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  1. It's not a SOA server. It's a LOTRO server that only goes up to SOA.
  2. The cynical side to you should be saying how much cheaper does the license become to renew if the Lotr is over and we re just dealing with middle earth.
  3. And you guys think it has to be Turbine to keep LOTRO and DDO running in active development.
  4. So, you tried to flame me with some stupid supposition to motivation, and now that you have been informed that your supposition is incorrect, you decide to flame me by playing with definitions. Dude, I don't give a shit about this nonsense. I got called out, I posted. You all want to cry about it, pile on and whatever.. well that's what you all do; just like the old OF under Sapience. Leave my name out of your mouths, and since Nutty's passed on, I really have no reason to venture here because these forums, not the OF, are like the old Sapience days now.
  5. So apparently you show your belly a lot. Why reiterate what I already said? Did you find my post unclear? As usual you guys guess and miss the mark with your guesses. I was told I was called out, came here, saw it. Really that simple.
  6. Oh, so you knew to whom I referrred. Look at the other come in try to play the victim now. He PM you? Or you just a fellow emo in arms. Whatever. I didn't just wander here, I was called out. You don't like it, worry about that.
  7. No shit huh, was that before or after I said I'd leave it on the OF if almagus wanted to?
  8. I have absolutely no idea. I have no idea what you're tyring to say, I think you've completely lost it. Ummm, I tend to respond to people that call me out or respond to me? Is that what you're looking for?
  9. To what? Are you saying you said that or are you saying that I said that?
  10. Who says I'm a crap pm lol. This pathological need for approval online is your gig, not mine. You can try telling me I "need" to stop responding to you just so you can extricate yourself all you want to cochise. Say whatever you think will make your feels feels ok. I don't even think you're poking me. If you were "poking me to see how far you can go on the OF" you wouldn't be doing it here as well. Yer just very upset cause that one line: "I work on big data coversions so I know what I'm talking about" always gives you a mouth aneurysm. Not all the trolling and flaming and wriggling in the world can get you off the hook.
  11. Lol, whenever I see someone resorting to gifs, you're just telling me you're rolling on your back and showing me yer belly, bitch. History degree is great, I got to drink and party in college, and still get to tell help desk shits like you what to do professionally. Well actually not you, more like your supervisor's boss.
  12. I'm not denying anything. I'm saying there is no fault. These things happen with these kinds of conversions. Full stop. Are they doing it like I would do it? No, they should be talking alot more to their customers, they should've warned them beforehand so every armchair quarterback working a help desk can't take a shot at them and in the process rile up the other mouth breathers just for the sake of their own self edification, and they should be compensating subscribers and lifers. But the outtages, the lag, the disconnects, etc... all par for the course with these things, as a few folks now have said who have actually done them. Hmm, retard help desk boy trying to troll me here too. I'd think he'd have his hands full "kicking" me on the OF. I'm willing to leave it over there, but if he starts trolling me here I'll come after him here too.
  13. I'm encouraging an executive producer who doesn't want to talk to us, to talk to us. I still like LOTRO (mainly because it's LOTR) and I like to hear about what is coming up because it is in my nature to like previews. So I want this producer to talk to her community for that reason. She didn't break LOTRO, she was on DDO, I guess I have the common sense to not fault a person for issues that arose prior to ones involvement. Nor am I so stupid or reactionary to simply rail against an entity regardless of who is at the controls, as if the entity itself can make a change in something. Like I told retard boy at the help desk, being a hater is just the other side of the coin of being a fanboi, as unconditional anything, love or hate, is irrational, and thus, stupid.
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