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  1. Turbine has always banned people for being AFK and leaving their pets on aggressive to kill. They consider this unattended gameplay. If you don't respond to a GM within about 30 seconds they haul you off to the jail or ban your account. If you're at the keyboard, no problem - if you're not, big problem. I agree with that if you have to leave and take care of other things, log off. You character will pop right back up there when you come back, so no travel time lost.
  2. Nah, because then everybody who didn't salute and say "All is well" would be banned from the OF. They need to hear the shit people are saying, especially since even many of the Turbine-kissers are complaining now.
  3. I am fairly certain that is already the plan in place.
  4. You underestimate the depth of the hole they have their heads stuck into. And to quote Animal House, "All is well... All is well!!!!"
  5. No, Dump_giver, the game isn't fine. It hasn't been fine in a long time. The mere fact that you don't have to max out your LI's to do everything in the game is one clear indicator that it's not fine. There should be content you have to strive for, and clearly Turbine lost track of any past employee that was able to balance, well, anything. They fired everyone capable of debugging content - quests, instances, raids, pretty much anything. Scaling is off-the-charts bad for most things, especially in BBs and PvMP, and in PvMP it's a real disgrace because they charge money for the access. The new PvMP map is a joke and even the players who were in favor of it are unhappy. The game isn't closing servers because they're fine. They're closing servers because they've lost too many players to leave them open and fool anybody about their lack of success.
  6. Over 2 hours so far. Can't log in game, no email. I did get access back to the OF almost immediately though. Yay?
  7. I set up my E toons to come to Gladden about 10 minutes ago. We'll see how long I'm locked out. Happy trails indeed lol.
  8. I immediately took it to mean the HD shit storm. What's really sad is in beta many of us told Sapience that this would be a shit storm and he replied they expected it to cause some drama for a couple weeks on the forum and die down. They had no idea (and didn't believe) that we were giving them the same reaction that the live players gave when it went to open beta and actual release. I've seen this reaction on other issues, where it seemed at the time Sapience "summarized" estimated player reactions and opinions to the rest of the devs, and in many cases he was wrong. "We thought you didn't like X, we had no idea you really liked that a lot but it was the grind that you hated." Or Sapience specifically saying the devs didn't have to read the forums, HE read them. That was about when Paiz was on her way out (or shortly thereafter) and I put a lot of the blame for the fubar decisions squarely on the shoulders of those two people. Yes, I think that was as close to an admission of "we fucked up" as we're ever going to get. Sadly though and unlike radiance, they'll never undo the change.
  9. I did go look and my credit card info has been cleared as well, which is interesting.
  10. Turbine's downside to less full servers is they believe people DON'T want that. That's why they claim they're closing, so people feel they're on vibrant full servers. I bring all this up because they have recently bragged how wonderful their servers are and how they can handle the entire lotro population on basically one server each for US and EU. I think they're blowing smoke out their ass, but if it's true they should open Brandywine up to transfer immediately and not wait to "see how the load goes". Otherwise they're tacitly admitting they're full of shit. Again.
  11. But that sort of cancels out the ability to "choose" where you want to go. For the US we have 1 we can't transfer to (Brandywine), 1 RP server that I don't see people who don't RP transferring to, so basically you choose between 3 servers. The EU isn't any better because they have language limitations to guide where they go. Narrowing it from 29 servers to 10 automatically makes all worlds more populous. But if there are people who seriously want to transfer to Brandywine I think they should be able to - especially since Turbine has made it clear that their new servers should handle any and all comers.
  12. If in fact the whole population could be handle on just 2 servers, why is Brandy off the transfer table? If the new server is so fabulous people should be able to transfer to Brandy. After all, if we only had 2 servers the load would be much bigger than Brandywine has right now.
  13. There may be single server setups able to handle many times LOTRO's current population, but I am skeptical that Turbine either owns it or can operate it effectively. What ESO or WoW or anybody else does really is immaterial - if we did everything they did we'd have seen regular expansion packs with more content including multi-player raids. What we got were patches and mini areas and crap they talked about that never works as intended. So you're saying the game engine is crap and has to be split up? Or the population is small enough for one server? Because I'm not quite sure which party line you're spouting. Since Turbine had said for years they wouldn't be merging servers, and to me closing servers is basically the same thing, I think this was a huge step in their admission they fucked up and a ton of people left just like we'd all been claiming and they'd been denying. Spin it any way you want, they haven't said anything to change my mind and their little "it could fit on two servers" merely enforces that in my opinion.
