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  1. Broken Fox

    High Elf Race to be added to LotRO...

    wtf is a High Elf?
  2. Broken Fox

    New LotRO Store coming

    That one idiot spent $60 on in-game horses
  3. Broken Fox

    Update on Transfers/Server Consolidations

    After almost 2 weeks on Landroval I'd say most people are pretty chill. There are a few humorless tight asses that rear up on /world every now and then but for the most part everyone's cool. Then again, I did get a warning from a GM cause someone reported me for calling them a vagina.
  4. Broken Fox

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition

    After the first Hobbit I knew these films were going to be shit from a storytelling standpoint, but I enjoy all the cool visuals.
  5. Broken Fox

    Update on Transfers/Server Consolidations

    Just transferred my old character from Elendilmir to Landroval. I said fuck in /world and someone sent me an angry message.