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  1. Good luck getting unbanned, they stopped answering my tickets even though it's been five fucking years. Ah yes one loremaster afk farming is going to kill the ingame economy, surely not all the people selling Turbine Point items for bazillions of gold.
  2. 1 intern could do it. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  3. this can't be the first time this has happened.
  4. hasn't this been the case for the past couple years?
  5. this forum never ceases to entertain
  6. @Slowfock bait me like one of your french girls Almagnuses
  7. why did you apply and accept their invitation then
  8. I've come to the conclusion that 100% of the (shit)posts you make are just bait, lol
  9. that 1 quest in the vol 1 epic where you helped some Forochel dude score
  10. I have. the meta right now is pretty cancerous and Blizzard refuses to balance anything that isn't a basic card. Fun, but as always Blizz has their head up their ass. I've had way too many games entirely decided by RNG which is also pretty fucking stupid. And even though it's a shit game WoD has 5 million subs so something's being done right. Hearthstone also makes $20 million a month or so. Just proves that gamers love to get shit on. But take the blizzdick outta your mouth sometime, jesus.
  11. the LotR IP is what made everybody give a fuck about this game in the first place
  12. he was a prophet he lived to deliver a message that would cleanse us of our sins rip in peace aylwen
  13. you sure that's not your graphics card doing that?
  14. game engine is garbage along with the servers? lol i think it's a 2002 engine, so it should run on a toaster released within the past 5 years
  15. he's trying his best that's for sure
  16. I found that it was little more than a graphics update and a different setting to Assassin's creed 2 with a far smaller story mode and even less replayability Nemesis system has no depth and you could tell that a lot of shit was rushed to get this released faster Expected a show down between Sauron? Nope. Press X or whatever and it cuts to credits. Not like it would've been cool or anything even if it was finished because combat was super fucking easy. Maybe on a blue moon the Nemesis system would make you fight an orc that was immune to everything. That was the only time I died And this was at full retail price too (and like $50 of added DLC because warner bros) despite the campaign lasting a couple of hours. Not worth it at all
  17. i still remember reading all those official forum posts that the Osgiliath pvmp map would magically fix all the lag issues with lotro
  18. Not Nostalrius atleast. Took me some digging to find their donation button, and they don't offer any rewards. Yet their server is powerful enough to hold 8k players. In Europe you're free to make a profit from this. But Blizzard's army of lawyers will be under your bed the night they discover your private server in the U.S. is making money.
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