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  1. Biden won the nomination because he was the safest choice. The other front runners were too progressive. Unfortunately, beating Trump is incredibly important and necessary. Democrats are pussies and prefer to keep it safe. That's why we'll never have a transformative President. They wanted to attract as many white suburbanites as they could and having some left wing "extremist" would have handed Trump the election. Biden isn't the best there is, he's the one that is most likely to return the country to some semblance of normal.
  2. So let me see if I have this correct. They're selling a quest pack which would normally cost LP or be free to vip and people are excited about it? Calling it a mini expansion is quite hilarious. If that's how this is going to go for them maybe I can sell my Yugo as a classic foreign exotic.
  3. Then why have a President in the first place? Obviously no court of law is going to convict Trump for homicide for lying and totally botching the covid response. At best he could be impeached again for dereliction of duty and gross negligence. That won't go anywhere either. What's truly sad is it won't sway is base in any way shape or form. They're so entrenched that Trump could kill their mother and shit in her mouth. They'd suggest he must have had a very good reason, it was meant as sarcasm, or it's to make "libs heads explode." Whatever gets them through the day.
  4. Amenhir

    New World

    The original product was going to be a griefer's wet dream. What they soon discovered was that a pvp-centric mmo is doomed to fail.
  5. This was the biggest joke. The forums were alight with all the cheers from the vips that they would finally be free of the unwashed, freeloading masses. Of course they shot themselves in the foot, because nothing draws trolls faster than "Hey we're finally going to be free of trolls!"
  6. That's because his die hard followers will see that and think "OMG! President Trump can see into the future!"
  7. It's "Keep America Great?" I thought the new slogan was "Make America great again, again."
  8. I'm sure there a people who get arrested and ask to be placed in the rapiest cell block. It takes all kinds.
  9. SSG hard at work figuring out the server issues.
  10. You've missed the new guy "hankenstein"(sp?)
  11. No that's that Vanyaraelliellelele or whatever person. The one that claims to have been around since alpha but got called out for it with proof that they valared their characters.
  12. I guess that's what happens when you're still using Aol dial-up as your isp.
  13. Oh no it's OBAMAGATE! I wonder if the people that told him about obamagate are the same "people" that tell him about all these great and tremendous things he's doing.
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