluff. The fluff is the cash cow. Steeds, cosmetics, pets, housing items, tp, mithril coins, emotes, etc and etc. Raiders are usually more self sufficient in how they get things. For example.. "I need 12 scrolls of empowerment, well I guess I better get a skraid together and grind another 12k marks and medallions" The "casual" player is the money sink and as Turbine is clearly losing it, they're going to follow the money. On a side note, if anyone watched the recent u14 preview stream, I would hazard a guess that those 6 dudes in that room comprise the majority of the dev team working on content.
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    Discuss the new Player Council

    Focus group is a good way to describe it. Although, stacking a focus group with people who are very vocal about their unending support of Turbine is kind of stacking the deck. It is almost as if being on the PC is a reward for unabashed hero worship. Hero worship may be too strong. Frickinmuck makes no sense to me as this person is only a paycheck away from actually working for Turbine. If they want complete and total approval of everything they may as well load of the PC with their parents. I'm sure 60 mothers would be more than adequate to stroke their egos.
  3. Amenhir

    Discuss the new Player Council

    The term council then is being used in the loosest way possible, in that it is a group of people summoned or convened. Obviously, this is entirely speculative on my part from what I have seen from Turbine in the past. Turbine says "Hey guys, we made this and we polished it up real nice, do you like it?" Community says "You know it's not really what we want, in fact here are some suggestions as to what we think would be better." Turbine says "That's nice, it's being added u10, enjoy the turd" Obviously they can't indulge every crazy idea that comes from the community, but when changes are implemented that effect the core game play, the community should at the very least be relatively on board or moderately satisfied.
  4. Amenhir

    Discuss the new Player Council

    The players "council" isn't really a council at all. It is certainly not a representative body of the community as a whole. Turbine has the palantir program and beta testing. The players council is just a group of selected individuals who, I am guessing, probably didn't have to actually apply for as it seems like a who's who of forum regulars, Turbine can show teasers to and perhaps invite them to Boston for a picnic. It is no different than any other business giving tours and sneak peaks. They will in no way make any real difference to the content Turbine has in the works or suggest anything that will shake up the increasingly boring grind that is Lotro. Those selected may very well be filled with fierce integrity and good intentions, but that won't mean much. Those are just my two cents, feel free to disagree with reckless abandon.