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  1. But... Wildermore! Some guy I don't remember wasn't dead, or something! And I got to watch stuff happen, except on my hunter, who got mad & tried to auto-shoot the ice thing, & got herself killed. I took that part of the game to mean, "You've suspected this before, but we at Turbine *really* hate you."
  2. I tried that on a L10, I think - once. I've never seen such death & mayhem. Granted, you're probably supposed to do it in a group, but if they want to shame & depress people, 'You can do this at L10!' would be a great method. "Hi, Aragorn! I'm a L10 Hobbit Minstrel, here in HD, from Michel Delving, & - hi! Let me just take over & start telling these total strangers that I didn't know existed what to do next!" Aside from the glitches & the 'why am I now a siege operator & not a RK' part, they just felt so non-epic. One of the most exciting parts of the book, down to - this weird, flat experience. However! My son did the 'special class thing' on his Captain, & I truly haven't laughed that hard in ages. (if this is a spoiler, sorry) Seeing Aragorn pause & come back to get advice as to what inspiring words to say - over & over - I actually had tears. And I looked forward to those special moments. (does anyone know if there have been any since? I think there was something that seemed aimed at the Pelennor Fields, warden or Guardian) But the Captain's was - horrifying. Yet still amazing, in a 'Turbine, WHY?' kind of way. Back to the point, I personally compare LOTRO now with, say, EQ2, a game that should be on auto pilot, there for veterans, without expectation of great advancement. And I'd be ok with that, if they'd fixed issues as they cropped up, but they have not. They don't seem to have direction. They're not raid-committed like WoW, they're not PvP centered like GW2 seems to be. They're not determinedly solo friendly, or story-focused like SWTOR. I could go back several years & say, "Make up your damned mind!" It's just such a frustrating game, existing on the shoulders of something much greater & dependent on the loyalty of people to that other, superior source.
  3. Or if they do bring in something new, it would be nice if they'd work on it until it *works.* Like mounted combat. Epic Battles. If they want me to build a town, then I'd better own that town, & it had better be invaded frequently! Or at least be useful in some regard. Turbine, more than any game I've played, seems to fling new stuff at you, fail to recognize its stunningly obvious flaws, then march on heedless to the next 'great new thing!' My horse, full on agility, still moves like a ship in full sail in a tiny harbor. Epic Battles still have the same glitches they did in beta. (and they're still terrible. I've dutifully done them on 4 characters until I have all my promotion points & am bedecked in gold jewels, & I still find them unfun & completely un-epic) The store is completely intrusive. That you really have to use it to level up legacies & such - that drove several of my kinmates away long ago. I don't mind buying cosmetic things, but stuff like mithril coin travel... BAD feeling there! I don't know how many times I've gone on a fetch quest, completed it, then had to resist or succumb to the desire to insta-port back. And usually it's a long, tedious, often confusing ride back otherwise. Just - cheap, Turbine. Even the Bingo quests - that 'run back & forth to pick up his stuff' quest series felt like a jerk move to me. It's not cute - it's just - they *really* don't like their players much, do they? (and why I've done them in the first place is - well, I'm really sick of big battles...)
