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  1. Hey there! I am SNy, and I used to play LotRO. Being a long time lurker over there and more recently here, I found that, after the latest developments, threads and comments, I just have to improve upon my original take on the "Turbine Dictionary of Contemporary English", with the initial version (still) being here. So, without much further ado, here comes a wall of text. Enjoy. --- Turbine Dictionary of Contemporary English v2, 2014-07-03, CopyLeft (L) SNy -- always [ˈɔːl.weɪz], adverb an indeterminate period of time that ends when Turbine sees fit; antonym: never (ref) used to denote facts that will never (refs) change (also ref foreseeable future) (quote) "The epic story will always be free to all players." answer [ˈɑːn.sər], noun a sequence of words (ref) supposedly intended as a reply to a question or issue, which it might or might not answer/address often worded (ref words) bluntly (ref blunt) and intentionally vague (ref honest) sometimes involves facts and/or data (refs) never ends with a period, because the CM is always calm, blunt and honest (refs) balance [ˈbæl.əns], noun or lack thereof, resulting from balancing issues (ref) and pertaining to a state where classes are under-/overpowered with respect to the environment (ie: mobs, ref challenge) and/or to other classes' capabilities (can apply to PvE as well as PvMP) balancing issue [ˈbæl.ənsɪŋ ˈɪʃ.uː], verb + noun, pl result of the... interesting... sequence of breaking existing (and possibly new) content/systems by the simultaneous implementation of unwise and/or incoherent changes (ref stat changes and skill bloat), poor scaling as well as class revamps (ref trait trees), a subsequent failure of internal QA (ref) to find, let alone correct, any of them, followed by not fixing and sometimes not even acknowledging them despite them being reported over and over in beta, releasing them to live, present annoyed players with blunt and honest answers (refs) and then leaving them broken for months on end with a few non-achieving attempts at fixes and more answers (refs) that might or might not hint at ongoing work to address them soon (ref) while hoping the players forget that one of the supposed key points for the necessity and appropriateness of switching to trait trees (ref) was to make balancing issues easier to resolve big battles [bɪɡ ˈbæt.l̩s], adjective + noun, pl formerly designated epic battles for the foreseeable future (ref) the be-all-end-all replacement of classic group content and raids (refs) characteristics are the utter irrelevance of class skills and the introduction of yet another new meta-game (ref) involving roles, ranks and promotions as well as lottery loot (ref loot mechanic) for rewards (ref) blunt [blʌnt], adjective rude, snarky, dismissive, condescending primarily in answers by the CM, often in conjunction with honest (refs) challenge [ˈtʃæl.ɪndʒ], noun or lack thereof, resulting from balancing issues (ref) due to a combination of stat changes (ref) and stat bloat, changes to core game mechanics (ref trait trees) and poor scaling Absense of challenge is evident from the possibility to solo (in the rest-of-the-world meaning of the word) on-level group content and even raids (refs). Members and self-appointed spokespersons (ref fact) of the silent majority (ref) sometimes try to refute this by pointing out that not everyone, and certainly not themselves, was capable of doing it, at which point there would be a characteristic *wooosh* sound to be heard in their vicinity, because the point that went right by them is that it is possible at all, when it clearly shouldn't be (and more importantly, hasn't been, in earlier incarnations of the game). One particular individual opted for the ridiculous notion that the linked videos of multi-minute fight with lots of mobs, action et al. might have been manipulated, basically calling them fabricated and misleading information (ref). character improvement [ˈkær.ɪk.tər ɪmˈpruːv.mənt], compound noun level up, re-grind equipment like legendary items (ref) and endure the frustrations of the lottery loot (ref loot mechanic) to then come to terms with a lack of end-game (ref) activities where said equipment (or even class skills, hello big battles (ref)) would be needed best supported by the convenience, not advantage, of the $tore CM, acronym Community Manager, a role description for a company representative responsible, among other things, for interaction and communication with the community Formerly held by a certain Mr. Heaton, AKA Sapience, who, for the great misfortune of game and community, appears to lack in certain social skills to do the designated job properly. He praises himself for giving blunt, honest answers (refs) and insists that it doesn't matter what you say but how you say it. What escapes him, though, is that this is a two-way street and ought to apply (doubly) for himself (again ref blunt, honest and answer). As can be constructed from above, he also has problems with the concept of respect, which is hard to earn, easily lost, and that, once lost, you can demand to be paid until you're blue in the face, at which