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  1. Wow 2 for 2. I guess this thread just attracts dumb shit like moths to a flame.
  2. This is the dumbest shit I have ever read on these forums and I want my 5 minutes back.
  3. For me personally, there is only one thing that Turbine (or its CM or EP of the month) needs to do and that is stop the BS and corporate speak. In other words stop sugar coating lies. If you can't afford to move the euro data centre to Amsterdam, say it. Don't pretend like its going to happen for 8 months only to suddenly declare that leaving it in the US is better for the game. We really aren't as dumb as to believe this kind of thing, and frankly it is tiring being openly lied to especially over things that we know aren't going to happen (Housing Update, Music Revamp, EU Server's, No more ta
  4. I've never played it, but from what I have seen the most overpowered class in any MMO is the dreaded "Community Manager" class. They have troll preventing armour, a ridiculously large two handed ban hammer as well as wielding magic such as an unmatchable power of ignorance and self-worth. In the games I have played, I have always been sure not to cross paths with the cocksuckers... I mean CM's. As for playable classes, I would say Guardian immediately after Helms Derp was released. I was able to solo 12 man raids with no problem, and my self heals made a healer seem redundant at times. I
  5. Wow you really can make anything negative cant you Doro? I can't be bothered trying to make you see something good, it's clear you just want to see the bad in everything. I thought this was the ANTI rage thread, but i guess not...
  6. Not necessarily. peoples circumstances can change suddenly. You can be made redundant or suddenly be unable to work through ill health. that doesnt mean you have always been on the bread line. People might have bought a pc/games console a few years ago and yet now cant afford to buy new games due to their current circumstance. It happens a lot more than people realize. Both the ps4 and xbox one have been out now since 2013, a lot can happen in the two years since. Obviously then you have the older gen of consoles which have been around much longer too. Its also worth noting that even a mid ran
  7. I came across this fundraiser on facebook the other day and it has restored my faith in gamers quite a bit. A guy has started a fundraiser to help people who are unable to afford Fallout 4 due to real life issues. I am a member of several Elder Scrolls and Fallout modding groups already and it is not uncommon to see people buy the latest games for their friends just so they can share the experience with them, but this guy has gone one step further and plans on raising enough funds to buy the game for 10 people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. So far the admins of the group have se
  8. There are some pretty good CapCom games on this months Humble Bundle - you can get them all for an average of $15 at the moment - https://www.humblebundle.com/
  9. I have loved the reboot up until the Matt Smith / River Song stories and the god awful impossible Astronaut stuff. I actually think Matt Smith was an amazing Doctor, he just suffered from very bad writers. I felt like the majority of his series' were just who is gonna die next and then a week or two later they bring them back like it was nothing. It just made little sense to me and ruined what they had built on with both Ecclestone and tennant's Doctors. I loved both of their versions too, as I felt like both of them added something truly unique to the role and made the character engaging. Cap
  10. http://www.theladbible.com/articles/someone-has-come-up-with-a-weirdly-hilarious-alternative-plot-line-for-lord-of-the-rings
  11. A big problem with the world today is that people choose to ignore 90% of a situation and just focus on the 10% in order to express their own outrage or so that they can pat themselves on the back as being better than everyone else. When it comes to the situation in Calais right now, it is much less about genuine refugee's and (As Doro has pointed out) much more to do with people exploiting a well known "break" in the border's to exploit a country who is internationally known as being soft on benefits and open to anyone. I have nothing but sympathy for the genuine refugee's and I welcome the
  12. I would imagine its the same sort of principle as the very real Stone Henge in southern England, that had many of its enormous stones transported from a small town in Wales named Maenclochog. That is an approximate 175 mile trip back when there was no easy way to transport them. It is believed that the stones were chosen from that location as the town's name is roughly translated as "Ringing Rock" and back in the bronze ages it was believed that resonating stones had healing principles. In that manner, I would imagine that Tolkien may have used a similar inspiration when writing about the Ston
  13. Tbh I am not a fan of the new format website so I spend much less time here. It's a shame because I do like the people here but I much preferred the old format.
  14. I loved the saints row series. Really well made games and can be bought now for next to nothing. My only issue with character creation was how different tattoo's were used in the games. My guy in SR2 had a certain set of tattoos that were unavailable in SR2, and then yet again in SR4 they were different. I think that was a bit disappointing. Certainly not game breaking, but not great.
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