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  1. This is a post from the community manager on the content release cycle proposed for Classic: At BlizzCon 2018, we proposed a plan to give Classic four content phases. These were planned to be centered primarily on raid power progression. Currently, based on both your feedback and our own deliberations, we’re now planning to increase it to six phases. Our focus is still primarily on player power-progression, but we’re also aiming to capture what it felt like to play in a realm community in original WoW. To do that, we’re planning to mirror the approach taken by original WoW, wi
  2. Just wondering who here will be playing? For myself going to give it a shot as a horde shaman or warlock.
  3. For anyone interested in a return to Azeroth the following link has details on development: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/world-of-warcraft/22646759/restoring-history-creating-wow-classic-panel-recap
  4. Thanks, have had a look at some of these and some promising options.
  5. Thanks will look at Legends of Heroes Trails. Many moons ago i played and completed Phantasy Star II on the Mega Drive. Not really played any since. Mallorn will certainly consider those, console gaming maybe something i have to re-quaint with. I just find myself playing retro stuff on PC for the most part. Regarding MMOs, 2016 does not look like a promising year.
  6. I am seriously struggling to find some new games that capture my imagination in 2016. I must have overlooked something in reading some of the mainstream PC gaming websites and MMO sites. Can anyone suggest any new MMOs or single player games that are worth a look for this year? In MMOs I am looking for something that has challenging and interesting PVE content including group and raids, with PVP content to participate in. Not a great fan of persistent world PVP. I like to be able to do it when i feel like it, not having to watch my back all the time. This is the big elephant in the r
  7. You make some interesting points, I did play briefly at launch, one thing I did like about it which have not seen in other mmos is quests that actually make you think and are not obvious in solution. I may give it another try, although my limited playtime due to a full time job and nightschool does limit potential playtime.
  8. Congratz, this is a game I wish I had played more at launch.
  9. Bye, Bye Eldar. I wont be bothering to install the game to move my Lore-master. Last time i played talent trees did not exist, still dont know what audacity is and essence would just confuse me. For anyone who's interested before they disappear most of the bragging rights to first raid clearances belonged to Eldar and Elendilmir. Eldar - The Mellowship Kinship Elendmir - Preying Mantis Kinship
  10. Boat sailed on a quality game some years ago, the minute a company needs a focus group to tell it how to design a game you know somethings going wrong. May as well set up an innovation committee. i cant imagine this rubbish being done during the better years of the game. Nor it being a discussion point. The fact that this is the main point of discussion on LOTRO at the moment sort of sums up how low the game has sunk. But then who am I to comment, an ex-player who stopped playing in 2010 (when free to play began).
  11. Doros right, I played from launch until 2010 the Rift was a really fun 12 man raid, which remained relativley challenging at level 50. The phat loot from it was also rather good, and you knew which armour piece dropped off of which boss; gems were handed in to vendor for the armour. Helegrod by comparison required 24 people for Thorog, and he could be activated via three items (collected in earlier full runs which did not despawn on leaving the instance), making Helegrod more of a lair raid if you could not be fooked to do the other three bosses. The dragon was challenging but the reward (exce
  12. Laurinaohtar said this about Kickstarter in the Pillars of Eternity thread, and arguably the same could be said about the MassivleyOP Kickstarter fund. Once they have your money what does it matter about giving an objective opinion on an MMO. Rather its probably in there interests to secure paid endorsments from development companies going forward. I expect any article about the LOTRO sunset will offer a very rosy opinion of 10 years of success.
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