point you're either getting ignored, or being poked fun at. This, then, appears to be the state he manouevered himself into. If you're wondering how he might have managed this feat, feel free to check out the authors personal highlights: what he had to say about messing with people's forum signatures and the impertinence with which he regarded forum complaints about the short login timer, after ignoring, for at least half a year, the glaring security hole that was their non-secured default forum/game login (including access to CC info, where appropriate). Funnily enough, after all the boo-hoo about not going to change a thing, this is him, later, burying the backpedal-post in a different thread. Then there's more along those lines, regarding the horrible new forum theme, where the advisable changes took such an astonishing amount of work that volunteers managed to make several much improved versions in mere hours and days after, investing a few hours, tops. No wonder they fall back to Twitter and that other site to broadcast essential information, seeing how they appear to have problems providing a decent, functional website for their own (and their customer's) needs. All of the examples above were from the aftermath of the overdue forum revamp in 2013. There are, of course, other remarks and incidents with other backgrounds, but they are simply too numerous to list here. cooperative game-play [kəʊˈɒp.ər.ə.tɪv ɡeɪm pleɪ], adjective + compound noun "grouping", short for "playing together in a group" (ie. more than one player, often at least three, but not to be confused with solo (ref)) to overcome some challenge and get rewards (ref) Something the silent majority (ref) of players has no interest in doing (ref fact and data) and which is, therefore, obsolete. On the landscape, fortunately for those players stating that LotRO isn't about grouping at all (ref fact), ~ has been made obsolete by inventing lottery loot (ref loot mechanic) so that by randomly whacking stuff others fight (for, say, a 1hp hit on a, say, 10M warband boss), the player in question gets the same rewards (ref) as said others. For group content (ref), it has been made obsolete and unnecessary by poor balancing (ref balancing issues) and the new levels of challenge (ref) whereby a group, should one even be necessary, can just DPS and be done with it. Why care for CC, aggro management, controlled DPS and positioning, anyway, when the skills for these features presumably had a major contribution to skill bloat (ref) and totally needed to go. Since, you know, player feedback suggested that full toolbars are just so very difficult to cope with (ref fact and data). data [ˈdeɪ.tə], noun mysterious, black-box-type collection of statistical and possibly other information pertaining to the game (servers) and/or its (their) operational parameters, presumably evaluated (ref data mining) to result in metrics and numbers that are then, void of any trace of their actual origin and applicability, presented as facts (ref) data mining [ˈdeɪ.tə ˈmaɪ.nɪŋ], compound verb process by which a large set of data (ref) is queried to deduce patterns and, ultimately, arrive at new information One often overlooked fact (in the rest-of-the-world meaning of the word) is that if the data (ref) isn't properly understood and/or the query is poor (the former facilitating the latter), the results are generally considered to be unusable and likely to answer everything but the intended question. At the same time, diagnosing the (in-)appropriateness of the query is a difficult and involved task. Now, given Turbine's track record (ref stat changes, meta-game, fix, performance problems and lag as well as loot mechanic), chances are that they have no idea how to formulate proper queries and end up with garbage information (ref fact and data). The constant use of blunt and honest answers by the CM (refs) in threads that touch on this topic is, if anything, reinforcing that impression. end-game [end ɡeɪm], compound noun content and activities for players to utilize and improve/hone the equipment/skills of their characters (ref character improvement) after those reached the level-cap for the foreseeable future (ref), this will be gimmicky grinds (ref meta-game) for solo (ref) players instead of meaningful, challenging group content and raids (refs) fact [fækt], noun a sequence of words (ref) claiming to be an assertion of something being true (or false), but without presenting the proof normally associated with such, and instead relying on a sufficient number of repetitions in answers by the CM (refs) and a rather static group of people claiming to speak for (ref ~) some silent majority (ref) to make it so often refers to data (ref) fabricated and misleading information [ˈfæb.rɪ.keɪted ænd ˌmɪsˈliː.dɪŋ ˌɪn.fəˈmeɪ.