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  1. 12 hours ago, Doro said:

    This is likely the case, however that's not always a guarantee of comprehension. It's fairly easy to parrot something without actually taking in what's being said. It doesn't help that they're grown adults with opinions others are supposed to take seriously, either.

    If they're in the Capitol Building, you certainly don't want people aimlessly milling around.  The onus of comprehension is on the group, not the instructor.  Seems more like a cover yo ass scenario.  

  2. On 7/17/2019 at 12:08 AM, LasraelLarson said:


    well it is, "Current YEAR" after all.  and sights like these:

    are becoming all too common.  the world has become a predators oyster feast.

    whilst receiving this... education, they also get the bonus of student debt which they'll be paying off for the next 20 years...  or even their lifetimes.

    sometimes it seems the world is just a baseline stupid mill & production quotas are dialed up year after year.

    Did it ever occur to you that the instructor told them to repeat the instructions back to her to make sure they were listening and understood?  Heaven forbid the lady wishes to avoid having a crap ton of people come up to her without any idea of what they're doing.  No, it has to be brainless zombies.  That video is totally pointless.  There is absolutely no context.

    I suppose it would make you feel better if 80% of them told that woman to go fuck herself, and demand that she stop trying to control them.

  3. On 6/10/2019 at 10:48 PM, Macdui101 said:

    Oh this Grand Wizard of Freaks.  The dude who probably faps to pics of his toons.  The guy who was called out for creating an account, using a BoV, and then spinning these bullshit tales about the good old days of Lotro.  The guy looks like he spends a whole lot of time in a windowless van with bags of candy.

    On a side note.  I don't think Cordovan even knows what constitutes a troll.  Being an asshole does not make one an internet troll.  Getting other people to be assholes is what makes an internet troll.  Calling someone an ass kissing douche bag is not trolling someone.  Getting someone else to call you an ass kissing douche bag is trolling.

  4. 2 hours ago, Splay said:

    It'll be interesting to see which knucklehead draws the lucky straw and makes the suggestion. Once declared, I'll be reviewing their post history.

    I put my money on Pontin Fuckberry.

  5. On 5/25/2019 at 12:20 AM, Doro said:

    I'm going to take a gamble and say they will do. It's the classic tiptoe to the desired goal, so to make as little ripples as possible with such a huge mistake change. They'll have a Store option within a couple of months. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw in the old "we listened to the community (but secretly we always planned for this change)" and balanced the grind to match current levels, too.

    You know damn well that some knucklehead will request they add them to the store.  People did the same thing with trait points.  Then they'll have their "Due to player feedback" loophole to suckle upon.

  6. 9 hours ago, LasraelLarson said:

    proposed legislation...

    and Josh is Republican, so by default Dems will accuse some nefarious Russian plot and stonewall.

    this isn't the first time this has been bounced as potential new legislation.  & until the first precedent is set...  and just whom the litigation is against...  or the depth of their pockets...  very early to be counting the chickens on this one.

    nice if it happens, but we are still at the "IF" stage.

    You've got your wires crossed.  If it entails any kind of cooperate oversight or regulation, it's the republicans who will knock it down.  Dems would surely support something like this.

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  7. On 5/2/2019 at 5:56 PM, Macdui101 said:

    Someone said the Turbine domain was let go.


    And as funny as shit that it would be, please none of you buy it.

    WB Games Boston (formerly Turbine Inc, Turbine Entertainment Software, Second Nature, and originally CyberSpace, Inc.) 

  8. 11 hours ago, TheKickman said:

    No new stuff for Anniversary cause they had other obligations (from her notes).... I.E. We were to busy to care about our customers and own Anniversary as we find more ways to milk your wallet.  She is praising that on the main forums.  She has become so much more of an asslicker than any other forum poster at this time, and I know she comes here and lurks.  Guess what, no one cares because you are nothing more than a shitty player trying to find solace in the arms of a development team who could not give 2 shits about you.  Also, eat a fucking salad


    Anyways, yeah the more people stream the game, the more of a joke we see the game has become.  When their official streamers have zero idea on what they are doing as mentioned above and the CM can barely handle walking across the shire without the kiss ass army defending him well, that says a lot.



  9. Lotro streamers were downright dangerous for the game.  There have been a couple that made an effort to improve their play, but the level of outright wrong information being disseminated is why I completely stopped watching them.  You can only watch someone grind through a level 30 hobbit minstrel so many times.  There was zero attempt by any of them to grow the viewership as it's the same 20 or so people watching everyday that shit on anyone with a differing opinion.  God forbid you ask to see any end game or pvp content.  You bring that up and you'd think you just took a dump in someone's shoe.

