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  1. TheJR

    E3 2011

    Nothing from Turbine yet on E3?
  2. Before 50-60 Now 120-145 Not noticing any difference tho...
  3. TheJR

    What's playing?

    Forcing myself through the new Flogging Molly album... The latest ones are mediocre unfortunately.
  4. I´m into Football Manager 2011. Trying to get Macclesfield (League 2) to Premier League at the moment. Gotta love the English Leagues, lots of fun!
  5. Fixed it a while ago, the site was probably quite busy... All is well now! :')
  6. I clicked cancel on the billing part right about now, hoping for an email to bump into my mailbox...
  7. Is there any way to skip the billing part?
  8. Still cannot enter the Transfer site... what´s up with that?
  9. Simply great pics. Love the cat - Beautiful! :')
  10. In my opinion Ents are one of the most brilliant creatures ever created in fantasy.
  11. I salute you Codies! Thanks for everything.
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