ʃən], verb + conjunction + adjective + noun label recently used by the CM (ref) for pieces of inofficial data or metrics pertaining to the state and/or development of the game as perceived by the vocal minority (ref) even when they cite their sources (eg. Turbine's own server login queue) or calculation methods and are easily cross-checkable against same (ref open and respectful discussion) fix [fɪks], noun a supposed improvement to issues (ref) with game mechanics or systems other than the $tore that more often than not fails to actually improve anything (ref balancing issues) or breaks completely unrelated other parts or systems of the game in the process (refer to Turbined), sometimes both at the same time in contrast to a hotfix (ref), a ~ will rarely arrive sooner than soon (ref) foreseeable future [fɔːˈsiː.ə.bl̩ ˈfjuː.tʃər], adjective + noun mostly used in negations, where it means: likely never (in the rest-of-the-world meaning of the word) (ref always and never) group content [ɡruːp kənˈtent], compound noun quests/instances that had originally been intended (and, prior to scaling them, used) for cooperative game-play (ref) in an environment designed to require the participation of and be challenging (ref challenge) for a group of players, but that can now be done solo (in the rest-of-the-world-meaning of the word) thanks to a complete lack of challenge due to balancing issues, stat changes (refs) with associated stat bloat as well as the introduction of trait trees (ref) honest [ˈɒn.ɪst], adjective vague, misleading, pretentious primarily in answers by the CM, often in conjunction with blunt (refs) hotfix [hɒtfɪks], noun correction for issues (ref) with the $tore or systems that get direct attention from the Turbine management (instead of just the customerspesky players) due to getting priority, these issues are addressed in record-time (as-in Turbine record-time which is roughly comparable to the time some other companies need to fix actual game issues) Hytbold [?], name of fictive city in Rohan interesting concept for giving players that prefer to solo comparable equipment to those that enjoyed grouping content. Implementation fell way short of its potential simply for being very poor (ref meta-game). A big part of it was a lack of built-in descriptions of all the hidden dependencies that basically called for a huge voluntary effort to document it for proper usage by Fredelas, and an excessive grind of daily repeatables for a straight 44 days to complete all of it. The latter actually penalized the target audience (which promptly managed to come up with some negativity of their own). On the other hand, the experiment has likely generated lots of data and resulted in interesting facts (refs) and should probably be regarded as a resounding success. internal QA [ɪnˈtɜː.nəl kjuːˈæ], adjective + acronym Quality Assurance and Testing group/department Rumour has it that this group is not actually empty, we just came to know that it consisted of at least one person who recently came from DDO and managed to get hopes up before the CM crashed the vocal minority party (of quite a few people) with blunt, honest answers containing lots of mentions of facts and data (refs), which instantly started a silent majority (ref) party (of quite a small number of people) with actual cheering about losing core facets of the game. Apart from said rumour, the long-standing, unfortunate impression is that this group simply doesn't do its job. issue [ˈɪʃ.uː], noun a reported or (rarely) confirmed problem or bug in game mechanics or systems that prevents affected parts of the game to function properly (ref WAI) or in a way that makes sense to those that actually play the game often said to be about to be addressed with some sort of fix soon (refs), unless it pertains to the $tore, in which case it will receive priority for the preparation and deployment of a hotfix (ref) sometimes reduced to non-issue, never declared a "dead horse" in answers by the CM (refs) legendary item [ˈledʒ.ən.dri ˈaɪ.təm], adjective + noun a type of extremely abundant item that drops from mobs of level 51 and higher; trash, junk, throw-away, rinse-repeat, dime-a-dozen Part of a convoluted and highly complex system (ref meta-game) that manages to frustrate players to no end and which Turbine "is happy with". Includes sub-systems, mechanics and items of its own: age, equip and item levels, points, tiers, ranks and meta-ranks (slotted crystals), relics and shards, identifiying, leveling, reforging, replacing, empowering, deconstructing, extracting and refining, xp-pills, different crystals and a host of various scrolls; not to mention the completely overloaded, cumbersome und un-intuitive UI elements (scrollbars, expandos, tabs, tiny icons, walls of text and tooltips with broken word-wrap, ...) to deal with all of it. loot mechanic [luːt məˈkæn.ɪk], compound noun system to generate and distribute "loot" (ref rewards) for overcoming mobs or mastering challenges (ref) The current incarnation AKA "lottery loot" is based on the combined abomination of open-tapping + remote (individual) looting mechanics for just about everything, starting with landscape mob kills to boss chests and all sorts of other rewards (ref). Turbine insists the RNG behind lottery loot works fine (which of course isn't actually the question/issue (ref answer)) in spite of reported indications of oddities and a previous incarnation of a Turbine-created (and long-ignored) issue with RNG-induced "randomness" of events, and refuses to further discuss the matter under threat of disciplinary action (ref blunt, honest, answer, fact and data as well as welcoming place and open and respectful discussion) meta-game [ˈmet.