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  1. That is because translating the entry for "Yes, we will be moving the EU data to the EU datacenter at a later point in time." from the Turbine dictionary into $language requires said entry to be written, first. That, obviously, would be a very difficult process. Likely involving running some cloud-based weasel-word generator for a few weeks until it comes up with a suitably blunt and honest answer (see refs). Iterations of the whole and parts required, of course, due to management conformance. SNy
  2. Quite a feat, misrepresenting everything like that. What we did, in fact, see, was Turbine taking exactly the wrong cues from their populace, and then, thanks to the bean-counters meddling with the financing of the ideas, managing to garble up anything worthwhile and completely fucking up the end result. It has ZILCH to do with player expectations being to blame. End of story. SNy
  3. Operative words highlighted, and I think most of us here can agree that there's a thing or two to be said about those words and Turbine. Me and my former kin-leader have this running gag that goes like: "What were they think... oh." Of course, it can be (and is) applied to a lot of other situations and companies, but I feel it's very fitting for Turbine. SNy
  4. Oh, that sounds terrible! One cannot help but wonder why the collective execs decide on such sweeping changes. I was actually planning to check back in, now that, after a long time, there are some halfway decent deals on 60-day-gamecards again. Not that I was much attached to the game, but I was just the quest-hand-in short of getting the HK droid. That is now useless? SNy
  5. They don't need to get a $Language for Dummies PDF, seeing they must already have used it to come up with the sorry excuse for translations in their game. I found the state so horrible back in, dunno, 2010?, that I switched to English and from what I heard, it hasn't gotten any better. SNy
  6. I believe the reason to be the last post to that thread and the follow-up that would surely have followed. SNy
  7. You know what this reminds me of? This. ;P SNy
  8. You do realize that that part is from an entirely different post, to which I not only did not reply, but which didn't exist when I did, yes? SNy
  9. Operative word highlighted. Tell you what, it doesn't matter one iota if they not simply ignored them or how many times they were telling their paying customers that the bugs have been resolved. Only, they haven't. To this day, this raid is not reliably working and has frustrated players to no end. Telling people that it mostly works, and that their individual experience is but circumstantial evidence against it, is precisely why Turbine is in the situation it finds itself in. SNy
  10. I completely agree with that assessment. Especially the parts with over-/underestimation of impact/effort. Add the fact that they knew from alpha and beta-testing that the engine wasn't fit to do it properly, and going forward with it nevertheless, was the typical Turbine-move of not admitting the mistakes and correct them in time, but stubbornly insisting to "respectfully disagree" with what the playerbase was telling them. Also, I would attribute a lot of the things that actually go wrong to feature-creep that transforms a cool idea into a poor implementation by management decisions to over-do and under-deliver it. SNy
  11. Wow, really? That's the first I hear about this, and it is indeed a very bad sign of them not actually having anyone left that knows their own game anymore. Not that the prior indications would have suggested much otherwise. SNy
  12. I do agree, but for the underlined word. The area didn't become that. It started out as such, which is the real shame. SNy
  13. Wow, in the other thread on the OF I just read that character creation on the worlds that are about to be closed off has been disabled, but a new player has no way of getting to know, because there is no indication of the impending closure? Is that true? If it was, that would be... um... well... what was the word? Ah, yeah. TURBINED. SNy
  14. What ARE you guys talking about? "Interfere with, hacking into, decipher"? I was asking about the xml configuration file that tells the client where the endpoints are. Those endpoints DESCRIBE THEMSELVES. This is, partly, how the alternative launchers came to be. No "interference with" or "deciphering" necessary, because it's freely in the net. SNy
  15. I was not suggesting that you were doing incorrect assumptions, nor was I not aware of what was said. Maybe "assumptions" was outright not the correct word to use, sorry about the confusion. What I meant with clearing up was that, assuming (there we go again) that the xfer process is detailed just as the login process (as-in: wsdl file with a description, or even a documentation right on the site), it might be possible to gain a bit of insight into what it does, possibly how it could correlate to the login process. Maybe someone could even cough up the parts to the alternative launchers that allow them to handle that, as well.