  4. Probably because of the upcoming movies, I'd say SWTOR has a lot more hope, & I personally think their new expansion seems interesting. With LOTRO, the movies are over, and Turbine did nothing to run with The Hobbit, anyway. I tried Rift - it just seemed like a WoW clone with a strange, built in lag & very good housing. I didn't hate it, but I didn't stick with it, either. Wildstar annoyed me with its first ad, & I was never tempted to investigate deeper. WoW - I've gone back to it a few times, but by the end, I deeply disliked it on many levels. I dutifully raided, found I liked it no more than I ever had before, & finally quit that again, after proving to myself that I could do it to the heroic level, well, & still found it an abomination against my time. (I actually preferred their LFR, because I didn't have to spend 3+ hours on a bi-weekly basis, which generally felt like a 3 hour drive to Boston on a slow bus with people who talk constantly, & keep going the wrong way. This is considering the rudeness & abuse you endure in LFR, which indicates that I really, really didn't enjoy serious raiding. I never want to do anything in any game, ever again, where I have to ask if I can take a break to use the bathroom or let my dogs out.) I get why other people like it, but I just can't. (I do like instances with groups of people I know, however) ESO - that seemed like an epic disaster. I was in beta for that, & hated it enough not to bother when it launched. The only MMO I found acceptable was SWTOR, mainly for the story. But it does feel like a single player game with some multi player options, rather than an MMO. I'm pretty much done with MMOs anyway, so maybe that's a good thing. I don't *care* about SW as I do about LOTR, so I'm less offended if they get something wrong. GW2 - I have such mixed feelings about that one. In some ways, I thought it was great. I had a great time, got most classes to max, but over time, it just irritated me. (their money grab store must make Turbine green with envy) The classes, I thought, were weirdly imbalanced. (which I guess is true for most MMOs, but this one annoyed me more.) It's pretty, but almost too pretty. (I once tried Aion - I can't begin to say how I hated its pretty-prettiness, & this is why I avoid FF - human females should not look like adorably cutesy dolls on tiny high heeled shoes. For that matter, neither should men.) I'll most likely go back to SWTOR, at least until I see how this expansion goes. I'll probably play GW2 some, but I didn't like its combat, though I liked the speed & movement very much. (for one thing, it seems mainly focused on pvp, & I don't like pvp, so there's that. But I found their WvW just a giant zerg mess, though I did it for quite a while, just out of stubbornness.) As opposed to SWTOR, the stories are - eh. At first, some are great. (I loved the Asura, but the humans were dull, as humans too often are) The story progresses until, maybe, L40, with a lot of interesting options, Then you run into perhaps THE most annoying NPC ever invented, & get stuck with him, as your character basically disappears. After that, it gets possibly worse, when your now-nothing character follows this bad fan-fic group around, & stands there idle while they banter. That was deeply awful, & about when I quit. I gather the newer stories are better, but I don't like the combat enough to find out. They also seem determined to force people into huge guilds, & that's an absolute, "Never" for me. I also recognized that GW2 was pretty, but I still prefer LOTRO for environment, maybe because it's not so airy-fairy/pastel. In contrast, of course, the GW2 character models are 1000x better. SWTOR had a stunningly bland environment, ok but repetitive models. Maybe they'll improve that, though I doubt it. eta: What DID happen to Age of Conan? I played that when it launched, liked it briefly, then stopped. (I think I stopped when you could buy a concubine, or something. Human trafficking just doesn't seem ok, even in Conan) It was also pretty, though the character races were dull & I never did make a character I liked. I think I ended up with some guy because I couldn't make a female I liked. But I didn't care for him much, either. I just remember thinking it had promise, then dropped off at L20, when suddenly, no NPC is voiced & nothing really happens again.
  5. I'm afraid that's all too clear, & has been for a *long* time. For me, it comes down to, 'how much do I value riding around Middle Earth?' I've left the game before (I hated what they did to Rohan, the epic story was terrible fan fiction, & they bungled the entire thing, from the bumbling rangers to a whiny, petulant Eowyn, & 'frozen-with-fear' Eomer.) It's never Turbine, always the world itself, that brings me back, though I'm never completely happy with it, and it never feels quite right. (this is also why I cannot endure the Turbine Devotees, & so often want to slap them.) Maybe the new hardware will perk things up - make combat less leaden, at least remove some lag & weird glitchy movement, but even quests seem designed for the store's purposes. That won't change. (make me run all over the place, pick up something, run a zone back, turn it in, go back - NOW are you ready to spend that mithril coin? I swear, the Bingo thing seems designed with that sole purpose, & nothing else.) My favorite moment upon coming back was climbing the rubble in Osgiliath to look out toward Minas Tirith. Then I'm sure a Ranger told me to go fetch a spider's nose or something, & the moment disappeared. When I was a child, LOTR meant everything to me - it's only the faintest shadow of that in game that inspires me to log in. And Tolkien wasn't hawking mithril coins. Turbine, taking something beautiful & deeply meaningful to many, & running it into the ground!
  6. I thought it must be a glitch at first, then realized, 'No, they really *are* this controlling.' The Savage Fandom does have the effect of sending me in the opposite direction. It makes it ever harder to log in with any affection for the game.
