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  1. I agree with this. What happens now will probably be the last major shuffle in lotro until the lights go off (either closing or true maintenance mode indefinitely after 2017).
  2. Are you prepared to sacrifice whole 19 min of your life to answer that question? Because when people remove the solid black glasses and then the underlying pink glasses, what is left --and there is not much else that's left-- is this:
  3. Think more Skyrim than Borderlands and you'll get my view at least (never played Farcry). I actually liked that F3 is light on the RPG side, compared to say Skyrim. I found it to be just as much as I needed. F4 seems similar to F3 in this aspect. The introduction of crafting and building is another feature that I still have to check. I hope it's not a cheap gimmick.
  4. I didn't say it properly. I didn't mean the difficulty level of playing (which you can adjust anytime), but the feel and looks of the things. I actually don't play FPS games at high difficulty because enjoying the scenery/ambiance is more important for me than hand reflexes and fast clicking. Not going to a tournament anytime soon, that's for sure. If this can serve as a comparison of how differently scary things and ambiance felt to the player, compare the first with the last Bioshock games, for example.
  5. Only a few hours in (so not exactly "saw-it-all") but I have to say - it seems impressive in some aspects and a very good game overall. On the down side: the fighting/moving does feel a bit CoD-like, the enemies feel less scary (as in CoD). That's not as bad as just different to what you are used to in Fallout 3. The other obvious difference is the colors - they didn't spare those here. I kinda miss the greyish wasteland from before. Also, the crafting seems a bit overboard --like Skyrim + its house-building pack-- and, the worst of it all, the collecting of flowers and plants... Seriously? I
  6. Although it's just a day after release, there are already a ton of videos and comments. I haven't played it yet. I have the feeling that a certain specific... atmosphere, or a feel, that Fallout 3 had, is somewhat missing here. Maybe the different engine, or some other reason, makes the NPCs move and talk like in a modern game - which is fine, but I'm nostalgic for the clumsy fallout-y manner in these things. Did someone here tried it? What is your opinion? Does it feel like that Wasteland?
  7. http://kristofmattei.be/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Borat_Great_Success1.jpg http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/5/50100/1275162-borat_not.jpg
  8. The above seems to be a very realistic and honest view of how things in the game currently are, and what expectations one should or should not have. It makes the last few pages of the thread look like meaningless noisy chatter in the kindergarten.
  9. Since the first SC game, no one makes trailers and cinematics as Blizzard does.
  10. I think it's time that Turbine, due to systematic abuse with the players' good will and common sense, disable lotro for the time being. Without ETA on when it will be activated again.
  11. Of course he knows you. Your brilliance in the latrine activities across all Middle-Earth will soon prompt him to make you his own personal khazi droid. http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/features/history/evolution-of-krytens-costumes/kryten-14l.jpg
  12. One of my biggest mistakes was to re-watch Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future many years later, because of nice memories from the childhood. I learned two things: (1) children are stupid and that's normal; (2) never re-watch your childhood favorites because you'll destroy the good memory.
  13. The EU servers span --geographically-- over a smaller number of time zones and are populated mostly by people from these time zones, whereas the US servers will have a higher % of "all over the world" players. Thus the EU population seems 'synchronized' in its activity, while the US is more spread out.
  14. Danchir


    Let's hope for the best, then. Fingers crossed.
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