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  1. Well I am also going to say goodbye. Joined this forum cause I didnt want to go through that wait time but....
  2. Question 1 contd. Of course thats not everything, you have beornings and Roving Threats and the new regions etc. Those are just the things I am looking forward to the most. Question 2: W/o an improved loot system and BB I actually doubt that I would continue to play after I run through the new regions until the next update. However, with these things I will bounce around instances, PvP, and taking alts through the world. Now Im not going to get into another long drawn out discussion like last time so I will leave it at that.
  3. I will take a shot at it, the biggest things being a new BB that is actually entertaining and Ioot system changes to make BB runs worthwhile, and I havent even ran through the newest regions content to see what the Roving Threats are. Plus this is only B1.
  4. If nothing has been announced from Turbine, Im guessing thats what Ricks talking about. Like saying hes wishing the best for his freinds from LOTRO and hope none of them get fired. Edit: now theres this [update: Warner Bros. has confirmed unspecified layoffs by issuing the following statement to Massively: "As part of our normal business process, we're routinely looking at the strategic alignment of our company. Unfortunately, in order for us to invest in growth areas at Turbine, we have to eliminate some positions. These are always tough decisions, which we don't approach lightly, but it's crucial that Turbine is structured in a way that reflects the current and coming marketplace."]
  5. Just a few changes coming to beornings in later builds like new skin textures and slowing down of the decay of wrath (longer time in bear) https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?557081-Discussion-The-Beorning-Class&p=7249508#post7249508 Hey All, Couple things based on some feedback I wanted to mention: - We are currently hooking up dual wielding at the moment, so many of your skills will incorporate your off hand very soon. - Numbers are still being worked on as i think others have mentioned. A proper dps pass is scheduled very soon. - We are going to slow the decay rate of Wrath while in Bear Form. We want the primary driver of your Wrath consumption to be from your skills, and the numbers right now in bear form are too fast. - The "hotbar" idea is a great one. We internally want to incorporate something like this but we can't make it work in the timeline for u15. We consider this to be a big quality of life feature for some players down the road. (we also hear people wanting the ability to disable this feature if need be) I will be bouncing in and out of this thread over the next couple days, feel free to leave any additional feedback for me. One thing to keep in mind that many might have noticed is that we left some room in the trait trees for some future update work. We have planned on this entire time releasing the Beorning into the wild for people to play and give feedback and look to shortly down the road add some additional functionality based on feedback(think the changes for some classes from u 12 to u14). So keep the great feedback coming in! -Jinjaah https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?557081-Discussion-The-Beorning-Class&p=7249527#post7249527 Couple responses: - Legacies are being tested internally and they may be a little wonky in the current BR build. - Yeah the period between no wrath is a little long, we can mess around with this a little bit to make it quicker, but this is currently related to some animations not properly playing if the player runs out of Wrath too fast. - There is a new bear body texture with a complete new head on its way. - Its something we can look into and this is the sort of feedback where if we can't completely act on it for 15, would be a 15.1 type of fix, but I don't think you are wrong for thinking this way. I mean if a bear was charging at me, regardless of speed I would be terrified, but slightly less if I could out run it. -Jinjaah PS: Who are we kidding, there is no way I could ever out run a bear.
  6. I read that as we will put out beornings with problems and fix them in later updates, like the changes in U12 being fixed (definitely not all the way) being fixed in U14. I dont see where you are getting at tbh
  7. Quotes please I think there is a possibility of a new instance here and there but not putting money on it being any time soon or ever unless the game starts to turn around. IC prolly never. Going to be interested to see what you can come up with.
  8. I like quests because I go about them as quests and adventures with a story behind them. I read the quest texts that I find to be usually well made, and skip the ones that have little story behind them and are literally go kill ten wolves. For example, I brought an alt through the dunbogs today and thoroughly enjoyed it because the story was well written and interactive. Each of the hubs felt interconnected. When I went into the Trollshaws on a different character last week, I almost immediately stopped and went to Evendim because many of the Trollshaws quests are just go kill x, and there is no overarching story in the region. The story doesnt progress as you move through it, but start over at each hub. Since the story isnt good, I skip it.
  9. Tried to ignore him, he continues to keep doing it throughout the "discussion" and I made one mistake by saying I was being belittled that you called out.
  10. This is your repeated strategy in any type of discussion that you can not win easily. Fixate on one point that you think is obviously in your favor and hope everyone forgets the rest. Edit: and btw, it implies that I am not knowledgable in the subject because I am new to it.
  11. As to the bellitelment comment, its crap like this: In U14.2, essence removal scrolls were made fairly common in game. And yes, all of those things are maybes. However, I am going to be optimistic about them. Its fine if you wont.
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