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  1. I have more fun playing this bullshit than Candy Crush
  2. It's not 1200 tokens for a pet chicken, its 300 tokens max (for the cheapest chicken pet) - thats 150 Hobnanigan tokens plus 1 White Chicken Token (which you can barter for 150 hobnanigan tokens or if you're lucky you can randomly win it while playing)
  3. Oh dear SilverAngel, you seem to have accidentally stumbled into the IHateSapience forums by mistake
  4. Here is the comparison chart that the guy in the original deleted thread made (I found it in my browser cache) Moria is in blue overlaid on Rohan in red. The guy apparently got them to the same scale by comparing the game tiles (shown in the rohan map)
  5. Thanks for the map Agra! It looks like Turbine have deleted the thread I linked to in the first post. Does anyone have a copy of the outline map that was in that thread. It was useful because it compared the size of Moria to Rohan. If you have a copy, please post in this thread
  6. In this thread http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?465389-Rohan-really-is-twice-as-big-as-Moria! someone says they have seen a leaked map of Rohan on Twitter. Has anyone seen this map and got a link?
  7. Hey spidey - when you are next having a parade? Let me know and I'll come rain on it
  8. Congrats Siel! I did this a few months back with a kinnie - still the hardest title to obtain in the game imo. Oh - and go take a running jump Anglion
  9. I've just been reading this thread on the Landroval server forum at Turbine http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?397586-The-advantages-of-RE-over-RP-server Seems to be a lot of misconceptions about "enforced rp" and things like Weatherstock not being permitted! Could someone with an existing Turbine account please go and answer (nicely!) and set there minds at rest. (ie: that there is no such thing as "enforced rp", and that rp doesn't have to fit with the lore - people can choose whether to participate or not)
  10. from the official Turbine LoTRO facebook page: The expected downtime for the EU servers is ~3 days. Our goal is to have the migration tool available ~24 hours prior to the servers returning.
  11. yawn .. and this folks is the result of not enough moderation. Think I'd prefer the official forums over wading through this
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only person who's ever seen this location on any server. Let me know if I'm wrong
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