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  1. Good, people who abandon games for 9 years shouldn't be back anyways. Glad your account got messed up. Time to start over
  2. Lol. You must be like 8 years old if you even notice the f word let alone make a lengthy thread about it. This whole thing looks like an 8 year old neighbour kid yelling "he said poop!"
  3. Nah, it would be like playing catch up but 20 years too late for that. Everyone has a pc now so xbox is irrelevant. PS exclusives are untouchable, any attempt to make a shitty bethesda game exclusive at this point will blow up on their faces. Doubt they will even produce an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game over the next 3 years, not to mention they would most likely suck. They might make another Doom by 2023 but come on, Ragnarok is coming 2021 and many other great exclusives to PS5. Xbox is really out of his depth when it comes to challenging Sony and Nintendo.
  4. "Downtime extended, all worlds remain unavailable. No ETA" Santa's come early bois
  5. Turbine the movie is completely possible At least the casting is easy. Here is Kate Paiz: Girl you suck, you suck at sucking, you can't even suck good.
  6. Hello, Mr. Healy is just a perfect Sapience yo This guy is nasty This dude is a good actor and can easily play Sapience's little tantrums and anger issues on forums perfectly.
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