  7. Getting around the store has been like trying to evade perfume hawkers at a mall. I'm not encouraged to hear they're upping their game there. Are they cracking down on 'not glowing remarks' again? I found myself briefly banned (for what amounted to a few hours) for *something* - no idea what, but I had mentioned some in game problems last week. I'd also noticed the more doting posters going into a more aggressive defense lately. (which probably prompted me to point out the issues)
  8. I've never tried to transfer on LOTRO before, but as I understand it, it's never gone particularly well. (missing items, titles, etc) I'm not sure why a week or 2 of 'doing whatever with copies to Bullroarer' will fix that. (and the people who answer clearly have no idea. but speak with that beautiful, Heydt-esque assurance, that fills me with weird delight and/or rage.) I did the same, & my daughter has, as well. It would seem reasonable to have done a name purge, but apparently, that's asking too much. I fully expect Monday to roll around, & we'll hear a list of completely unexpected surviving servers. I leveled a new character, got my house, and I'm *sure* a predictable-survivor server will be abandoned, in the next round of 'Oops!'
  9. When I saw her 'Oops,' I was pretty much ready to start slamming my head on my desk. I wondered if she was being deliberately misleading a few times, over the past week, but after this, I'm leaning toward, "Inept." Do they *really* not proof read their diaries? That's oh so comforting!
  10. If Middle Earth means something to you, this game is just weird. It's wrong in laughable ways. It doesn't feel like a Tolkien world in any way. It's just a generic medieval setting, with a few LOTR words thrown in. (Your hero is motivated by a standard, predictable revenge quest that I've seen 1000 times.) However, despite what I've read, I'd say it's not great even removing the Tolkien-WHAT? factor. I'm actually finding it rather boring, & though I don't usually play games like this, it's almost too easy. (and I don't say that often.) It doesn't require any thought - I finally realized I was doing too much, because the game is a lot easier than I'd expected. It's - forgettable. And it goes to show that reviews can't be trusted, or people are extremely gullible. Or maybe their standards are just stunningly low. Movement is strange, too. You can't climb up a little boulder, but you CAN scale vast, flat walls. Your character is boring & generic. Your 'inner elf' seems to want you to 'use the weapons of the enemy.' I'd say the characters seem more Warcraft than Tolkien, but without the Warcraft whimsy. So - eh. I think you'd really have to worship WB to love this. It's playable. Not as horrible as ESO (I really hated ESO) - that's about the best I can say. It would be marginally better if it didn't completely misunderstand everything Tolkien, but I don't think it would be great. The story, certainly, is pretty lousy. I keep waiting for something to happen, but when it does, it's cringe-worthy. I'd wait for a sale to try it. (meaning, I wish I had waited.) eta: You definitely aren't running around Middle Earth. You start in Mordor, which bears no resemblance to Mordor - more like a Warcraft orc camp. (and the flowers of Lorien growing there... ugh.) You don't explore - you just hold shift (or whatever, I rekeyed mine because my fingers hurt) to stealth a lot (and you have to keep holding it) and it's just all fighting. No world building, no exploration, no conversations other than cinematics. No choice at all, other than which blob on the map do I pick next.
  11. I'm trying it now. All I really have to say, "Flowers of Lorien, blooming pleasantly in Mordor." I'm not sold on the 'developers LOVE the lore.'
