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  1. its one of the last areas of the game pulling in cash...milk it turbine milk it
  2. Ouch...somewhat feel sorry for the son when he had to read that
  3. trenchescomic.com/tales/post/office-sex I laughed so hard about this
  4. Personally I left lotro about a month ago in general disgust with how the game has become a cash grab with the essence system and far more importantly its complete lack of content...when I say lack of content I mean a lack of new content....not the scaling of SoA instances that I've run so much that when someone mentioned them I'd vomit a lil in my mouth. How I left? I gave away about 7,000g and countless items of unknown value(random guess? 10k in total) to new players and the items mostly to friends...just wondering when the time came for you to leave how did you go about it? got yourself perma banned? do a give away?
  5. Its not that i agreed with not doing it, i'd do it again if i wouldn't be banned, i just think dropping them in bree may not have been the best location for it but as i stated before i dropped it there because its my hub and where i sit 90% of my game time when i'm bored, i may have mixed what he said with what another said but this forum topic was pretty much the consensus amongst the population....ALOT loved it and a few were majorly annoyed by it(actually had a nerd rage fight in a raid i was in at the time) so the fun was just about ruined on me after the fact....but i'd love to see some turdbind functions like this. It was mentioned during WoW's WOTLK days there were mobs attacking major cities...i remember that fondly and loved it
  6. Sadly the inventory overflow wasn't even required to get them, as a matter of fact when i did it i had tons of open bag space because i was shown how to do it and warned they each take one slot in your bags...to elaborate, the bug is still active despite the quest not being enabled, anyone who had it when it went down still can do the exploit and i hope they catch a ban for it(a fair one), as far as appealing my ban, i mostly did it based on how sketchy it was that i got a week ban when others who've actually been banned FOR EXPLOITING in the past just got away with a warning...THAT is not okay with me, with that said its over a done with, made a new kin since most of my friends are in alliance channels anyhow and its now called The Turtle King as well as a badass turtle outfit, if i'm banned for a week i'm taking some laughs away from it
  7. Sadly after the fact i agreed with this, but to my knowledge only one person even vaguely low level died and most were having a laughing fit over it, atleast those actually involved it in including those who died, i dropped the said turtles in south bree by the AH where there really arent any quests(i know i know, the hunting lodge), the only low level that died i mailed 50g to out of guilt and frankly he tried to refuse it and laughed about it! but i don't stand for that nonsense! made him take it and IF he had issue with losing a title(he was over 20 i believe) i would have gladly power leveled him to 20 for his title, i've given away about 5,000g in the last 12 days of playing to low levels and kinships as well as a event thats going on in the shire soon...i'm all about helping the nubaroni coming in despite my occasional antics
  8. ugh...really dude...let it go, you got called on being a humorless dickhead, we all had it happen...grow up
  9. Yeah, i just tend to hope for folks with a sense of humor, which i usually get <3, rather then some idiot commenting on me clearly making a joke about the OP spazzing out. Smile, Life is short.
  10. ugh...when i want *** from a *** i'll *** my ***...til then shut up and express your opinion to someone who values it.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201266702190030&set=gm.806700116047739&type=1&theater ^ on crick's facebook page...clearly not hidden from prying eyes....how the hell does he get a warning and i get a ban? Annnnd my Ban Appeal Thank you for your inquiry. I have reviewed the circumstances surrounding the suspension placed on your account, and have determined that the action was warranted. Our Code of Conduct specifically states: ";24. You may not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others."; You were found releasing high level turtles in a low level ";safe"; area. This is considered harassment and an exploit. As a result of your actions towards others, this suspension will remain in full force and effect. Thank you, Senior Customer Service Agent Caspian from a appeal to the ban....its almost fun to see them call it harassment in the way that hemroids are fun
  12. OP Needs to really calm his *** and put a *** in
  13. My understanding from logging in on a alt account i had for additional housing pre mithril coins after maintenance was that the exploit is not fixed and is ongoing...i'm more interested in hearing responses regarding the warning versus the 7 day ban...said person who got the warning was flipping keeps in the moors as well as actually taught me how to do it...finally my feelings on the turtles are the same as the First age and second age symbols ending up in t1 runs by "Mistake" ...when it happens once i get it, we all screw the pooch from time to time but the same exact thing twice? i dare say its a game mechanic at that point by design or neglect and the punishment should fall on the dev who didnt do his job rather then the one paying for the game itself
  14. would you two just bang and get it over with
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