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  1. Sam Hane

    Hello from Cordovan

    Well, not when you're dealing with who HE is talking about.
  2. They've always allowed for constructive discussion, but it seems that now that Sapience has moved on, there are fewer posts made by people who are just trying to see how far they can push before getting infracted and or banned so they can cry over here about how they are "censored for having an opinion Turbine/WB doesn't like".
  3. Sam Hane

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Not really. He said publicly to Aeilrond, "As a side note, if you have a question about any moderation decisions, please PM me. Thanks " The OP of the post referenced above, who supposedly sent Frelorn a PM was Anshere. And considering that he kept referencing threads that had plenty of polite criticisms of Turbine and Sapience, I would say that, as always, claims that Turbine deletes ALL criticism of themselves is bullshit. Say it politely, say it without cursing, and it will most likely stay
  4. Sam Hane

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Yes, well...Austin is weird. And let's keep it that way
  5. Sam Hane

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    pip pip cheerio and all that sort of rot?
  6. Sam Hane

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Actually, now that I think about it...why is anyone still even posting in this thread? Sapience is gone, the purpose of this thread is done.
  7. Sam Hane

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Not a problem, some of us over here believe in democracy, social security, racial tolerance and an ability not to have to walk around with a firearm in public from the age of three also. Culture, eh...some people get too caught up in their possession of "culture" and have an inability to appreciate when others appreciate that culture and want to celebrate it with them. All this "cultural appropriation" bullshit As for decency and modesty, well....those mean different things to different people. All those Republicans would say Europeans are the immodest ones, what with nude beaches and all, and no work ethic, blah, blah, blah. ? Ok, that's cool. I hit quote again on a different post and it added it into this post. Fucking awesome!
  8. Sam Hane

    Ferguson, Missouri

    The point is that the picture ISN'T Michael Brown. But you don't really, care, do you? Don't bother replying for my sake, I put racist trash on ignore.
  9. Sam Hane

    Nerd Love <3 <3 <3

    Pretty sure someone else is on his way to acquiring that status.
  10. Sam Hane

    Ferguson, Missouri

    Right, just like the FBI should be able to tap our phones without a warrant (this is in no way a statement saying they don't do it, just that it's not fucking legal) because they hadn't been invented when the Constitution was written, so the 4th Amendment doesn't apply to them.
  11. Sam Hane

    Perma-Death Adventure

    Didn't they make a lot of the quests in Vol 1 into insta-ports to cut down on travel time?
  12. Sam Hane

    My First Post...

    I'm just surprised that he hasn't created an account over here just to toot his own horn about his idiocy there, since no one here noticed him yet. Oh, wait...