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  1. It's not 'trolling' in Frelorn's eyes if you're trolling anyone who doesn't rabidly defend Turbine.
  2. one thing I really have to ask Turbine is why they purposely developed the map so that 100% of the action was gonna be on that fucking lagbridge I haven't gotten around to playing much (mostly because I was literally unable to, thanks Brandywine) but the ONLY time I left the bridge was when I was looking for roaming freeps. The entire map was literally nothing but one big shuffle. invincible freep classes like the guardian/captain charging into multiple craids and returning unscathed thanks to cooldowns and multiple healers, loremasters shitting fire all over the map and frying processors of freeps and creeps alike, craids and fraids going back and forth between the two NPC zones endlessly, and lag preventing you from doing anything meaningful because you can't use skills or attack. sometimes when you left your NPC zone and the shuffle is happening 40 meters ahead (draw distance is toned down to arm-length in front of your character's face it's fucking terrible), you'll get instagibbed by a group of burglars if you're lucky. But yeah, it is a gigantic flop. Even the infamy is fucking terrible, they got rid of all outpost buffs but capturing flags on the map can net you up to like +90% inf/comm gain at maximum.
  3. The map is like 1/5th the size of the etts, who the fuck thought it would fix anything about the lag?
  4. yeah just as a warning Frelorn has taken to handing out six-month bans or even longer. I was scheduled to receive my first vacation from the forums (7 days I think?) from all of Sapience's infractions but Fray-fray decided that he doesn't like the game and it's fanboys being criticized too harshly.
  5. you people still don't seem to understand that you're literally talking to a brick wall
  6. that's also another thing, even the new content we have now still sucks ass so LotrO today is a mixture of both shitty development and poor management. and I blame both for the state of the game
  7. the same can't apply to Frelorn because that's entirely fucking different, he's hired to control a community not create and update content. the devs were hired to work on LotrO. if X years pass from their date of employment to today and the game still has the same problems the old team left them with, then the devs are to blame. because the game is their product, from level 1 to 100, not just what's at the end. I'm not trying to get at they should add more instances at level 30 or whatever, I'm getting at they should take a fucking step back and look at Mounted Combat and maybe make the leveling experience not suck with it. Or maybe make the game difficult once again. Or try to actually balance things throughout the board. it's shocking to see this childish bullshit from someone with a career in this (frelorn)
  8. that guy is turning into a cunt but if I had the job of moderating that god awful forum I'd have everybody permabanned within a week their responsibility is the entire game who invented this stupid fucking idea that 'it wasn't our work so we're not to blame'? their work IS LOTRO, and if LOTRO is still a festering pile of shit then it is on their shoulders
  9. completely fake. why would Turbine listen to one fan's suggestion and ignore the rest of us?
  10. i don't know the % of the population who are lifetime subs, especially the ones who still play, but I do know that it's nowhere near enough to have made an actual difference.
  11. blame Warner Brothers for turning the company into a skeleton crew (For lotro atleast) and ordering them to bring in as much fuckin' cash as possible
  12. Yes actually, I think Aylwen explained this. There's a lot of stuff under the hood to keep creeps in the Etts, or something along those lines. LotrO in Russia/China undid it and you had creeps running around in Eregion, but Turbine didn't like that very much. The majority of that difficulty would be to get Turbine to grow a pair of testicles.
  13. He's actually talking more about this game's shit engine and how the lack of effort in making PvP kinda fucked them when they very rarely tried to build on it.