  12. If the game had been great, I don't think Sapience would have mattered much. If the game had been great, I don't think I would have bothered to visit their forums in the first place. I don't think I went for several years. However, once you're there, he was omnipresent. On other forums - GW2, WoW - they have a lot of developers/CMs chatting. Here, it was pretty much only Sapience. I know there were supposedly class specialists, but generally, they seemed to appear to ask for 'our precious input,' then never show up again. That, I thought, was an obvious PR move, with absolutely no interest in the actual input. I see Sapience as a dark cloud that made the entire experience more negative. But he wouldn't have any real effect on my desire to play. That was crushed by an Epic Story that got worse & worse, until I actively loathed it. By Epic/Big Battles, which I also despised. By 'start something, refuse to improve it, then drop it' which they've done consistently since I started playing, but which grows worse with every year.. (I fully expect big battles to end up this way, too, but unless I can stomp on its bitter remains, it will not be enough to satisfy my vengeance against that utterly ridiculous waste of time.) Trait changes really stole any residual enjoyment I had in playing any of my classes. (except maybe the burglar, I guess) People may not visit the forums, but I'd think a lot of them check out the updates and developer diaries. I distinctly remember a diary where Kate Paiz prattled on about housing - maybe the same letter with the, "you asked for it, & we listened!!!' Which said we wanted no new content, no instances, & that we only really wanted Turbine to keep working on the store. So that kind of thing leads to distrust & disappointment. It's also insulting - I picture the Turbine office filled with people passing around snarky memes & passive-aggressively insulting each other.
  13. I don't think either of us knew who we could complain *to.* He was *it,* as far as I knew. He was always followed by his gang of admirers, & it seemed to me that they just buried you if you said anything they didn't like. (I don't remember what the topic was - something about the real books, I believe.) But I don't think my daughter wanted to fix it, she just lost interest in the game & finally quit entirely. (my son, wisely, refuses to visit any gaming forum for any reason - he says people fight viciously over what Pokemon to have on your Poke-team, so there's not much hope for any of them.)
  14. There was one other thing that got me, but it was so weird & so bad that it almost made me linger for More Python. This was a quest in Wildermore, as I remember - maybe before. (Ok, I don't remember when - Rohan, on a hill) Your character (I was on my elf RK female at the time, which is important, so you get the visuals) was directed to kill a bunch of crebain, *cut off their beaks,* put them in a sack, give it to their mother, and tell her to bring this sack to Saruman - 'as a message.' I'm sure it would have worked EVEN better if my lady elf had sawed off the entire crow head, & crept into Saruman's bedroom, then left it at the foot of his bed. I spent the whole quest with a husky version of, "You disappoint me, Saruman" rumbling in my head. Also, an image of Saruman's perplexed expression when he receives the sack from the bereaved Crow Mum. "Um... why?" So - it's that kind of wacko quest, which MAYBE they meant to be a funny Godfather nod (because that goes SO well with Tolkien) - which makes me think that Turbine doesn't care. Or even know what world they're writing in - or have any conception of an elf. (or hobbit - hard to picture that, too.) It's like they just rip off WoW-style quests, not realizing they're not in a WoW-world. But - sometimes, I did find it pretty fun. I'll give them that. That, & Aragorn's Captain-Special-Moment, "What should I saw now, Higgenbottom?"
  15. Ok! Thanks for this topic! I've been holding this stuff back for a LONG time, & it feels inspiring to vent at last! It will be long - sorry! I've taken breaks - sometimes long ones (maybe up to a year) - in the past. The longest, until now, came right after we moved into Rohan. I got to the part where, for some reason, my hobbit burglar had to carry flowers for a smitten Rohirrim soldier, & gave up for a long time. I think that's the same time that I'd scared one of their proud & few by whistling, & another had waxed on about how neat it is that an elf woman might be blond & fight, like they've never seen that before, in any way. Around this time, I must have been trying SWTOR, & decided I COULD have a character who had something of a personal story. I don't ask for that much, but I'd have loved the opportunity to say, "Bite me," to several NPCs in LOTRO. I came back about a year later, caught up on the story, & leveled most of my alts to whatever was max. I liked the idea of mounted combat - I was just glad my Guardian wasn't my main character. After awhile, I