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  1. i know i am a douche  and i am sorry to overreact about  the players but  it really bother me earlier

    i just needed to vent about it and see how other expereince are

    and it isnt everyone of course but the number of them seems to be bigger than months ago

  2. ive had this since 2011  quit assuming im new its very annoying   i took like a while break over 6 months and now the vibe is different yea so i switched server

    the real problem with trylwich is they derailed my thread by ignoring the message wanting to argue with people instead

    the point of the thread was not me asking for help


    i will repeat it one more time


    its not ok to derail my thread because trylwich  felt offended that i encountered toxic players on their beloved lotro

    thats the whole reason this arguing happens which i am done with

    its really  not cool that its ok for that person to derail my thread and people just critisize me because im not having that kind of shit go on   in my thread and is why i want it closed noone is contributing to it and instead they act like they didnt read it  and make it about what they want to insinuate about me

    its bullshit

  3. i didnt ask for help in my op

    but that doesnt matter right

    and instead of following my thread question i get basically ignored by lotro shill  and the thread goes their direction

    this thread could have been over and nothing like this would have happened so you should just close it next mod that comes in

  4. i dont really care it just amazes me how people act like that i just want to do normal things that the game has to offer without someone being weird on me

    and that person who just writes off this list of assumptions and everything is pretty much how the people i had in my experience are im not trying  to out anyone as being a douche and the "OF" i dont post on there and i have only a fewe posts here for a reason i do other things instead of arguing online with people i just want to know if anyone else had this experience and what i get is not cool  to me  i dont need help im not asking for help i moved servers and got over that problem 

    its not like it ruins the game for me completley  how people act i just wanted to know how common that is

  5. all of this assuming i need help and stuff was rude  

    the point of my thread is asking if  other people had same kind of experiences not to have some bitch demanding screenshots of something that happened  maybe a night or 2 ago is uncalled for

    i doubt that person really cares about playing the game judging their post count either just some vocal  forum member trying to instigate shit

    i said i had a bad experience and this rabid  fan defending lotro to the death and needs proof and cant beleiev people are just shitty

  6. Well. You give no information about rude in-game behavior so this whole thing is extremely generalized and one-sided. With the OF, it's easy to pick apart offending posts, but we got nothing (no evidence of what was rude---sorry, need screenshots): Are you looking for fellowships for all the SOLO quests, or are you looking for traditional instance play? Because it's possible that if you keep asking for help on solo quests (and they're quite easy what with gameplay being nerfed to oblivion), others in a given kinship without alts at that level expect people to be somewhat self-sufficient, hence linking a wiki. If you want to run group content, you have to find a kinship that actively participates in that content. Otherwise, you may actually be looking for a leveling partner and not a general kinship.

    you are rude too

    the kind of person i dont want to play with

    fuck off

    you obviously didnt read where i cant remember what exactly was said  and you demand screenshots


    oh and the webvsite they all try to make me join is some kinship website i want to play the game not deal with cunty people like you

    you also added nothing to my thread except your need for me to show you proof  of an experience i asked if anyone else experienced this 

    you are just like them really

  7. i dont remember exactly what was said but people  are  just very rude and noone wants to fellowship and if you join  kinship they are controlling/power trip people just telling me no unless i go on some website they send  too this shit is weird

  8. thanks for all the replies people  i had a good 2.5 years with lotro i am going to switch to wow an irl friend is going to sub with me i will not quit lotro though it is a fun game but it seems so empty at times lol

  9.  group play is discouraged, in fact anything group related is discouraged.


    ive noticed this when i came back the other day noone really  wants to do anything from what ive seen

    i have wow  a friend gave the cds to me up to cactaclysm i might sub for that when i can

    feel  kind of dumb for just buying the hd expansion for lotro now  but oh well lol


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