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  1. Found this baddy while crusing around @Ibfe sure, can do, get's boring sometimes when jumping alone but if you do play on Vanyar now i suppose you won't transfer to EN speaking server, i am playing on those and will likely to transfer either Laurelin/Evernight. But as i did before, can create low level toons on DE servers too.
  2. Few more others: Behind Gloomglens, left side of picture, you can barely notice small path that is leading to the back of Fishing Hole: This is where path ends, just at the back of Fishing Hole: Fishing Hole: Just above Hobbit Village in Enedwaith: Hobbit Village: Tham Mírdain from above:
  3. Seems this is as close as you can get with war steed, better closer up then from afar (Lone Lands) Pristine Glades, weird glitching, didn't step on it, for now From Pristine Glades looking to the north, weird mountain, kinda looks like Monument Valley in usa.
  4. Some of the places i have recently found: Misty mountains, unexplored territory (according to terrain map plugins, just in between and above small lake are 3 castles, but object/landscape draw distance is at max, so we can't see it because invisible walls prevent further approach: Imlad Gelair, Rivendell: Gloin's camp: North Downs, mountain across Meluinen:
  5. Funny thing Ibfe, i just today found all his vids His video with hobbit and squirrel is not that old, and he somehow managed to avoid the invisible wall, so makes me wonder how he did it.
  6. Spotted this place on terrain map plugin but until recently couldn't get there, managed few days ago: North Downs, Nan Amlug east, on the borders of map, can't get inside camp, walls forbid: About this second picture, did anyone ever ventured there, maybe before when most of the current invisible walls and fix me areas didn't exist: Above Nen Hilith:
  7. Thx Aylwen, but yours are better, and you know it Think i heard that story, but the version was he got to eyes and guard tavern, but to me, the crazyest thing i've seen(read) is the guy that exited in mm, and he actualy rounded the whole map (by that time only eriador was there). Frostbluff void Lone lands, Haragmar, south side looking towards maybe Eregion, or far north side of Enedwaith? This pic is very intriguing, i always think there must be something there, but unavailable to reach, aswell, so i guess i'll never know. If im not wrong, this must be the canyon creeps used to get to behind GV, the mountians on the north side of canyon, are south side of EM, just behind Hithlad. From North Trollshaws, looking at where Hoarhollow river ends, it's where the colour of water is darker, left stream!
  8. Everswim Evendim funny land, bomb craters Just a random funny beast i met while trying to break out from Forochel, to no avail
  9. No, that wasn't me, i wish it was. I never got that in pve land, just once in ettenmoorse. Well i will just keep on trying to get that random bug. Although i don't hope too much. Could try jumping but that doesn't sound promising, i may sooner broke space button
  10. My new finds: Helegrod Celondim Edhelion Pyramid Btw, anyone lately got flying bug? Is that possible anymore? Or is it fixed? Anyone find a place that is triggered? So far i heard it tends to happen rarrely at little delving, and some other places in shire.
  11. Lost temple, copied up in the sky: Rivendell Valley GV vantage point Area between Ettenmoors and North Trollshaws North Ered Luin sign in middle of nowhere
  12. So i managed to get above glain vraig. Most frustrating jump ever and there is little to nothing to see there.. I can only see northern trollshaws, about where lost temple is, and the area between trollshaes and em which is empty.. Walls are everywhere ofcourse. If it ever existed that elf house somewhere south of gv i think its probably out of reach now. I will post some screenahots later in the day..
  13. Okey, thanks. I know there used to be a way, but just thought there might still be some ways open, not to get to other regions, but at least to walk around borders of em map.
  14. Well, i am not trying to go out of moors on monster player, just want to climb the walls.. There must be some way, think i've seen somewhere some reference to that someone did it.
  15. Anyone know if there are some possibilities of climbing up mountains that are enclosing glan vraig? If someone knows, pm would be very nice
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