figured out that how I thought I was placed on Turbine's side wasn't where I was actually placed, so I learned to avoid rubber banding by guessing where *they* thought I was. So I could have loved it, but because they did absolutely nothing to make it great, and because they had horses move like ships in full sail in tiny harbors, I was pretty disappointed by the end. I stuck it out from then until last winter. I came back to test the updates, on my main character, found myself told to carry nails, swore loudly, then went to see Dol Amroth (I've always loved seeing their interpretations of ME, and it's interesting to see the places we didn't visit in the books.) But instead, I saw Dwarf heads with bad nose jobs, & I logged out. There's this wonderful pull toward Middle Earth, toward riding around - on my horse-ship, because I will not go back to the old models, however much more flexible they were, because they never looked real AND they move incorrectly... Isn't there some prototype for seeing how a horse actually moves & jumps? Apparently not, or Turbine didn't bother. (This is picky, but my sister quit, truly, because they have North American bird calls rather than British... so I could be worse!) Anyway - I like riding around in Middle Earth. But against that innate draw, Turbine puts up some serious defenses - like the lurking shadow of its store. I don't mind in game stores - I use them (too much, and wish I didn't). But other games make them easy convenience or better, cosmetic & fun. (personally, I think it absolutely sucks to have experience boosts, or skill/deed boosts. If it's too slow, leveling or deed-gathering, then fix your stupid game! Don't charge people to fix something you have concluded as too slow.) Legacy tier ups infuriated me, like rune packages. Or speeding up crafting! Hey! Maybe something in game that means - 'oh, now I can go eat, have dinner, nap, & check later' - is NOT involving! So fix it - don't charge me. (I guess they've added a 'no-proc' option? Too late, Turbine - also, I hate the proc device, anyway. If I'm a crafter, shouldn't I know how to make stuff as I wish it? I'm a super-amazing expert, right? And why do I 'forget' recipes? UGH! I hated their crafting...) By the end, I felt *everything* in the game was designed to make you spend real life money. Not as a side purpose - I believe it is the entire, only purpose of their current developers. The store was a constant negative drain - it was too visible, too often. I could have endured that if I'd been loving the game, as I once did. But they took Rohan, one of the best spots in the books, imo, & made it - stupid. The Rohirrim were almost universally nitwits. Right from the 'whistle to scare them' to their 'fools bickering while their country falls.' Completely wrong for Tolkien's conception. Just insulting - and all the while, turning the Dunlendings into some cliched noble savage, led by Nona, who - in theory - could have been a pretty strong female character, despite the warping of Tolkien's world. I was happy to have a female character in a video game who wasn't a victim or dressed in a rope bikini. You don't see that often. But instead, they paired her up with 'beta male so beta I wanted to hit him' Horn, who seemed about as 'Rohan' as my cat. Less, because my cat CAN chase things & get them. And the story went to maudlin lows, until I had to endure the Heydts on the OF gabbing about whether Nona was due to vomit forth the 'next generation of Middle Earth.' I thought the original Epic Story was pretty good, if lore-stretching. I thought the Epic Story after Theodred fell, at least, was absolutely terrible & the Rangers were like some kind of comedy group. ("WHAT? One of us died? Well, back to Evendim with the body!" "WHAT? We did something collosally stupid and it ended badly? NO!" "Aragorn needs us? Let's putter around here for seemingly months for no damned reason at all! Then we'll show up at the wrong time in Isengard because Turbine doesn't care about the book at all." And that ONE character you may actually care about? Lothrandir, who did have shades of heroism? We'll make his story some fan fic stupidity about another G-D Dunlending. Oh, did she have a change of heart? Who cares?) Having to convince Eomer not to fear indicated to me that Turbine never got to the 'Rohan' part of the book. It's like they inverted his character. (Eomer was one of my favorites, since I was a small child, because he rushed into things without much thought. His scene at the Pelennor Field still gives me chills - greeting the black ships before he knew they were 'Aragorn.') UGH! Not this stout little Rowsdower scared of his own shadow, til some Hobbit (and Horn - ugh) tells him to buck up. Then there's Eowyn, my role model as a girl - who, last time I saw her in game, was prattling on like a stupid teen about how she didn't want to report some kids death, & her brother... waaah-snark-waah. And all the townspeople bitching about her? UGH!!!! I couldn't kill