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  1. In everything? Every post? C'mon, you can do better than that. Side note: Stop stalking me, it's creepy
  2. Sorry, just had to chime in here...I would have preferred they took 10 hours and delivered a quality product. Did you see the list of known issues? It's about as long as the actual release notes. It's pathetic. And that is coming from me Ah well...it was a fool's hope in the end...
  3. So let's see...that's 5 people in about a week who have left. Classic. @ vr00mie Careful now, you know how certain people react when you call them out like that. @ Ilodid Your thread was definitely the exception, not the rule. I didn't expect anything to change much on this forum, but some time away has been good. I think I'll make it permanent. Adios bitches
  4. I was a bit worried about the underwater stuff, but I'm actually enjoying it. The vast amount of content that is (basically) free is quite amazing. Tons to do and the game keeps getting better.
  5. My apologies but this little gem brought me back (don't worry, after this I'm gone). This coming from the same person who said the following to Superswim: "either you are incredibly inexperienced with MMOs, or incredibly naive, or you are an idiot" Classic--never leave this forum Nosam, it clearly needs your hypocrisy.
  6. @quinn I'm not categorizing "everyone", those are your words not mine (surprise surprise). Yes, some of the "hate" tends to come from some folks who don't play the game any more...I never said it comes from all the people who don't play any more. I would wager most people have learned to let it go and not repeat the same old bullshit over and over again. I'm not even going to address everything else in your wall of text because you're delusional--as usual. In the end, the proof is in the pudding...look at any thread where Turbine or LOTRO is the topic of discussion...hell, sometim
  7. This. On this, we agree. I've enjoyed some of the back and forth on this forum when it pertains to current events and other topics but when it comes to Turbine and LOTRO--especially against those who still play and enjoy it, the claws tend to come out. And it most cases, it comes from a specific corner that don't even play the game any more. After a few pages of bullshit, you realize the futility of trying to justify why you are still playing the game, dodge some name calling in a few cases and finally look back and say, why did I even partake in that useless exercise? At least that is
  8. Frelorn was asked during a Twitch feed yesterday about the lay offs and how they would impact LOTRO. He said that the layoffs will have no effect on the current plans for LOTRO (which he had mentioned previously, take us to Mordor at the very least). That will be good enough for some, others will cry out for more information. Being the condescending prick I am (nods to Bango, Cadbury), may I suggest that dwelling on the subject is pointless, will give the haters more fuel to hate (nods to Doro), and by the looks of it--dissuade those who still enjoy the game from continuing to do so (loo
  9. Quite a substantial number of players are very casual and don't follow the forums, gaming websites or a former employee's twitter feed. Having said that, there are at least four separate threads on the OF where folks are talking about the recent news.
  10. I didn't "call out" anyone nor did I "target" anyone...I agreed with the point made by Cossieuk and...you know what, never mind. Moving on..
  11. Agreed...it almost has a vindictive feel to it. Like he knew that it would stir shit for Turbine, specifically LOTRO. But that said, I don't want to give him any oxygen by talking about him, he's not worth it.
  12. "of course we need to know which roles were impacted and why, as it is through that we will begin to understand the impact on the game, both in the short and longer term"....your exact words. It's quite easy to connect the "role" with the actual person, that is all I'm saying. I won't pounce on the condescending "you need to get out more and experience the real world" bullshit---except to say...it's a fucking game. If anything I'd say I have a more grounded, realistic perspective--I'll enjoy it while it lasts, and when it's gone, I'll move on to something else. And you still didn't a
  13. I disagree. Especially the "we need" part...and the "why" side of things. Unless you work at Turbine, you're never going to know. And frankly, I'm fine with that. As far as which roles were impacted...again, I understand it's human nature and we are all curious little bees, but...what's the point? The game itself has a built in shelf life. There are only so many stories left to tell in this particular game (unless of course Turbine gets really creative, but that is for another thread). So if you are specifically told that employee X who was working on project Y (because of decision
  14. nice one, some of the elves in Eregion spring to mind. The "why are you bothering me" supplier npc for example.
  15. ah nice one....I'll have to try that out and let you know how I get on
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