ə ɡeɪm], prefixed noun un-fun, grindy, brain-dead, meaningless, gimmicky, confusing, convoluted and/or half-finished and/or buggy and/or neglected and basically abandoned portions or systems of the game examples (in order of appearance): PvMP, reputation, housing, hobbies, legendary items, radiance, skirmishes, mounted combat, Hytbold, big battles and last not least points for trait trees (refs) mounted combat [ˈmaʊn.tɪd ˈkɒm.bæt], adjevtive + noun over-hyped and subsequently neglected gimmicky feature (ref meta-game) that leaves a lot to be desired. The problem in a nutshell is that mounted class skills/roles bear little to no resemblance to their classic counterparts (ref big battles), mounted class balance is not existing (compare mounted captain to mounted guard for laughs and giggles) and of course, performance problems and lag (ref) manage to make it an often frustrating experience. never [ˈnev.ər] adverb a void that will manifest itself as a period of indeterminate time when Turbine sees fit; antonym: always (ref) used to denote facts that will always (refs) be valid (also ref foreseeable future) (quote) "We will never sell gear with stats in the LOTRO Store." non-issue [nɒn-ˈɪʃ.uː], prefixed noun problem or bug with game mechanics or systems that Turbine deems irrelevant (ref WAI) open and respectful discussion [ˈəʊ.pən ænd rɪˈspekt.fəl dɪˈskʌʃ.ən], adjective + conjunction + adjective + noun Yeah, right (ref blunt, honest, answer, CM, silent majority, vocal minority and welcoming place). performance problems and lag [pəˈfɔː.məns ˈprɒb.ləms ænd læɡ], compound noun + conjunction + noun Hearsay, Somebody Else's Problem, Not Turbine's Fault, Must Be On Your End, Must Be Your Hard-/Software, Update Your Drivers, Deactivate Your Security Measures, Reinstall Your System; also: Works For Me, I NEVER Have Problems (bonus points by following up with no experience on a War-Steed, in Rohan or any of the graphically revamped regions), I Play This On Highest On A 5 Year Old Acer (ref answer, fact, data, welcoming place and open and respectful discussion) period [ˈpɪə.ri.əd], noun syntactical ('.') and, more imporantly, rhetorical element ('Period.') of answers (ref); synonyms for the latter: This Thread Has Outlived Its Usefulness, Closed, Dead Horse, Nothing To See Here, Move Along Never used in the always (refs) eloquent (ref blunt, honest) answers by the CM (refs), because he doesn't easily get annoyed. Often praised in its usage by the not-so-silent part of the silent minority (ref) as a tactful (ref blunt) response to members of the vocal minority when those keep bringing up issues the CM reduced to non-issues or declared WAI earlier (refs). Gladly used by the not-so-silent who appear to have been so blessed as to genuflect at the feet of their masterthe CM in his infraction proof crypt as a chance to ridicule the fabricated and misleading information that more trivial numbers of the vocal minority are likely to depart as a result of the open and respectful discussion at the welcoming place (refs) that is the official forum. powered by our fans [paʊərd baɪ aʊər fænz], adjective + preposition + possesive pronoun + noun Turbine's official motto It's an odd motto to have, considering that Turbine, the game company, appears to be powered by their fans in much the same way a gas turbine is powered by fuel: supply enough to continually burn it, produce lots of hot air in the process and use the output for something else. raid [reɪd], noun form of group content, formerly part of end-game (refs), recently declared to be everything that somehow involves grouping, done by some vocal minority (ref), not going to be improved upon in the foreseeable future (ref), a topic that supposedly received answers (ref) before and is therefore considered a (quote) "dead horse" reward [rɪˈwɔːd], noun spend effort + get nothing or be lucky + get everything, all thanks to the lottery loot (ref loot mechanic) silent majority [ˈsaɪ.lənt məˈdʒɒr.ə.ti], adjective + noun expression to convey the superiority complex of a part of the gaming/forum community that claims to be, well, in the majority (ref fact and data), if in doubt, posts containing lots of "I do", "I have", "I want", "I like", "I don't need", etc. are a good indicator to spot members The term as such is mostly found in posts that attempt to derail and ridicule threads critical of the current state or direction of the game, which would theoretically constitute an infraction-worthy violation of the CoC (ref welcoming place and open and respectful discussion), were it not for the practical enforcement regime of the CM (cue Yogi Berra quote and ref period). There is a not-so-silent part of the community, acting as self-proclaimed spokespersons (ref fact) of the ~ which, interestingly, happens to be a pretty static group that actively engages in the most open and respectful discussions, honest! (refs). Contrast this to the (recently closed) feedback thread (ref internal QA) with lots of irregular posters and their