the woman in that -small town before Dunharrow- and that lack of choice alone doomed my joy in this game. There are always things/interpretations of a book, especially one this well loved & well known, that will rankle. There are certainly things in the movies I didn't like. (and many that I did) But by late Rohan, I distinctly felt Turbine didn't give a damn about the book or the world, & when that Paiz woman said 'the best would come AFTER Mordor,' my daughter quit entirely. No, Paiz & company, you & your Nona fan fic writers are NOT going to make something better than Tolkien. Don't even think it. Or go write your own damned story! Somewhere else. If I still liked their story interpretation, I'd still be playing. But added to that comes the weird, totally unnecessary trait changes. WHY? It's more annoying now, FAR less flexible, & makes no sense. (I also have just as much crap on my hotbar, so I see no point at all.) Why make a distinct, inflexible tree for tanking when you've axed raids and even 3 mans? (I did 3 mans with my friends/family. We also did 6 & a few raids with the 3 of us... I'm really proud to now learn that these 3 mans count as raids. Ooot!) Why fiddle with the runekeeper's attunement? It's just energy now - it was fine before! Now it's boring. Boring & annoying. And pointless. I went from loving my champion, to ditching him entirely. (my burglar, only, feels about the same - except somehow weaker.) No more hybrids? Well, that's fun! I really tried to be positive about it. (my son quit when he saw what they'd done to the Guardian - he hated it completely, without reservation. My daughter despised her lore master, which was her main character.) My final, "Well, I'm done!" was really the Dwarf Heads of Dol Amroth. Tiny thing, final straw. And seeing some developer insist they're 'Numenoreans,' like he's never read a single thing Tolkien ever wrote. UGH! The last thing they did well was world building. This was just abominable cut & paste. So maybe they'll get to Mordor. I'm sure we'll be trotting all over the place, probably clearing the way for Sam & Frodo, or skinning boars for Faramir. We'll have elves & hobbits greeting us, no doubt. And deal Shelob the final blow. And I don't want to see it. I'm not really playing anything now. Waiting for the new Dragon Age, hoping it will be more fun than the last one. (I didn't like that I was playing their character, Hawke, & I hated the too-easy-even-for-me fighting.) I've played a lot of Guild Wars 2 & a little Rift. I find that I get bored in Rift - the world doesn't grab me, but I play it a little. I loved GW2 for awhile, but their story got pretty bad by the end, & now doesn't seem to involve the PC at all. And I was never sold on their fighting mechanics. (That said, I love the Asura more than I can say, & that tends to draw me back.) I played through SWTOR on every class/both sides, & I did enjoy that - for the single player aspect. It's just - nothing more to do there, because I really only liked the story. (other than that, it felt just like wow-in-space) I played WoW before - the panda expansion (and got through that on a brief visit back) but I didn't care for their direction, plus my favorite class, rogue, felt awful. It was also weirdly dumbed down, so my visit remained brief. And the last thing, which inspired me to find this site: I know they say only a tiny fraction of a player base ever visits the official forums, and maybe that's true. Yet supposedly, only about 10% of players ever get past Level 10, so I'm not sure what that means. Just a CM's way of saying, "You don't matter." But Turbine's forum was weird - generally, players were nicer than you see on other gaming forums, by a long way. Even after F2P, it wasn't bad. (The Heydts were annoying, but they didn't insult your mother, after all... maybe in a passive-aggressive way...) I thought it was just me - that I have a low tolerance for snark & rudeness. My daughter, long ago, developed a seething hatred of Sapience, for all the right reasons. (Someone was harassing her on the forums, truly, and she finally reported it. Sapience wrote back to her & said she should toughen up or something. He should be working at a university... I can't remember which regular it was - some old guy, probably the Heydt guy, or one of those too familiar names. It's apparently ok to harass a girl if you're one of Sapience's pets.) I stuck around long after she did (I foolishly thought maybe they just don't ban people - ha!) and I saw him get snarkier & snarkier, & saw Turbine say things, lie about them, then erase the 'paper trail' that proved they'd said it. I'm not sure how many forums can detract from a game, but this one did. Maybe they finally realized that, but it's a little late now. eta, because this wasn't enough: And I really, really, really loathed Epic/Big Battles.
  16. That is the best welcome I've ever had! Rowsdower - 'might want to clear out, I'm about to puke here.' Saving Southern Alberta for all of us!