  14. In the beginning Frelorn seemed like he would be an improvement, but he seems to be sliding into the bad decisions and habits of those who messed up before him. I agree it's amateur and that anyone whose job is communication should be doing better at it. This was a poor choice, both in words and saying it at all.
  15. To me this is the at exact heart of pretty much everything that is wrong with lotro these days.
  16. They leave it in this state because it is beyond them to fix, in my opinion. They've overworked the knowledgeable people left (Jinjaah, MoL) and the others just don't stay long enough or know enough to do it right. So what you see is sadly what we get.
  17. I logged onto my E toons yesterday and emptied their houses, abandoned them, then pulled everything out of storage and escrow and put them in bags. I don't trust anything not in my bags to carry over because there's too much room for error. I also sold everything that wasn't actually necessary. I'll have some -1 names when they move to Gladden because my mains are there and I duplicated some of the names I could when I created the Elendilmir toons about 5 years back. I'm not planning on renaming them, they can stay with -1. My biggest worry is that Gladden is going to become the clusterfuck that Brandywine is, and I have damn little reason to log on right now anyway. In the long run it probably won't matter because I don't spend any money and very little time in game and don't see that changing going forward given the piss-poor state of group content and class balance. I still expect Turbine to fuck this transfer situation up somehow. They're so good at missing the obvious.
  18. So essentially they gave us a nicely wrapped bag of shit without the resources to address the smell for months, if ever. And I have no faith that throwing all their resources will get the data and transfer issues done right. Most people who have seen this game go through changes expect them to get it wrong to at least a certain extent - so again, I expect it to be a major cluster. After all, one of the biggest issues is they're going to phase the transfers so some people are at a severe disadvantage to even get their names or housing. What moron thought that was a good idea?
  19. They are consolidating servers, which isn't going to ease the load. I don't expect Brandy to have an outflux of people, but if there was it would shift the problem to another server rather than solve it. Gladden has probably the 2nd largest PvP population and it too is very laggy - without Brandy's concentration. I foresee it getting worse, especially in a smaller map with such concentrated points of focus. Not well thought out. And if the newer hardware doesn't fix it, which I don't believe it will, what will be the excuse then? "Please stop going to PvP, you're overloading our abilities and hardware and we have proven that we can't handle it." I've waited too many times for promised fixes that either didn't come or didn't do what was promised. I've learned not to expect better. My time in the PC simply reemphasized that.
  20. I'm a PvPer and your general statements don't say much. I think overall it would've been better for the councils if they'd stuck to their guns on "no returning members". As it is they seem to have gone back to the "choose people who agree with us", case in point. Turbine has been talking about fixing lag in PvP for quite some time, and they've only made it worse. The magical new map has intensified the problem. I don't see it changing - and I certainly think it should've been delayed until they had new hardware to test it on to see if the lag actually improved. Otherwise they have a situation like, well, NOW. They also seem uniformly unable to come close to anything like class balance in PvP because they can't even get class balance in PVE. The trait trees made it worse, and the armour situation with essences makes it a joke. Sadly they haven't shown any interest in changing that direction. They have so few devs anymore though I'm not surprised. They can't even do the basics of what they need to do anymore.
  21. Actually your attitude is making it fairly unanimous. It's not just that we don't agree with your idiotic ideas or self-importance. You're actually being rather a cunt about it. And I haven't used that word in years.
  22. No, I think that remark was specific to you and your behavior. Must say I'm not disagreeing with them considering what I've been seeing from you.
  23. I was stunned when I was originally chosen for the 2014 PC - figured it was a misclick on Sapience part that he regretted til the day he left if his attitude was anything to go by. Especially since I seldom agreed with Turbine. You're definitely right about the PC feedback meaning shit. Most of the time it was blatantly ignored except to tell the main forums that whatever poorly-thought-out stupidity had been enacted was with "feedback from the PC". What they didn't tell you was that the feedback would overwhelmingly be WTF DON'T DO IT in many cases.
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