statements and remarks to get all the more reason of questioning facts and data (refs). skill bloat [skɪl bləʊt], compound noun tendentious expression hinting at the fact (ref) that there, somehow, had been too many skills, and that some of them supposedly did similar things (ref fact). Popular player demand rather wanted (ref fact) skills to be removed than to accept that easily confused players should organize what they got in a way that works for them. At the same time, popular player demand is said (ref fact) to request more levels and yet more skills, supposedly for a feeling (an illusion, if you managed to keep track of your stats) of progression. solo [ˈsəʊ.ləʊ], adjective With a companion or partner, in a duo. (quote) "The solo option allows two players to be in the instance together, but does not increase its difficulty when the second player joins." (Q5) soon [suːn], adverb term strongly favored by the CM, proudly presenting it as if it was his own cleverness that thought it up can mean anything from yesterday to foreseeable future (on a probability scale from never to always) (refs) often used when the CM is trying hard to not actually communicate, by releasing, in the vaguest possibly terms (ref honest), little tidbits about awaited fixes, content patches, or information pertaining to the state and direction of the game stat changes [stæt tʃeɪndʒɪs], compound noun, pl poorly thought-out, sometimes buggy or outright broken changes to what stats do and how their contributions are calculated and work (or fail to do same), showing poor understanding of existing game systems (ref balancing, trait trees) Examples include the math for crit bonuses for bosses (old BG), the fate debacle, a succession of incoherent mitigation changes, vitality contributions and others. Contributing factor also is the increasing stat bloat due to exponential-like development of item levels, apparent in vitality contribution of l95 gear and in the progression of the main stats for legendary items (ref). trait trees [treɪt triːs], compound noun, pl sweeping, poorly thought-out, badly implemented and half-finished changes (ref balance, challenge) to 7 year old class and game mechanics, leaving some in a broken state (aggro mechanics, minstrels, rk attunement, ...) with no final fix promised in the foreseeable future (ref) Official reasons for implementation being, amongst some others, less balancing issues and removal of skill bloat (refs) and popular player demand (ref facts and data) Concerns towards the likely effects of the introduction in early as well as later beta rounds were brushed aside by the CM (ref) and a group of other individuals representing (ref fact) some silent majority (ref), coining, in passing, the term vocal minority (ref) and stating You, Know, It's Beta And Nothing's Final, And Either Way, You Haven't Even Properly Tested And/Or Failed To Adapt To And Understand The Trees And Also, You Need To Embrace, Not Resist, Change And Once You Do, You'll See That They Aren't THAT Bad, After All (ref blunt, honest as well as open and respectful discussion). vocal minority [ˈvəʊ.kəl maɪˈnɒr.ɪ.ti], adjective + noun derogatory, dismissive term (ref welcoming place, open and respectful discussion) referring to a part of the gaming/forum community that expresses their concerns and highlights what they conceive as ongoing issues like lottery loot (ref loot mechanic), lack of end-game and challenge (refs), broken classes after stat changes (ref), class revamps and the introduction of trait trees, performance problems and lag (refs) and others When encountered in an answer (ref), likely to be accompanied by other dismissive terms like Constant Whining, Stop Playing If You Don't Like It, Why All The Negativity etc. pp. (ref welcoming place and open and respectful discussion) in attempts to derail, ridicule and brush away what the silent majority (ref) does not want to read about (interestingly, they could choose to just not read the threads in question, given they are so very bothered by them). WAI, acronym Working As Intended, Nothing To See Here, Move Along (ref non-issue) denotes player-reported problems or issues with parts of the game that Turbine deems irrelevant or has no intentions, or doesn't know how, to address (ref legendary item, loot mechanic and answer) welcoming place [ˈwel.kəm.ɪŋ pleɪs], adjective + noun Because nothing is quite as welcoming as a thinly veiled threat to follow some guidelines the CM (ref) himself interprets and enforces/ignores at will (visit the OF and note the big, screaming banner at the top, instructing you to comply, "or else"). words [wɜːds], noun, pl sequence of language units that carry neither meaning nor intent (ref answer) (quote) "I've always encourage people to read the words written and not to assign meaning or intent to them." -- edits fixed some minor errors, typos and formatting issues added more external links and more entries added (modified) contributions by Fredelas, fittybolger, sweet49 and Trilwych --- Phew! That took a lot longer to compile than I expected. Not sure the late game is worth so much dedication. SNy
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