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  1. Oh, look... it's a whole ship of fools who again retorted. Where are all of your own credentials might I ask? Oh, you don't have any yet here you are demanding and demeaning me for mine. Apparently, you don't know how laws work. Are you Americans? Or Amerikans? Or foreigners? Please do identity your nationalities and country of residence before spouting more lies and other B.S..
  2. I'm a liar? Please. You've called me about every negative connotation under the modern day Sun thus far... to include now a liar. I've done my military time.... have you? I've taken time to educate myself... have you? I don't need to lie to convey my thoughts nor support my argument. Yet, there YOU ARE doing just that... and repeatedly no less... lying. Instead of hurling insults at people... why don't you support your argument/views with empirical data? Oh, but you can't.... that is why you are relegated to belittling other people rather than eroding/dispelling their argument. You're a REAL ASSet to this LotRO Community.... well... not really. Might I suggest you visit your local tome vendor and procure a literary work on the Art of Debate. Perhaps then you can argue your points without having to resort to name calling and other juvenile/frontal lobe antics. How is stating my view "hiding behind a document"? You're wrong... again. You've been proven wrong in here... yet and yet again. You insist on projecting YOUR LIFE... YOUR REALITY... onto other people. How about you stay the Hell out of other people's lives and live your own? Try that on size and you'll live a happier life for no amount of digital forum/in-game words should be relegating, nor spurring, anyone onto anger/fear. You are venomous and spiteful and that is ashame. Is there a Doctor in the house?
  3. Do you folks think the "witnesses" (all of whom reside within/work within a low income area (commonly referred to as "the projects" here on the West Coast)" might have a bias when it comes to law enforcement contacts within their community? I have a childhood friend who is a beat cop with Los Angeles Police Department. He works in a "white" neighborhood and has only had seventeen law enforcement contacts with people of African decent (in a career which has spanned about twenty years up to today). Out of those seventeen contacts.... fifteen, at the outset of his contacting them, accused him of being racist for his mere stopping him for vehicle code/municipal code violations. Think there is a problem in America? I surely do. There are double standards in America... and they abound. Liiberals want to fry ("throw the book" at) people who abuse dogs via dog fighting... but they want "Joe Pothead" to walk freely smoking his joint as he strolls down the public street and blows his second hand marijuana smoke in your face. America's politicans (to include its Presidents) routinely violate the very laws they swore to uphold... they even blatantly lie when confronted with their misdeeds... yet no one does anything about it. Surely, America has wonderful regions within it... and corresponding wonderful communities within even those regions... but, by and large, America (as a Nation) is in the worst state of its fledglingly national existance. Less Socialism, More Republic.
  4. I suggest those uneducated within internet gaming lingo conduct a search for chat word definitions. One last time... The First Amendment applies to any and all within the United States... and guess where Turbine is located? That is right. I'm thinking Turbine does their best to ban anyone who divulges their shortcomings/lies.
  5. What are you talking about? We were discussing "Free Speech" in the context of this forum and in public. The First Amendment applies to everyone within the United States. Everyone. Everyone are free to choose their religion, free to print what they so choose, free to say that which they so choose... all within reason (i.e. not slandering someone or otherwise violating libel laws which both subject folks to tort claims should they say/print the wrong thing) Yes, there are exceptions to the above (i.e. we cannot yell out "Fire!" in a crowded movie theatre, we cannot tell someone we're going to murder them or otherwise seriously injure them) but perhaps we should stick to the topic at hand and quit going "off topic" anymore than we already have. I'm fully versed with the U.S. Constitution having both a Juris Doctorate and a university Constitutional Law degree.
  6. Well said Thunderloin. As to those infuriated by words... life is too bloody short to be riled up by mere words particularly given the fact we are here in a gaming forum. I'm thinking one or more posters here are probably the same Turbine employees who banned me for using the word "ghey". If that is the case... such a pity.
  7. Amazing. We are on a gaming forum and in a class update/change thread and I ask a question pertaining to this class and its God Mode PvP history. Then... here comes someone telling me I cannot use the word "rape" in this context because it actually refers to someone being raped in real life. Spare the Hell out of me. People who tell others what they can, and can't, say have no business living amongst modern society. I have gone to war having served four combat tours and all along I kept telling myself I was in combat protecting the rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. Apparently, those rights I thought still existed no longer do. Free speech is no longer free but rather restricted out of fear of repercussion levied by those who blow things out of proportion and/or project themselves upon others. I dare say I've been raped in here. Now... that IS a proper use of the word being well within context.
  8. I love each and every one of you. Can we change to a new thread topic now? : How about we discuss red versus white wines?
  9. I responded to someone's inquiry... my deepest apologies for throwing America around in here. That better now? No, it won't be... because far too many people here are just like those in the LotRO forum... hyper-insecure individuals who, for some inexplicable reason, project their insecurities upon everyone around them and attack anyone who says anything not liked (by those same hyper-insecure individuals). Quit projecting.
  10. Some of you are amusing. I'll give you that. Nothing I've typed is wrong. Nothing whatsoever. Apparently, the grammar Nazis here don't PvP whatsoever for they're unfamiliar with the lingo. I posed a question in response to the original post... and you folks simply hurl insults at mee. You folks aren't better than anyone... nor are you of higher moral or ethical character. Time to dismount folks... truly... time to dismount... I know you folks aren't ignorant... so I'm assuming you're either gay or otherwise sexually repressed as there is no explicable reason as to why a singular word (particularly within the context it was used) illicits such venomous responses unless, of course, a person is genuinely insecure. Which is it folks?
  11. Simply incredible. Is this the OF now? Ghey Raping Crushing Which word next will be so wrong as to be automatically deemed "hate speech"... "vile"... "repugnant"... or any other version of wrong. This dumbing down of the populus continues I see.
  12. I should point out all the flaws in American society, in its contemporary government, in its domestic policies... in its foreign policies... in the dumbing down of its population... its obsession and reliance upon welfare... in its erosion of the U.S. Constitution/individual rights and state rights... all because some people refuse to pay attention to what is going on in America/the World? Mmmkay. I see what you all are doing now. Sitting on your haunches watching the once great Republic falter and fall.
  13. I'm a vile person? What in the GALAXY are you talking about? War-Speech Minstrels... last I played... RULED the Moors. A single Minstrel could take out 2 or more Creeps with ease... just by kiting them around... bubbling... DPS'ing... so on and so forth.
  14. No citation needed. Do your own homework. I'm tired of hand leading people to reality. That, in and of itself, is yet ANOTHER sign of these bleak times. How much more should a country endure before its population is able to function on its own without government assistance?
  15. So they've turned the Minstrel class into a dedicated healer class? No more Moors raping War-Speech Minstrels?
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