  14. Well actually it's a bit more complicated than that. PvP gear was released way before stuff like Tier 3 came out. And since doing Naxx 40 was way fucking harder than afking in AV 24/7 it was pretty obvious that it would be better in absolutely every way. They tried to release a patch doing what you said by upping the stats on PvP gear but the gap was still huge. And even then, why bother making the two different gears as powerful as eachother? Letting a PvPer walk into the top raids and a PvEer on the top of the leaderboards would be an affront to fucking everybody. Blizz wanted to separate the two populations. You can take a look at the timeline of updates they released to AV, once a pretty PvE heavy battleground that heavily relied on NPCs, to see how they pretty much streamlined it to hell as an example of what they wanted to do with the game. There's no point bringing tier X to the battleground if Bobby Joe buys a PvP crafted blue set off the AH that gives him 30% resistance to player damage for 10 doubloons. The purpose of lowering damage would only be logical in the later expansions where the numbers got pretty stupid. Like MoP/Cata where everyone had like 5000000 HP and did a trillion DPS to kill those bosses with a hundred gajabillion health whose abilities did a quadrillion damage each. Wasn't really the case in BC where most people had, say, 10k HP? Kinda forgot the numbers back then. I remember a post on the forums for WoW that mentioned they'd be fighting in scientific notation one day if not for the latest expac's number crunch. They actually had some pretty fucking stupid itemization (druid stats on plate gear, agility with intellect combo on cloth for those Feral boomkins out there hahahaha) but I always thought that most of the imbalance just came from the abilities. Windfury for example, you really don't need a good weapon to absolutely melt everyone with a lucky proc. I also highly recommend you read Aylwen's posts as well, mostly the part where she mentions that barely anybody played PvP in this game. Even at its highest point I believe we were told 7% of the population? Lots of pages in that thread and I'm not willing to go back and quote. Not surprising though. It's grindy, laggy, imbalanced to shit, and was nigh impossible for a new player to get into at pretty much any point in time. Few people would be attracted to that. Aylwen just confirmed what a bunch of people, including me, suspected. PvMP was an afterthought. Barely anybody played it.
  15. LotrO is sort of different. Audacity came a while after release. And we did just fine without it. No. You're trying to say that these Resilience-type mechanics are just meant to reduce the stupid amount of heals/dmg that players could do. That's right, in a sense. But still misses the point entirely. Back in vanilla WoW players with T2/3 armor (which can only be acquired via raiding) would walk over people in PvP gear (which can obviously only be acquired by pvping). Blizz made sure this wasn't the case the next expac. Every MMO followed suit after because not only do they love to copy WoW but it's also a very logical mechanic. Separate PvP-ers from PvE-ers. What you've been trying to say is that game development companies can't balance their game. This is only true in Turbine's case. And PvPers aren't even separated from PvE-ers in this game which nullifies the point entirely (Casuals dont like to pvp which explains the massive population disparity) From what I've seen so far freeps like to mix essence gear with aud gear to be unstoppable. Or use the far superior PvE-only Big Battle/whatever jewelry to whatever shit came from the PvP vendors. But audacity is vital for creeps because it's all they've got for defense honestly. That and corruptions. Blame the lack of actual gear for Turbine's decision to start working on PvP just weeks before SoA released.
  16. A nice little conspiracy theory but the main reason has always been to prevent PvE gear from being useful in PvP environments. And vice versa. In vanilla WoW for instance, you can bring Tiered armor into battlegrounds and be better than people in PvP epics. That caused a waterfall of tears. I remember in cataclysm there was a little resurgence of tanks using PvE gear to have shitloads of HP just to carry around flags. And since virtually every MMO after 2004 are copies of WoW that idea was quickly stolen. But Turbine has no idea how to balance a fucking thing-----even a simple Triple Beam Balance machine is fucking beyond any of them. So we have LotrO in its current state. Stat cap removals, audacity, mastery, essences, yadda yadda broken beyond hell. They just stopped trying after a while.
  17. ​I haven't played the game in a couple months but how I see it is that there's a little portal object or something in Gramsfoot that creeps can use to port to the new map. Anyway there is barely any SoA experience anymore. They've shit all over it with autobestowal quests & made all the mobs super fucking easy to kill. Gold is worthless and the game pours tons of it on you. The only good thing they've got going for SoA content is the Epic Story but Inspiration and teleporting with Mithril Coins turns it into a joke.
  18. ​When it's a MOBA you either do it right or don't. Turbine didn't do it right the first time. Doesn't sound like they're doing it right the second time.
  19. ​I didn't expect the +20% buff, but everything else was pretty predictable. Also lol @ the moba bullshit. Guess they didn't learn from the titanic Infinite Crisis.
  20. ​Please elaborate. I don't want to have to download a ~20 gig client. Makes what's going to come immediately after just depressing instead of funny.
  21. all this talk about the NDA. Is Turbine gonna find you and give you a spanking if you dare talk about their supper seecrit master plans? This has always been what I believe you kids do in the Player Council behind closed doors. That video can also summarize what goes on in Turbine when it's time to work on their most only successful MMO game.
  22. @Snowilliterateandcantusethequotebutton You wish that I take the internet as seriously as you
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