    A typical interaction goes something like this.

    "Hey (insert streamer name), could you show me your build for raiding, I really want to get into raiding, but I'm not sure what I should be working on first?"

    Typical suck ass chimes in...

    "I don't care about raiding or pvp."

    The person asking the original question then says something to the effect of "I wasn't asking you."

    That is followed with "You've been timed out for (insert bullshit rule)"

    I'm not going to even touch what goes on during a Cord stream.  Some of those people could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

    PS, Mac your voice is epic.  I never thought I'd get to hear a Bond villain critique a Lotro streamer.

  10. Perhaps someone will start another gofundme campaign to buy a new car and house.  Lord knows they're the most deserving individuals on the planet.  If she were any more up Cord's ass she could tell him what he ate for breakfast.  She's also ban happy and shits on everyone that has any legitimate criticism.  Fuck me I'm a worthless pile of shit that contemplates cutting open a vein on the daily.  Maybe I should start streaming and get myself some self-esteem.  Fuck this game, and fuck anyone who still plays the damn thing.  it's not worth the hard drive space on a computer.

  11. 13 hours ago, psalm8818 said:

    Is anyone else bothered by the prospect that all these crooked billionaires get together once a week at a high-society "Eyes Wide Shut" orgy to gloat about how they get away with so much white collar crime?

    They do. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemian_Grove  There is also this one. https://guestofaguest.com/new-york/technology/billionaire-summer-camp-is-now-in-session-and-it-looks-hilarious

  12. On 3/15/2019 at 11:47 AM, Doro said:

    Cleared the Great Delving, did a slow run through the Silvertine Lodes, hit L54, solo'd the Forgotten Treasury with ease, and now I'm not really feeling it.

    The landscape content isn't designed to handle a whole fucking server running it at once. People are having to spend ages waiting around for mobs to spawn because everyone else is one-shotting them ASAP. Fucking kill 15 glowing worms that are no where to be found because hunters and minstrels are nuking them before they even finish spawning? Some quest givers are also escort missions, so you fuck everyone else over by taking the quest and having them walk off. It's really every man for himself, and I don't have the patience for that bollocks. The devs apparently gave Moria a quick once over before this update, but it's like they didn't even think about how shitty the design all is.

    Then there's instances. What reason is there to bother if they can be so easily solo'd? I'm guessing raids are just as easy for a group, and there's already plenty of L60s who just sat in the Mirobel instance and farmed the final room for XP. They rushed for the "server first" titles (which should be abolished, fuck that race), and are setting the precedent that 10 levels isn't enough to keep people interested for the next 4 months. Shit, it's not even been 4 days and I'm already getting put off with the LI system, AND the fucking skirmish soldier system they've chucked in at the same time.

    But we'll finally be able to quest together, weeeeee!.  It sucked when there were actual players and it sucks still.  No game ever conceived should create absolute hatred for other people.  The way MMOs work does exactly that.  Running around like an idiot for hours trying to kill 20 of something and then some a-hole comes along and kills them.  

  13. 30 minutes ago, Macdui101 said:

    The candles are to drop as you go through Moria so you don't get lost. SSG must think only a moron is going to fall for their LS scam so they need to provide additional help or peeps will never find Lothlorien. 

    Mind you it'll likely turn out to be the means of lagging out raid bosses as everyone in the raid drops candles and freezes the server.


    But please don't tell me every numpty with a few bucks is going to be /emoting "You shall not pass" from the back of their bloody hobby horse. Good Grief!



    Won't work very well since the candles only last a short time.  It would be like leaving bread crumbs behind you and having birds eat them after you leave.

  14. 1 hour ago, Jedy2 said:

    I don't know what you're talking about. This game runs flawlessly for me on ultra,  8GB RAM,  Intel 3 -4130,  GTX 1050 2GB.


    P.S. I had kinnies on highest, newest PCs, cursing and swearing, and unable to play. 

    I guess that makes sense.  Takes an outdated piece of shit to run an outdated piece of shit.  I did have an old kinmate who had some anecdotal evidence that Lotro ran better on his Windows 98 pc, than his new rig..  

