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  1. thank you I have already 2 people who wanna help me code for it. They say it would be quite easy to make. I still need more people and UI/2D artists, though.
  2. You are comparing a simple strategy game with a movie now? that's absurd. I still doubt they will shut it down. There are other fan movies about LOTR and they weren't shut down, this production probably did something special for it to being stopped. But i didn't come here to deal with party poopers and babies. I'm still seeking people who wants to help making this game. Try to stop changing subject.
  3. They closed down the MERP mod because it was for Skyrim, not because it was LOTR. Skyrim is a competitor compared to the games they have made, that's why they wanted to stop it, basically the mod would be better than their products and therefore it would be a loss for them. This however is like nothing they have made so far and no one is earning any money on it, therefore wouldn't they risk a single penny to sue me. It would basically cost them money to stop me. Also there is already a few free online games, and none of them got permission to make the game and nor have they been sued.
  4. Hello to those who might read this! So I'm making a new free online game about Middle Earth Many of you probably know the tabletop game "Axis & Allies" which is about WWII. so i kinda like the concept and since i love the geography of Middle Earth i thought it could be quite cool to have a Lord of the Rings version of the game. (yes i know there already exist LOTR risk... but it's bad, compared to axis and allies, in my opinion) anyway boardgames are kinda old-school and i found out you can play axis and allies online. So was thinking to make this game free and online as well. N
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