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  1. What??? really don't want to get involved in this nonsense, however that is a pitiful attempt at trying to claim a win (not that there is any "winning" in this whole shit shower of a thread ) even before psalm called you out in being a shill, I, and I strongly suspect many others, thought your constant referral to FF a bit much, don't agree with the shill accusation if I'm honest but it was getting ridiculous, you were mentioning FF in just about every post you made in an ever growing tenuous way, I personally thought it must have been some private joke you were having with someone,
  2. Well, not to bash on Tolkien in any way, but he did take a huge amount of inspiration from earlier sources in order to "create" his world, most of his mythology is taken directly from Norse mythology, Sauron is a direct representation of Odin, the universal structure that Tolkien uses is practically identical to the Norse Universe, in fact if you delve deeply into Norse mythology the similarities are huge, even down to the names of characters (especially the dwarves) being directly copied across. There are of course other texts that provided Tolkien with raw material to work with,(Beowulf bein
  3. ^^ exactly, I will bow to that comment, what I am doing with my nips, i'll leave to your imagination.
  4. Yeah I know what your saying, like I said in the other thread its not the playing that amuses me, its the constant posting for change and then playing anyway that makes me laugh, Brokk nailed it on that thread, just give it up already, if you wanna play in ME then crack on, but stop acting like your (general your, not aimed at you in the slightest) some sort of white knight championing the cause of the downtrodden player, your the problem, your the reason turbine pull this shit. Accept the fact, you will let them do whatever they want to you and you will take it and stop pretending like
  5. But they will still log in, At this point in dont blame turbine one bit, why spend money when the people left will play anyway? Tell them all is working ok and make out like this decision has just been made, everyone knows they are lying, but they will login anyway. Give it a few weeks and tell everyone that new raid isnt coming as well, doesnt matter, they will login anyway. Announce that mordor will costs x3 TP as all other zones and that all we can do with Sam and Frodo is a few short session plays as that is how best to tell the story, who cares if they dont like it, t
  6. It's not so much that they continue to play, if it's enjoyable to them then why the heck not play? What I find strange is the people who spend all that time on the OF complaining that turbine are not listening to them and giving then what they want, then log straight back into the game. Well why the fuck would they listen to you? Your giving them what they want anyway, they don't have to raise a finger, spend a penny or waste a single second on you, because you'll play anyway, and they know that. It would be fucking stupid for them to use up what little man power, finances and r
  7. I asked Bango that very question about a year ago, seems he is still waiting for that change to happen. I believe I saw a post of his on the OF recently where he said he wished that turbine would start making content again like Osgilliath and that open world group thing near Dol Amroth. Now I did that dol Amroth thing before I left around dead marshes time and I am saddened to hear someone say that is what they wish they could return to. But your right, people like Bango are just as big a problem as the "I'll always play no matter what they do" brigade, in fact worse, at least t
  8. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of how final fantasy's chaos data centre move went a few months back? they moved a whole data centre to Europe for the EU players, had about half a dozen servers on it I believe, I know they had about 3 days maintenance set aside for the whole thing but how did it run when it came back online? be good to compare. edit Papi read my mind, I saw he replied as I was typing my question, turns out it was exactly what I was after.
  9. Hehe day 4 and now it's emergency maintenance. that's like digging up the corpse to perform an emergency heart by-pass. I have pretty much no interest in lotro anymore, but I cannot stay away from this, it's truly captivating. I now wonder what the "win" would be for turbine here, no-one can seriously believe the game is ever going to perform anywhere near as well as the kept promising, so what are they aiming for? Same standard as before all this? The people who aren't happy to bugger off and leave the fanbois who will never complain about anything no matter how bad it gets to crack
  10. Yes far cry primal forgot about that. Your probably right about fallout 4 but I never played any fallouts before this one so its all new to me, but as I said would seem it could get dull quickly especially if it's a reskin.of a game you have already played. There is one other obscure thing I would like to see and would be interested in playing is the silmarillion mod for Rome total war which is back in progress after a quiet period, hopefully see that this year and looks very detailed and lore abiding.
  11. I'm looking at no mans sky for my kick back and relax game, not competitive, not taxing or intensive. My worry with that game is the hype/reality ratio, from my experience the more hype a game gets the more dissapointment it brings. MMOs look thin on the ground and certainly nothing new that will be groundbreaking in any way. Witcher is about the only game I look forward to new content coming for, maybe fallout 4 but I can see that getting tiresome very quickly. lotro isn't on my list at all, tried the other day to get back into it, lasted 20 mins, that's definitely a game I use
  12. 3000 people on server is cap???? and they said everyone on the game could fit on one server space. im waking up with a fuzzy head so I may be forgetting things, so if anyone can shed light on those numbers please do. edit may have been everyone could fit on 2 servers, even so 6000 players max then.
  13. Exactly, remember the Cliving Farm, or indeed all those farming exploits that kept coming out around RoR time? the blame from turbine and some members of the community was placed firmly in the players carrying out the exploits and farming, the system itself was broke and needing fixing but it was the people doing the deed got the blame, same situation here, the system is wrong and needs fixing but it's the people who know that and abuse it for their own gains that are to blame. Doesnt alter the fact that the easiest way to fix it is to change the system rather than try and convince each and
  14. I think in this case it was closed as it was discussing things currently on bull roarer, and officially the discussion should be on there rather than the live forums, personally I think that's moronic, surely the more people that discuss these things the better (I know, I know it's turbine). Anyway that's the only reason why I can see it being closed and if that is the case why not just say that as you close the thread?
  15. Will never believe anyone got all the SoA crawlers from just questing in the trollshaws, not a chance, the amount of quests that actually take you to where the crawlers where were minimal. The part with the ring like pool that housed all the crawlers was well out of the way, had I think 1 or 2 quests there (to kill one of the great worms) and no other quests took you anywhere near it, there was only two ways in to it as well. Yes you could drop in the exploring but you would then have to stay for hours circling that pool killing the crawlers for no other reason than to grind the deed,
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