  15. This is what I imagine happens when a new player loads up the game for the first time.

    New player has just logged off some other highly resource intensive AAA title that is 5 months old that plays flawlessly.

    "Hey, maybe I'll check out this Lotro.  I loved the movies and I have a friend who plays the game"

    Downloads and installs client........... 18 hours later.

    "Phew, that took a while, I guess it's because it's got a decades worth of content"

    Logs in to the server of choice for the first time

    "Holy crap this game runs like shit!"

    Furiously checks all of their settings and hardware to ensure that it isn't something on their end and logs back in

    "Damn, why does this game run so badly?"

    Sees random hobbit playing a lute to a captive audience right in front of the stable master and sends them a tell(they can't post to world chat)

    "Hey, I just started playing the game today.  Does it always run so badly, frame rates are terrible and the lag is horrendous"

    Random hobbit responds 

    "How dare thee besmirch the almighty Lotro.  This is a perfect digital representation of Middle Earth.  You should be grateful SSG has deigned to allow us this opportunity to play!"

    New player wanders off to find someone else to ask

    "Hey, I just started playing this game.  Does it always run so badly?  Frame rates are terrible and the lag is horrendous"

    Random player responds

    "I don't know what you're talking about.  This game runs flawlessly for me.  What are your pc specs?  Have you thought about upgrading to(insert way more power than is needed for a 10 yr old game)?"  Turn all the pretty stuff off and your settings to very low.  Problem solved"

    New player thinks for a moment

    "Fuck that, I'm not upgrading to(insert computer capable of creating life)in order to play this damn game"
    New players logs off, never to be seen or heard from again.

  16. 4 hours ago, Papi said:

    Google is your friend:  A foreign limited liability company is defined as an LLC which has been formed in one state but which is now carrying out business, or wishes to carry out business, in another state. This is in direct contrast to a domestic LLC, which is a company formed in the state in which it will be doing business.

    Yes which is why at the end of my post I said "unless foreign simply means not Massachusetts.  I didn't google what that meant because I don't give a shit.  

  17. 4 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    Google is your friend, are people too lazy to click to page 3 or 4 these days.



    The only individual named is:

    DAVID YOUSSEFI as the "Real Agent"


    Shows him as: 

    Vice President & General Counsel

    Daybreak Game Company LLC

    If anyone trusts LinkedIn enough to have a profile you can add some details, I don't.



    Edit: Or ask him yoursselfi :)

    Contact info: +1 858 239 0738 │dyoussefi@daybreakgames.com

    Also note that Standing Stone Games LLC appears as a Foreign LLC


    I'm sure Delaware would like to know that they're now a foreign country.  Unless foreign simply means not Massachusetts.

  18. 15 minutes ago, Darmokk said:

    Are they still trying to use datacenters in New England?

    I don't live there anymore, but traditionally you would not experience lack of excitement if you were having a farm there.

    The data center is in cordovan's ponytail.

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  19. 5 minutes ago, Doro said:

    I'd take a wild stab in the dark and say the sycophants that post that sort of shit don't just view LotRO as a game, but as the main "hobby" in their life. To us, it's just a minor laugh that we dip our toes into when we fuck with them, but to them it's actually a keystone to their sense of purpose. They've made the whole thing so important to them that they've developed a pseudo-Stockholm syndrome to the company behind it, and because it's important to them they think they're somehow important to the company in turn. In their mind, they've finally found a place where they belong and believe they matter, so they'll do and say whatever they can to protect that fragile position. They've got nothing else, and if I were a more empathetic cunt, I'd feel sorry for them. But I don't, the fucking losers.

    There is definitely some co-dependence going on.  "Please SSG let me know how Lotro is doing, so I know how I'm doing."  TTFN everybody,  I'll pop by in ten years when those last two millionaire whales give up and this rotting zombie of a game finally dies.

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  20. I hate it that people seem to think they're running some non-profit charity.  "Cord, we have a very pressing question being bandied about in chat here. We are dying to know how to send cookies to the data center team!" They're a business, trying to make money.  People don't owe them anything.  It's not like they're keeping Lotro or DDO alive out of the kindness of their hearts.  When it stops making money, they're going to shut it down.  Regardless of how sad players will be.

  21. 4 hours ago, psalm8818 said:

    "We remain on track and on schedule."


    Because 22 hours = 34 hours.


    What's that German word that describes a smug satisfaction at others' misfortune?  Scheittenfraud? :P

    Schadenfreude.  Nvm, I see what you did there.