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  1. But... Wildermore! Some guy I don't remember wasn't dead, or something! And I got to watch stuff happen, except on my hunter, who got mad & tried to auto-shoot the ice thing, & got herself killed. I took that part of the game to mean, "You've suspected this before, but we at Turbine *really* hate you."
  2. I tried that on a L10, I think - once. I've never seen such death & mayhem. Granted, you're probably supposed to do it in a group, but if they want to shame & depress people, 'You can do this at L10!' would be a great method. "Hi, Aragorn! I'm a L10 Hobbit Minstrel, here in HD, from Michel Delving, & - hi! Let me just take over & start telling these total strangers that I didn't know existed what to do next!" Aside from the glitches & the 'why am I now a siege operator & not a RK' part, they just felt so non-epic. One of the most exciting parts of the book, down
  3. Or if they do bring in something new, it would be nice if they'd work on it until it *works.* Like mounted combat. Epic Battles. If they want me to build a town, then I'd better own that town, & it had better be invaded frequently! Or at least be useful in some regard. Turbine, more than any game I've played, seems to fling new stuff at you, fail to recognize its stunningly obvious flaws, then march on heedless to the next 'great new thing!' My horse, full on agility, still moves like a ship in full sail in a tiny harbor. Epic Battles still have the same glitches they did in beta
  4. Probably because of the upcoming movies, I'd say SWTOR has a lot more hope, & I personally think their new expansion seems interesting. With LOTRO, the movies are over, and Turbine did nothing to run with The Hobbit, anyway. I tried Rift - it just seemed like a WoW clone with a strange, built in lag & very good housing. I didn't hate it, but I didn't stick with it, either. Wildstar annoyed me with its first ad, & I was never tempted to investigate deeper. WoW - I've gone back to it a few times, but by the end, I deeply disliked it on many levels. I dutifully raided, found I
  5. I'm afraid that's all too clear, & has been for a *long* time. For me, it comes down to, 'how much do I value riding around Middle Earth?' I've left the game before (I hated what they did to Rohan, the epic story was terrible fan fiction, & they bungled the entire thing, from the bumbling rangers to a whiny, petulant Eowyn, & 'frozen-with-fear' Eomer.) It's never Turbine, always the world itself, that brings me back, though I'm never completely happy with it, and it never feels quite right. (this is also why I cannot endure the Turbine Devotees, & so often want to slap them
  6. I thought it must be a glitch at first, then realized, 'No, they really *are* this controlling.' The Savage Fandom does have the effect of sending me in the opposite direction. It makes it ever harder to log in with any affection for the game.
  7. Getting around the store has been like trying to evade perfume hawkers at a mall. I'm not encouraged to hear they're upping their game there. Are they cracking down on 'not glowing remarks' again? I found myself briefly banned (for what amounted to a few hours) for *something* - no idea what, but I had mentioned some in game problems last week. I'd also noticed the more doting posters going into a more aggressive defense lately. (which probably prompted me to point out the issues)
  8. I've never tried to transfer on LOTRO before, but as I understand it, it's never gone particularly well. (missing items, titles, etc) I'm not sure why a week or 2 of 'doing whatever with copies to Bullroarer' will fix that. (and the people who answer clearly have no idea. but speak with that beautiful, Heydt-esque assurance, that fills me with weird delight and/or rage.) I did the same, & my daughter has, as well. It would seem reasonable to have done a name purge, but apparently, that's asking too much. I fully expect Monday to roll around, & we'll hear a list of comple
  9. When I saw her 'Oops,' I was pretty much ready to start slamming my head on my desk. I wondered if she was being deliberately misleading a few times, over the past week, but after this, I'm leaning toward, "Inept." Do they *really* not proof read their diaries? That's oh so comforting!
  10. If Middle Earth means something to you, this game is just weird. It's wrong in laughable ways. It doesn't feel like a Tolkien world in any way. It's just a generic medieval setting, with a few LOTR words thrown in. (Your hero is motivated by a standard, predictable revenge quest that I've seen 1000 times.) However, despite what I've read, I'd say it's not great even removing the Tolkien-WHAT? factor. I'm actually finding it rather boring, & though I don't usually play games like this, it's almost too easy. (and I don't say that often.) It doesn't require any thought - I final
  11. I'm trying it now. All I really have to say, "Flowers of Lorien, blooming pleasantly in Mordor." I'm not sold on the 'developers LOVE the lore.'
  12. If the game had been great, I don't think Sapience would have mattered much. If the game had been great, I don't think I would have bothered to visit their forums in the first place. I don't think I went for several years. However, once you're there, he was omnipresent. On other forums - GW2, WoW - they have a lot of developers/CMs chatting. Here, it was pretty much only Sapience. I know there were supposedly class specialists, but generally, they seemed to appear to ask for 'our precious input,' then never show up again. That, I thought, was an obvious PR move, with absolutely no interes
  13. I don't think either of us knew who we could complain *to.* He was *it,* as far as I knew. He was always followed by his gang of admirers, & it seemed to me that they just buried you if you said anything they didn't like. (I don't remember what the topic was - something about the real books, I believe.) But I don't think my daughter wanted to fix it, she just lost interest in the game & finally quit entirely. (my son, wisely, refuses to visit any gaming forum for any reason - he says people fight viciously over what Pokemon to have on your Poke-team, so there's not much hope for
  14. There was one other thing that got me, but it was so weird & so bad that it almost made me linger for More Python. This was a quest in Wildermore, as I remember - maybe before. (Ok, I don't remember when - Rohan, on a hill) Your character (I was on my elf RK female at the time, which is important, so you get the visuals) was directed to kill a bunch of crebain, *cut off their beaks,* put them in a sack, give it to their mother, and tell her to bring this sack to Saruman - 'as a message.' I'm sure it would have worked EVEN better if my lady elf had sawed off the entire crow head,
  15. Ok! Thanks for this topic! I've been holding this stuff back for a LONG time, & it feels inspiring to vent at last! It will be long - sorry! I've taken breaks - sometimes long ones (maybe up to a year) - in the past. The longest, until now, came right after we moved into Rohan. I got to the part where, for some reason, my hobbit burglar had to carry flowers for a smitten Rohirrim soldier, & gave up for a long time. I think that's the same time that I'd scared one of their proud & few by whistling, & another had waxed on about how neat it is that an elf woman might be
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