  17. I generally just pop by here to see what's going on (aka, lurking with nothing to add), but I wouldn't feel too bad about complaining, or having lingering negativity toward Turbine. I found this site because I couldn't believe I was the only one questioning the tone of the official forums. I have a lifetime subscription - I don't remember when I first started playing LOTRO - before Moria, anyway. I have 5 classes maxed. (well, I did - I'd quit before the Dol Amroth part.) I didn't visit the official forums often - generally, I'd go if I had a question, then get sucked in to the weirdness occasionally. Within a few posts, I'd learned there were Heydts in the world, & you could count on them to correct you, no matter what you said. (It was about the time they ran a long debate about Nona's possible pregnancy that I gave up & vowed to avoid the place forever after. Probably because I suspected they're right, & the future of Middle Earth, as envisioned by Turbine, includes the Hellspawn of Horn & Nona.) I thought maybe I was the only one who noticed that Sapience was stunningly snarky & rude, so this site is great, just so I feel sane again. I tried the newest update - I got to the part where I'm told to carry nails, & decided that's it. I'm sure there's some good stuff left (...sure, as in 'maybe.') But I'd lost all the old enthusiasm. (that, & I'm on Elendilmir, my old kin is long gone, & I'm the only one in my family to still visit on occasion.) I forgot the Dwarf Heads in Dol Amroth. I saw some developer insist they're Numenoreans. Well, how stupid do they think we are? They're Moria Dwarves with slight nose jobs! The last thing they did well, imo, was world building, design. Dol Amroth just seemed lazy to me. (After the 'Nail Quest,' I rode down to see it - then logged off for the last time.) A lot got to me, by the end. I've always loathed the store, but I understand why games need that income. I don't really object to the concept of micro-transactions, but having to buy stuff like legacy tier ups, that felt wrong. (You can find them in world drops! In all those characters, I never did - but... they're there! For sure!) Turbine's methods drive me crazy - start something, then drop it. From raids & pvp, to housing, skirmishes, and mounted combat. (I could have loved that - then I tried it on my guardian...) Now it's Epic Battles - I see no good in them at all. They feel lazy, and as un-epic as it gets. (oh, & the trait revamp - for me, that ruined a lot, especially my champion - one of the 3 I played most.) And the weird semantics - raiding now includes 3 mans? I didn't raid, but we instanced a lot. Without that, I'm not sure what's left. We tried the Epic Battles, and at that point, the 2 remaining friends I played with, finally quit, in disgust & fury. And I really hated the way Turbine removed posts, *even their own,* and pretended they'd never said something. They did this so often, it became ridiculous. I wondered if others noticed - it's nice to find out they did. By the end, I'd come to despise the epic story, too. They took one of the best parts of the book, for me, and made it just - awful. (Eomer looks like Zap Rowsdower, if anyone knows MST3K - that pains me, & Eowyn has become a whiny teen. I came to loathe the 'noble savage' Dunlendings, while the Rohirrim startled at whistles & feared salamanders. See, I'm getting testy even as I remember it.) One of the final 'UGH!' moments for me was that 'special class moment' which I waited for with great hope. In this case, it was the Captain at Helm's Deep. I don't know if anyone here has done it, but - wow. I went into fits of laughter. (Aragorn has gone Monty Python - that's all I can say in case horrible spoilers matter at this point.) They took something potentially amazing & made it - well, good comedy, anyway! I'm pretty sure that wasn't their intention - I think they just don't care at all, & have totally lost the spirit that makes Tolkien great. But a laugh is never wasted, I guess. So - yes, there is negative stuff on this forum. But personally, I needed that, without the threat of being Heydted. (whoever came up with 'Heydt-jacked' on this forum somewhere, thank you!) I haven't logged in for weeks - I probably won't play again. I can find the too-often pathetic cheerleading on the official forums, should I ever go back. (less & less likely) But it's oddly helpful to see that I'm not alone in disappointment, & yes, anger at Turbine for what it did to Middle Earth. I hate giving up this game - but I don't think there's one thing I said here that *wouldn't* get me banned on the official forum. I've never been 'warned' or anything, but only because I knew full well that I'd be deleted. (I didn't think about being banned - I thought that was for *real* offenses, like suggesting a pregnant Nona is a good idea...) And I still check out what they're doing, because it meant a lot to me once. It's nice to visit a place where a few others seem to have gone through the same thing.
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