  16. If someone could supply me a copy of the current TurbineLauncher.exe.config, I could try and look a bit into the stuff the xfer process does, maybe some of your assumptions can be cleared up. SNy
  17. Indeed, I was thinking that as well. I mean, she is now saying that they don't even have the stuff in place, let alone configured anything on it yet? And despite that, they make broad claims as to how it will (supposedly) have this wondrous performance that just one single shard will suffice? Unless, of course, we stipulate that "one shard per region will suffice for all its players" doesn't actually signify a boast wrt. to the performance but a rare insight into the number of players still active after their little stunt? "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" SNy
  18. What?! Are you saying that Turbine didn't think that through properly before putting it in place? UN-THINK-ABLE! SNy
  19. I don't think they're necessarily full of shit intentionally. I suspect they will find that while their new servers would be handling the load well, or even one could handle all of it, the game ISN'T only the server. As in the other thread, reading between the lines in all those lag-related "answers", there are hints at timing and syncing of information, there was direct statement from Heaton that one client had, under circumstances that are likely not understood to this day (or tomorrow, for that matter), the chance to bog all others down and what have you. So, while their new datacenters might well be able to handle all the players on one shard, I very much doubt that their b0rked POS client will be. Fun fact: When Heaton blamed client-side (and he always did), people, without fail, understood him to mean their systems (and complained about them being OK, pasting useless 10-page DXDiag reports and what-not). In one of those thread he half-admitted that actually, client-side included their client (Well, d'oh!). SNy
  20. There's one crucial thing that you forgot, and that is that Turbine has continually shown that their engine/tech/current developers are incapable of scaling and balancing things. So your solo option would be guaranteed to ruin the normal option, as you put it. You can read that from between the lines in just about every justification regarding "scaled content" (which, as you know, isn't the form that players actually wanted, ie: tutoring/scaling players down to the level of the space), variable sized instances (or lack thereof) and also, very prominently, in the justifications for just about every recent change to game mechanics (stat uncapping, juggling of what they do, skill trees). So no, it would appear that the art assets would not be the highest costing pieces. Understanding WTF their 20 years old core code does, let alone making it do what they actually intend it to, would be. For laughs and giggles, check out that page someone linked earlier where the founder brags about the sell-out to WB and check the links, images and info there. When I saw that, I knew what is wrong with that company. SNy
  21. Operative words highlighted. Of course, with Turbine, what one should do and what one does do are two disjoint sets, as evidenced with Heaton's skill-set which outright excludes all of those items on your little list there. SNy
  22. Maybe they'll re-evaluate after a month and find that zero servers would've served them better, yet? Interesting times. SNy
  23. I mostly agree, but I think the main issue is the same as with a lot that they do: they insist of knowing better and outright refuse to consider what their players are saying. The randomness of the rewards has been brought up so many times, it's not even funny. There have been a few half-assed attempts at trying to calm the complaints by promising changes, but every other iteration has failed to deliver, from what I gather reading, it has actually done the opposite. On a related tangent, I had a lot of open links to OF threads in preparation of other additions to the Dictionary, but unfortunately, the box I had these open in got restarted and so I lost them. Anyway, I was fascinated to repeatedly come across this one phrase: "we respectfully disagree, but...". This has been used multiple times to tell players they were not getting what they wanted but instead be served with what Turbine thought was best, only to come to terms with it being broken for months on end and disliked by lots of people. This right there is what is wrong with them and no amount of personal effort on a couple of individual devs will change this if it is company policy (which it obviously is, the continued trend is speaking loudly to that). SNy
  24. Right, where the very name should've earned an outright instant ban, in, well, theory. Enforcement regime and all that.
  25. Some moronic presence that regurgitated Heaton's every word and was rewarded a title similar to what I named it. SNy
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